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Best Mega Construx Destiny toy

Which Mega Construx Destiny toy is best?

Destiny is a unique video game franchise created by the development team at Bungie. The game takes place in a futuristic sci-fi and fantasy world that combines player vs. player game modes with story-based modes. Along with the original Destiny came Destiny 2, which focused on PvP and multiplayer action. Today, the Destiny franchise remains very popular among sci-fi gaming enthusiasts. 

Mega Construx, the toymakers who create building blocks and action figures, have partnered with Destiny to make a collection of toys based on the game. The best Mega Construx Destiny toy is the EV41 Racing Building Set that comes with Warlock and Colossus figures as well as the EV41 Momentum Master vehicle.

What to know before you buy a Mega Construx Destiny toy

Video game

As a player in Destiny, you occupy the role of Guardian. Your job is to protect Earth’s last city from the invasion of various alien species. Each character in the game has a combination of special abilities and otherworldly weapons. Think of Destiny as a combination of “Star Trek” and an Old Western film with good guys on one side and bad guys on the other. In the player vs. environment game modes (PvE), you and other players can assemble to complete raids that pit you against tough bosses for quality loot. Or, if you opt for the PvP games, you can compete for objectives against other real-life players.


In Destiny, your character has three weapons slots: one for your primary weapon, which usually consists of an automatic rifle of some sort, another for your secondary weapons such as a shotgun or pistol and a heavy slot for unique weapons like swords, rocket launchers or mini guns. Each weapon is designated by its rarity. This is very common in video games with higher rarities putting out more damage and having more unique abilities or perks. Some of the most popular Destiny weapons are the Pulse Rifles, Linear Fusion Rifles and Hand Cannons.


Hunters, Warlocks and Titans are the three main classes of characters in Destiny. You’ll notice these characters listed in the product descriptions for each Mega Construx toy. Within each class, there are subsets that round out the universe of characters in the game. To keep things simple, the three main classes are what’s most important. Hunters are high-jumping marksmen that focus on offensive and defensive movement as well as long-range shooting. Titans, on the other hand, are tankier than Hunters. They use defensive barriers and utility to keep their team alive. Finally, Warlocks use crowd-control abilities and healing. Each class is unique and provides their own benefit to the team. 

What to look for in a quality Mega Construx Destiny toy

Display stand

Mega Construx toys are built just for playtime, but they are also perfect for your display shelf. Their unique and detailed designs make them perfect for video game action figure collectors. For this reason, Destiny toys will often come with a display stand. Mega uses a transparent stick attached to a colorful building block. This gives your character the illusion that it’s flying through the air.


Vehicles are an important part of the Destiny universe. Just like weapons and character classes, vehicles are totally unique in this sci-fi fantasy world. There’s a huge variety of ships that either hover above the ground of a planet or fly throughout space. Sparrows are the primary source of transportation for Guardians. They are occupied by a single person and are similar to the Podracer from the “Star Wars” films. There’s also the Jumpship (Dropship), which is used to travel throughout the solar system. You can also find figures of the Hawk and Harvester vehicles.

Removable armor

Mega Construx figures are unique in that they often have removable armor. This gives you the ability to transform the look of your character at any time. Many of these figures are interchangeable, meaning you can swap armor and outfit pieces from one figure to another. Interactivity is the most fun part of collecting Destiny figures from Mega. You can create nearly an unlimited amount of unique scenes by swapping cloaks and helmets between characters.

How much you can expect to spend on a Mega Construx Destiny toy

Mega Construx Destiny toys cost $40-$290.

Mega Construx Destiny toy FAQ

Does Mega Construx still make Destiny toys?

A. Unfortunately, the partnership between Mega and Bungie ended in 2019, which means Destiny toys are no longer being produced. You can still find toys on Amazon, but once they sell out, you may have trouble securing certain sets.

How many series of Destiny toys did Mega Construx release?

A. There have been three main series of toys: the Guardian, Armory and Arsenal series. From there, Mega released Sparrow vehicles and main sets that combined vehicles with characters and accessories. There is also an exclusive series, like the Cabal Harvester Dropship. 

What’s the best Mega Construx Destiny toy to buy?

Top Mega Construx Destiny toy

Mega Construx Destiny EV41 Racing Building Set

What you need to know: Mega Construx’s EV41 Racing set is fully buildable with 99 total pieces to assemble. 

What you’ll love: The EV41 racer is blue, red and black and comes with an attached Mega platform with a transparent stand. This gives the ship the illusion that it's floating, just like in the video game. There are two figures: a Warlock and an enemy Colossus. Each figure has its own personalized weapon, like the Hung Jury SR4 rifle.

What you should consider: This product is not suitable for children under the age of 3. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Mega Construx Destiny toy for the money

Mega Construx Destiny Lion's Vigil Hunter Figure

What you need to know: From the legendary Hunter class, this figure wears the blue and gold Trials of Osiris armor.

What you’ll love: The armor is removable and can be transferred to other similar characters in the Mega Construx Destiny collection. The character fits on a buildable display stand that can be used to hold your character in different poses. It also comes with a Ghost accessory weapon. 

What you should consider: This toy doesn’t come with any vehicles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mega Construx Destiny Cabal Harvester Dropship

What you need to know: This buildable Harvester Dropship comes with an impressive 2,311 pieces and several characters.

What you’ll love: The ship itself is very detailed with its various color sections, rotating thrusters, pivoting reactor and troop doors. Five figures come with the ship, including the Hunter Cayde-6.

What you should consider: This set is complex and best suited for experienced Mega Construx builders.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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