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9 must-have pool table accessories

Which must-have pool table accessories are best? 

When it comes to recreational sports, a pool table is an expensive but rewarding investment. But if you’re going to go all-in on a new billiards hobby, there are a number of accessories that will make your playing experience easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re turning your finished basement into a recreation room, adding a larger element to an existing space or picking up a new pastime, these extras will elevate your cue sports from amateur to expert-level in no time.

What is a pool table?   

Many of us have seen pool tables in locales like dive bars, gaming halls and finished basements. They’re used for playing billiards games and are popular among people of all ages. They come in multiple sizes, typically ranging from 3.5 feet by 7 feet to 4.5 feet by 9 feet. They are rectangular with pockets located at the four corners and two in the middle of the long sides of the table. The playing surface is covered by a thin canvas of billiard cloth made from a woolen material called baize, which is similar to felt but more durable. There are often diamond-shaped “sights” placed evenly around the top of the railing to aid with shooting, and the inner rails are cushioned to promote rebounding without losing much momentum.

There are several variations of billiard games, but they all involve the common implements of billiards balls and cue sticks. Pool balls are designed specifically to play popular games like eight-ball and nine-ball, they are uniform in size and density and feature numbers and colors to distinguish them during play. Cue sticks are tapered with a striking tip at the front end and a rubber butt at the back end. If you have billiard balls, a cue stick and a table, you’re equipped with the basics to play a standard game of pool, but adding more accessories will only elevate your game.

Must-have pool table accessories


Pathline 58-Inch Pool Cue Stick

A high-quality cue stick is the first accessory anyone needs to upgrade their pool game. This high-performance cue is also attractive and affordable for any player regardless of their skill level. Made from hand-selected quality Canadian maple wood, the cue handle is smooth and wrapless, making it ideal for beginners.

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Iszy Billiard Cue Rack

If you’re looking for a cue rack that ties your pool table space together perfectly, look no further than this stylish corner piece. It features eight cue holes with rubber rings for keeping your cue sticks safe when out of play and score counters to keep track during games. Additionally, the bottom rack is built to display your pool balls and the top shelf features four rubber pads for drinks. Functional and form-fitting to any room, this rack is also a bargain.

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Pool Cue Chalk Cubes

If you’ve been anywhere near a pool table, these little blue cubes are ubiquitous — they provide friction between your cue’s tip and the cue ball. If you want to keep your shooting straight, it’s a safe bet to invest in cue chalk cues by the dozen, especially considering how cheap they usually run.

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Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Cover

Just like a swimming pool, your pool table should be covered when it’s not being used regularly. This leatherette cover, available in multiple sizes, offers protection from dust, pests, moisture and other potential damage. Just be sure to measure your table ahead of time — these covers come fitted to specific sizes of tables.

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GSE Pool Ball Racks

If you’re playing one of the two most popular stateside billiard games — 8-Ball or 9-Ball — you’re going to need one of these ball racks. These diamond and triangle-shaped mahogany ball racks are available individually or as a pair, but if you’re planning on taking your game seriously, you’ll need both.

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Euroscrubby Pool Table and Rail Brush Set

To promote the best performance on your pool table, you’ll need the proper tools for keeping the shooting surface clean. This package includes a billiard rail brush, billiards table brush and cue shaft cleaner, all of which are crucial to your table’s upkeep. Eliminate dust and dirt in every corner of your table with the nylon-bristled brushes and keep your cue stick from gathering sweat and germs with the cloth, and watch your game improve.

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Skylety Retractable Billiards Cue Stick Bridge

Have you ever found yourself with the perfect shot that you just couldn’t reach? A cue bridge solves that problem without breaking any billiards rules. This model is fully retractable with a telescopic shaft, and it comes complete with three interchangeable brass bridge heads — high, low and cross. It also features a comfortable and durable handle with a sponge covering, as well as stabilizing rubber feet on the head pieces.

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Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball

Practice makes perfect, and this training ball makes practice easier. This regulation-size and game-legal cue ball features rings and targets to help you learn and perfect your striking and mastery of top, side and backspin. Designed by billiards Hall-of-Famer Jim Rempe, it also comes with a 56-page instruction manual for teaching yourself trick shots and other forms of cue control.

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Tweeten Deluxe Cue Tip Repair Kit

This repair kit will keep your cue stick’s tip in tiptop shape for the long haul. Featuring everything you need to repair a broken tip, this kit is a lot cheaper than a new cue stick. It includes vital repair items such as cement, a tip scuffer, cue chalk, items for repairing the felt, a cue top sander and a tip clamp, among other things.

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