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Best beer pong table

Which beer pong tables are best?

While beer pong may traditionally be a tournament designed for fraternities, its relaxed game style is a great way to add fun to casual house parties, game nights and even double dates. To best enjoy the game and not worry about liquid stains or collapsing legs, you’ll want to get the best beer pong table available.

The best beer pong tables — like the PartyPong Pong Table — are regulation size, portable and allow you to show off a bit of your personal flair.

What to know before you buy a beer pong table

Necessary features

The best beer pong tables all share certain features. This includes stability to withstand knocks and bumps from participants and nearby onlookers. It will also be long enough to separate the two sets of cups — ideally 8 feet, but anything between 6-10 feet is satisfactory. The table needs to be at a sufficient height so as not to hinder gameplay. Portability helps make the table available and easy to use. While you certainly can get a permanent beer pong table for your home, something that’s lightweight and collapsible is more versatile and preferred.


Spills and splashes are part of any normal game of beer pong. Unfortunately, not every beer pong table comes waterproofed. If you don’t want to waterproof your beer pong table yourself, be sure to purchase a table that won’t sustain serious damage if it gets wet, or go with one that’s already fully waterproofed. Alternatively, you can waterproof it yourself with a wax or polyurethane coating. Avoid using a ping-pong table for your beer pong game unless it’s been properly waterproofed.

Beer pong rules

There’s not much point in having a beer pong table if you’re unclear on the rules of the game. While you can expect a variety of house rules depending on where you play, here are some universally accepted beer pong rules:

  • There are two teams consisting of either one or two players on each side.
  • Bounce shots count for two cups.
  • Distractions are permitted, but interference is not. The penalty for interference is the loss of a cup.
  • A ball may be swatted or grabbed if it makes contact with the table or a cup.
  • If there is a lone cup not touching any other cup, the offensive player may call an “Island” shot. If they make the designated cup, a bonus cup is removed.
  • Contact with the table while making a shot is not permitted. Elbows must stay behind the end of the table when throwing.
  • Disputes are valid if witnessed by more than two individuals.

What to look for in a quality beer pong table


For the best experience, it’s best to have a beer pong table that’s the correct size. Ideally, the table will be 8 feet long by 2 feet wide and 27.5 inches high. A table that is much longer or shorter will make the game either too easy or too hard. Anything narrower will prohibit fitting the right amount of cups. Additionally, a table that is much taller or shorter will make gameplay uncomfortable and aiming difficult.


Stability is one of the most important features of a good beer pong table. You can expect your beer pong table to take some serious hits throughout the night as players get excited and competitive. Your beer pong table must be sturdy enough to endure substantial contact. Otherwise, the wobbles will end up spilling cups — or the table could collapse and ruin the entire game.


Playing beer pong on a surface that’s dented or uneven also ruins the game. You want to choose a beer pong table that’s made out of a durable material that won’t warp under pressure or from moisture. An uneven table takes away any element of skill on bounced shots, even in custom beer pong tables. This creates a frustrating and unfair game, especially if the table is unequally deformed.


While you are likely to use your beer pong table in your own home on occasion, you want to be able to bring it wherever the party is. This makes a permanent beer pong table inconvenient. Go with something that sets up and breaks down easily but is sturdy enough to withstand a rowdy game. Opt for lightweight, foldable and reliable, with handles to make traveling between locations hassle-free.

How much you can expect to spend on a beer pong table

The cost of beer pong tables varies widely, with high-quality beer pong tables with extra features being the most expensive. You can expect to pay anything from $80-$200 on a beer pong table.

Beer pong table FAQ

How long should a beer pong table be?

A. While sizing may vary between a 6- or 10-cup game, official regulation size for a beer pong table is 8 feet long by 24 inches wide and 27.5 inches tall. 

How do you waterproof a beer pong table?

A. Coating your beer pong table with a polyurethane sealer is the best way to permanently waterproof it. 

What’s the best beer pong table to buy?

Top beer pong table

PartyPong Pong Table

What you need to know: This painted beer pong table offers all the right features in terms of sizing and durability, ensuring an entertaining time of party fun. 

What you’ll love: You can expect up to 12 hours of built-in LED lights that will provide the right atmosphere to any environment, even the outdoors. Coming with towels for any cleanup needs and ping pong balls for convenience, you’ll love the ease of this table.

What you should consider: Some users say the setup directions are difficult to follow and the latches aren’t the best quality. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top beer pong table for the money

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong

What you need to know: Offering a sleek design, this affordable beer pong table offers easy setup for quick, effortless party entertainment.

What you’ll love: This table is designed to stand up against your rowdiest house parties, BBQs, tailgates and camping trips. With a durable melamine surface, it stands up decently well against quick spills. 

What you should consider: Be sure to waterproof this beer pong table since some users say the surface bubbles if liquids are poured over it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

PartyPong Table 8-Foot With Cup Holders

What you need to know: This beer pong table was created to make a statement with its interesting designs and secure cup holders.

What you’ll love: Offering holes to keep all your cups steady, this table helps prevent spills and messes. Expect easy setup and teardown that won’t sacrifice durability and stability.

What you should consider: Lights are optional with this model, and some users don’t prefer the cup holders since it restricts what forms you can place your cups.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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