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Best Venom action figure

Which Venom action figures are best?

There are a lot of legendary villains in the Marvel universe, but few are as infamous as Venom, the sinister symbiote that took over the body of journalist Eddie Brock. This iconic nemesis of Spider-Man has appeared in comic books, video games and feature films, leading many fans to seek out the best Venom action figures.

The character's popularity has led to quite a few toys, but if you want a detailed figurine with multiple points of articulation, check out the Marvel Legends Venom Action Figure

What to know before you buy a Venom action figure

Films vs. comics

If you're buying a Venom action figure as a gift, think about whether the recipient is interested in the films or the comic book series. As with other Marvel toys, there can be stark visual differences between the incarnations in the comics and their cinematic counterparts. Venom toys that are inspired by characters from the films usually come with relevant accessories and might even resemble the actors who played them.


Most Marvel fans will be looking for action figures that resemble Venom (aka Eddie Brock), but there are several other characters that take on a similar visual appearance once they come in contact with an alien symbiote. Avoid the confusion by familiarizing yourself with the following characters.

  • Carnage: One of Venom's main adversaries, Carnage looks like a red version of Venom and is often depicted with long tentacles emerging from his back.
  • Anti-Venom: Another one of Venom's enemies, this character has a white and black appearance and is only in the comic books.
  • Toxin: This villain is depicted as red and black and typically is more muscular than other characters from the franchise.
  • Spider-Man: Most people will have no trouble recognizing this iconic webslinger, but Peter Parker's encounters with Venom have occasionally resulted in a symbiotic version of the hero that may appear in action figure form.

Toy brands

Famous toy brands including LEGO, Hasbro and Funko POP! have introduced Venom action figures over the years. Some of these are meant to be played with while others are meant to be collected or displayed. Think about how you or your child is going to use the action figure before deciding on a particular brand's product.

What to look for in a quality Venom action figure


The points of articulation determine how much your figure's body parts will move. Some simple toys only have a few points of articulation at their shoulders and legs, while other action figures can have points of articulation at the knees, elbows and even fingers. In most cases, the more points of articulation, the better.

Size and scale

Venom action figures come in a wide range of sizes, but most products usually are around 4-12 inches tall. If you're buying this action figure for a child, take a look at their existing toy collection to make sure their new Venom toy is going to fit in.


Many Venom action figures come with fun and immersive accessories so you can recreate memorable scenes from the films or comics. These can include interchangeable body parts, weapons and even facial expressions. Collectible action figures may come with stands or display cases.

How much you can expect to spend on a Venom action figure

The cost of a Venom action figure can vary widely depending on the size and detail of the toy. Most consumers can expect to pay $10-$40 for a detailed figure with multiple points of articulation.

Venom action figure FAQ

What is a symbiote? 

A. The symbiotes are a species of intelligent parasitic aliens that bond with their hosts, altering their personalities and granting them superpowered abilities. Venom became the most famous symbiote after bonding with journalist Eddie Brock.

Is Venom evil or good?

A. Venom is usually depicted as an anti-hero, meaning he can be heroic or morally ambiguous depending on the situation. Nevertheless, Venom remains one of Spider-Man's most legendary adversaries.

What are the best Venom action figures to buy?

Top Venom action figure

Marvel Legends Venom Action Figure

What you need to know: This intricately detailed Venom figure comes with multiple points of articulation and three accessories.

What you'll love: Standing at 6 inches tall, this Venom action figure has impressive articulation, featuring points at the waist, knees, wrists and ankles. The accessories include an interchangeable face and two hand options.

What you should consider: Although it's a reasonable price for many collectors, this action figure is more expensive than many kids' toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Venom action figure for the money

Marvel Spider-Man Bend and Flex: Venom vs. Carnage Action Figures

What you need to know: This affordable toy set comes with two action figures that feature a bendable design.

What you'll love: Two action figures for the price of one, these toys can be bent and flexed in nearly any position imaginable. They stand at 6 inches tall and are perhaps best suited for young children.

What you should consider: The design is not for everyone, and some users felt the action figures were too breakable. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marvel Titan Hero Series: 12-Inch Venom Action Figure

What you need to know: Standing at 12 inches tall, this action figure is great for kids that like large toys.

What you'll love: This Venom action figure is perhaps the most fun when paired with other figures in the same toy series. There are articulation points at the shoulders, legs and wrists, and the toy is appropriate for kids ages 4 and older.

What you should consider: A few users received an action figure that had broken in transit, while others received the wrong figure altogether.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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