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10 conversation card sets that are ideal for first dates or couples

Conversations can be challenging for couples. Awkward silences can kill the mood when you’re trying to learn about someone new, and couples who have been together for years may find that their talk has drifted from meaningful to mundane.

Conversation card sets can facilitate engaging dialog and may even get established couples to learn something new about one another. Inexpensive and simple to use, conversation card decks make great icebreakers.

In this article: Talking Point: Couples Edition, BestSelf Co. Date Deck and TableTopics Couples Question Game.

What kinds of couples are conversation decks for?

There are hundreds of conversation decks to choose from, meaning that regardless of age, gender or how long you've been together, you’re sure to find one to suit your preferences. Some sets are geared toward making a deeper connection, while others are designed to be light and fun. 

What are the questions like?

The type of set you choose will determine what kinds of questions are featured. Many decks are divided into categories, so you can choose a place to focus the conversation or shuffle the deck to randomize the topics. Some also categorize their cards by tone or question type. This lets you avoid complex subjects if you want to keep things light, or skip questions designed for long-term couples if you’re just getting to know someone.

Some card decks have questions designed by therapists, counselors and psychologists. Meant to provoke thoughtful exploration, sets that advertise questions of this nature tend to be the most intimate.

Are the rules complicated?

Conversation card games don’t require you to follow pages of instructions, unfold a detailed game board or keep track of dozens of tiny pieces. Simply draw a card, ask the question and discuss. The fun comes from engagement, not from strategic planning or resource management. This makes it easy to get the discourse going. If there is a single rule to follow no matter which deck you choose, it’s to answer honestly.

Conversation card set benefits

  • They break the ice. Even if you come up with the same topics on your own, using a deck of cards to get the conversation started puts the responsibility on the game. You can enjoy your chat without feeling as though you’re in charge of it.
  • They encourage further questions. Conversation cards set the stage, but once the initial answer is given you can dig deeper with your own followup questions and learn more about why your partner feels the way they do.
  • They can restore intimacy. As couples age, it's not unusual for curiosity to dim. The right deck of cards can sparks illuminating talks that may reveal things about your partner you weren’t aware of.
  • They’re portable. Most sets are no bigger than a standard deck of playing cards, making them easy to travel with and keep in a purse or nightstand.
  • They’re customizable. With a set divided into categories, or multiple decks of cards, you can determine the tone of the conversation based on your mood.

Best conversation card sets for couples

Talking Point: Couples 

Featuring 200 cards divided over four relationship-stage categories, this game is perfect for first dates and married couples alike. With questions created under the guidance of therapists, counselors, psychologists and communication experts, the game is designed to provoke deep, fun conversation.

Sold by Amazon

BestSelf Co. Date Deck

Turn date night into game night with this deck of 50 cards broken up into five categories: Break the Ice, Play It Safe, Let's Get Edgy, Risky Business and Exposed. With these cards, you can cut through the small talk and tailor the conversation to your mood.   

Sold by Amazon

TableTopics: Couples 

This deck of 135 cards comes in a plastic case for safe storage and easy travel. With questions that range from relationship specifics to personal goals and pet peeves, this game appeals to a wide audience and is a perfect date-night activity.

Sold by Amazon

Life Sutra: Couple Reconnect

The questions in this card game are developed to elicit meaningful conversation and strengthen existing relationships. It includes 200 card divided across 13 life areas and features questions based on scientific research.

Sold by Amazon

So... A Collection of Cards for Deeper Discussions

While not specifically made for couples, this deck offers 52 question cards that are great for first-date ice breakers and making real connections. It even includes two blank cards you can use to create your own questions.

Sold by Amazon

BestSelf Co.: Relationship

This set includes 150 prompts over six categories to let you take a deeper look into your partner’s thoughts and opinions. The questions are meant to make uncomfortable topics, from finances to personal growth, easier to talk about in a healthy way.

Sold by Amazon

Rayliad 598 Conversation Cards for Couples

With nearly 600 prompts, this card game will last a long time before the topics ever start to feel repetitive. The cards are double-sided and the subjects are divided into three categories, depending on how deep a conversation you hope to have.

Sold by Amazon

Love Lingual: Better Language for Better Love

Specifically made for couples, this card game is for deepening your connection to your partner. It includes 15 questions, and an a bonus pack can be purchased separately to double the deck.

Sold by Amazon

Deeper Connections

The 200 questions in this card game are made for couples at any stage in their relationship. You can deepen your bond with a longtime partner or get to know someone new without worrying about breaks in the conversation.

Sold by Amazon

Tonight's Conversation: Perfect Date Night Questions

A hundred questions geared toward a fun, engaging date night make this card game great for newer couples and for double dates. The prompts are thoughtful, practical and designed to facilitate friendly debate and learning. 

Sold by Amazon


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