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10 board games that are similar to Sorry

Board games like Sorry

One of the oldest and most iconic family-friendly pastimes is Sorry, a simple dice-rolling game that involves a race around a board. The name derives from players knocking each other off their position and back to the start. Until you get all four of your tokens safely to your base, however, victory is no sure thing.

Released in 1929, the elements of Sorry have found their way to a variety of other accessible, family-friendly games. These options are ideal for a (mostly) relaxing, casual afternoon of gameplay and typically can be completed in about a half-hour. Sorry offers a mix of strategy and luck, and maybe even some negotiations on the side.

If you enjoy Sorry, you’ll love these options, both new and old, to try out with friends and family.

Board games for those who love Sorry


This popular, timeless board game is a mainstay of many homes, a fun endeavor of casual strategic play. Previously called The Settlers of Catan, the game requires players to manage simple resources, including sheep and brick, and erect buildings and roads across a tiled board. Dice are rolled every turn, helping players collect materials depending on where they've decided to build. There are a few different means to achieve victory points, so strategy is required. If the game becomes repetitive, there are plenty of expansion packs in which to invest.

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Exploding Kittens

This colorful card game welcomes players age 7 and up to a fun and slightly twisted version of familiar favorites such as Old Maid and Crazy Eights. Cards are dealt to players and a number of exploding kittens cards are hidden within the deck that need to be avoided. There are a bunch of ways to get around them, including defusing the explosion, seeing the future or skipping your turn. Like Sorry, you upend another player's path to victory by placing the detonation in the way. There's also an adult-rated version for older players. 

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This timeless card game is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is just as fun and family-friendly as always. The simple game calls for players to deplete their cards as quickly as possible, matching the number or color of the previously played card. Certain cards offer strategic advantages, and there are some Sorry elements where players can disrupt the flow for others. This classic game belongs in every home.

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Apples to Apples

Endless opportunities to be creative and silly await in this family-friendly game. Apples to Apples doesn’t quite have the competitive nature of Sorry, but does embrace its casual, accessible sensibility, making it a terrific game for lazy Saturdays or time away on vacation. Up to 10 people can participate, taking turns to play a card with a word or phrase and then soliciting apt descriptions from the rest of the group. The leader of the turn is the judge of what’s best, whether it’s the most clever, the funniest or simply the most on-point pairing.

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This colorful and satisfying game takes players to Amity Island and aboard the Orca to seek out a menacing great white shark. The catch, however, is that one of the players takes on the role of the shark, and the remaining act as Brody, Hooper and Quint. There are two different modes of this game that can be played back to back or in isolation, and both involve the shark trying to outmaneuver the humans. While the game requires some strategizing and planning, there is plenty of tension as the human players drop barrels to find a shark while trying to survive its attacks on the boat.

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Chutes and Ladders

A classic game from years past, Chutes and Ladders ranks alongside Sorry as a popular, family-friendly game that inspired countless others. It’s easy to play and is almost entirely luck-based, but features some drama and suspense while providing a welcome for younger players to the world of board games.

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Sushi Go!

This simple game welcomes kids and adults alike to amass their favorite foods and collect the most points. Players pass around cards in order to acquire pairs, trios and other complementary couplings. Scoring is straightforward, and the cute and colorful cards cater to all ages. There is a bit of strategy similar to Sorry — you can see what your opponents are trying to build and can steal a needed card before passing along the deck.

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King of Tokyo

In this colorful dice and card game for the whole family, players take on the role of a giant monster that looks to rule the Japanese capital. Choose from any of the behemoths, including a space penguin, and navigate the board while battling back opponents. The latest edition offers updated rules to make gameplay more accessible and easier to follow.

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Throw Throw Burrito

This lively card-collecting game involves a major twist: dodgeball. A giant inflatable burrito makes up the focal point of this rapid, family-friendly game that regularly sees one player throwing the fare at another. It welcomes players age 7 and up with as many as six players at once, games can be finished in 15 minutes. It may be best to play outdoors; just be sure to clear the area!

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Ticket to Ride

This popular game finds players building railroads across the country, seeking to erect the longest path while blocking out competing lines. While there are a couple different ways to achieve points to win the game, the rules are clear and straightforward, welcoming players from age 8 and up to take part.

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