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How to host your own paint-and-sip night

Paint-and-sip nights have exploded in popularity since 2007, when a New Orleans facility opened where people could sip their favorite drinks while painting. Even though you can now find a paint-and-sip venue in almost every town, you can easily host your own. You’ll only need a few things to get the creativity flowing, and you can host a painting party as often as you like.

In this article: U.S. Art Supply Sip-and-Paint Art Party Painting Kit, Caliart Acrylic Paint Set With 12 Brushes and J Mark Mini Canvas Acrylic Painting Kit.

What's a paint-and-sip night?

A paint-and-sip night is exactly what it sounds like: painting and sipping on drinks, although toward the end of the night, you must take care not to sip the paint and create with your drink.

Of course, there are people who are competitive and highly creative, but it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. A little bit of motivation isn’t a bad thing, but there shouldn’t be any prizes for conjuring up a masterpiece. When all is said and done, the evening's objective is to have fun with friends and family.

What you’ll need

To host a successful paint-and-sip night, you only need a few key elements. The most important are paint, brushes and canvases. You can decide what kind of paint will work best, but acrylic paint is popular, since it’s easy to mix and apply.

Your canvas of choice can be fabric (which is best suited for acrylics), cardboard or large sheets of paper. If you go with paper, watercolor paint is an excellent choice, but acrylic works just as well.

Painting on a flat surface, such as a desk or large table, is possible, but most people really get into the spirit of creativity when their canvas is resting on an easel. The most popular are inexpensive mini wooden easels that easily stand up on a table.

Then, of course, you need the ingredients for the sipping part. People often assume that it must be alcoholic, but any kind of drink is fine. Especially when hosting a large group, it’s always a good idea to have a selection of drinks, such as wines, spirits, sodas and water.

Best products to host your own paint-and-sip night

U.S. Art Supply Sip-and-Paint Art Party Painting Kit

This kit contains everything you need to host your own paint-and-sip party. It includes six easels, 12 paint tubes for different shades, 12 canvas panels and six brush sets. To keep everybody clean from paint splatter, the set also includes six aprons.

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Caliart Acrylic Paint Set With 12 Brushes

Perfect for beginner painters, this set includes 12 brushes of varying sizes that everybody can use. It comes with 24 acrylic paint tubes of 2 ounces each and is stored neatly in a cardboard box.

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J Mark Mini Canvas Acrylic Painting Kit

This inexpensive kit includes the basics you need to create a painting. In addition to two 6- by 8-inch canvases, there's a mini easel that’s perfect for tables, three brushes and six acrylic paint tubes.

Sold by Amazon

Paxcoo Mini Canvas and Easel Set

Perfect for a paint-and-sip party of up to 10 people, this art kit contains all the important elements for a fun time. It includes two plastic paint palettes and 10 each of 4-inch canvases, mini wooden easels, flat brushes and fine-tip brushes. There are also 20 acrylic paint tubes of different shades.

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HS-Sports Paintworks Paint by Number Kit for Adults

If the participants aren’t very creative but still want to paint a beautiful piece, this set is the perfect solution. It offers three paint-by-numbers canvases featuring wild animals. Each canvas measures 16 by 20 inches, and the kit comes with three numbered paint sets and brushes. All you have to do is apply the color that corresponds to the number on the canvas.

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25 Reusable Art Painting Straws

In between all the painting, you also need to do some sipping. These reusable straws each have a painting-themed marker to easily identify drinks. The straws come with two cleaning brushes and measure 10.5 inches long.

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Esrich Acrylic Painting Set

Slightly more expensive than other kits, this painting bundle includes one tabletop wooden easel, three 8- by 10-inch canvases, three plastic paint palettes and three sets of 10 brushes. There are also 12 tubes of acrylic paint.

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Disposable Plastic Aprons

Whenever there is paint and sipping, there are bound to be spills. Keep everybody clean with these disposable plastic aprons. When you're done, throw them away.

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MozArt Supplies Watercolor Paint Essential Set

If you need additional watercolor paint, this is a great option. It offers 24 vibrant colors in a neat metal box. The lid is detachable and has three compartments for mixing your watercolors. It comes with one paintbrush.

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Canson Artist Series Canva-Paper

Painting on a canvas is great, but it can be unforgiving with mistakes. If you want a surface where you can easily start over, this set of 12- by 16-inch canva-paper is an excellent solution. It comes in a set of 10 sheets and features a bleed-proof canvas-like texture that's close to linen.

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