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The best Crayola coloring pages for your young artist

These Crayola coloring pages will keep your children entertained for hours

Coloring pages are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours without resorting to tech. Crayola coloring pages are perfect for young artists who want low-pressure activities. They offer just enough creative freedom to engage kids in what they're doing without putting off kids who aren't necessarily interested in creating their own drawings from scratch or confident enough to do so. Choosing the right Crayola coloring pages for your child's age group and interests will help keep them entertained for longer.

What are coloring pages?

The terms "coloring pages" and "coloring books" are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference. Coloring books are traditionally bound, so you'll need to cut pages out if you want to display them, plus pages are often double-sided. Coloring pages are either completely loose or bound with a weak glue, so you can easily pull them out of the book without tearing them. They're also single-sided, so you can display all of your kids' coloring-in if you choose. For more information, see the full guide to coloring books for kids at BestReviews.

Are Crayola coloring pages suited to kids of all ages?

You can find Crayola coloring pages for kids of all ages and adults too, but not all Crayola coloring books are suited to all ages. Standard Crayola coloring books are aimed at ages three and up. While there's no upper age limit listed, they aren't all that challenging so that most kids will grow out of them somewhere between ages 6 to 8. Crayola Art with Edge coloring books are aimed at an older audience of nine and up. These have smaller coloring areas, which can be more challenging to keep within the lines, paired with more grown-up designs that appeal to older kids and teenagers. 

Best Crayola coloring pages for young kids

Crayola Epic Book of Awesome

This epic volume is suitable for kids aged three and up. Not only does it contain a whopping 208 coloring pages, but it also features a range of home crafts and other indoor activity ideas for children to enjoy. What's more, it comes with two sheets of glittery foil stickers to spruce up the coloring pages.

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Crayola Wonder Mess-Free Moana Coloring Pages

The perfect coloring pages for fans of Disney's "Moana." They come with unique mess-free wonder markers that only work on Crayola wonder paper, so there's no chance of kids accidentally coloring furniture or taking their artistic expression to the walls.

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Crayola Unicorn Coloring Book

If you have a little unicorn fan in your life, this is their dream coloring book. With 40 pages of unicorn-themed artwork, this book makes for a magical coloring experience. The main coloring areas are relatively large for young children to color easily, but some have more detailed areas where slightly older kids can get creative.

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Crayola Peppa Pig Coloring Pages

Children who love Peppa Pig will adore these coloring pages. In this book, you'll find 32 coloring pages featuring Peppa and all her friends and family, along with four sheets of Peppa Pig stickers. It's great for ages three and up, though some pages are more detailed than others. 

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Crayola Frozen 2 Coloring Book 

Disney's "Frozen" is still a fan-favorite and these coloring pages are sure to please young fans of "Frozen 2" and the whole franchise. It contains 96 coloring pages with all the best-loved characters, plus a bonus sheet of stickers that kids can stick on their coloring pages or anywhere else they want.

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Crayola My Little Pony Coloring Book

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is full of iconic characters and kids can color-in all their favorites in this coloring book. It comes with 96 My Little Pony coloring pages and a page of stickers.

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Best Crayola coloring pages for older kids and teens

Crayola Art with Edge Pop Art Neon Coloring Page Set

Great fun for older kids and teens, these Crayola coloring pages are printed on dark paper and come bundled with 12 neon markers to show up brightly on the dark background. This works to great affect, allowing kids to create some incredibly cool works of art. Although it includes just 18 coloring pages, the markers will last much longer.

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Crayola Art with Edge Graffiti Coloring Book

With a range of graffiti-style art inside to color, this Crayola coloring book is perfect for older kids who find the images in standard coloring books too babyish for them. The book includes 40 coloring pages that are perforated for easy removal if you want to frame them or stick them up on the fridge.

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Crayola Art with Edge Ridiculousness Coloring Book

Ideal for older kids amused by all silly things, this coloring book is jam-packed with over-the-top imagery, including giant coffee cups drinking at a coffee shop to unicorns getting their nails done. With 40 coloring pages, it will keep kids going for a while.

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Crayola Marvel Avengers Endgame Coloring Pages

An excellent choice for "Avengers" fans, these 28 coloring pages measuring 8 by 10 inches are detailed enough to keep older kids and teenagers happy. They come with a full-color poster that fans will love hanging on their walls.

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Crayola Spongebob Coloring Book Pages

Offering an edgy take on "Spongebob Squarepants," older kids and teens will be entertained by these coloring pages while reliving nostalgia from their younger days. This set contains 24 coloring pages plus a sheet of scented stickers.

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Crayola Art with Edge Say What?! Coloring Book

Older children and teens will love these typography-based coloring pages with 40 pages of inspirational words and phrases to color, along with background detail. These make fantastic decorative pieces for kids' rooms once completed.

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