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Best Hot Wheels ultimate garage

Which Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is best?

Hot Wheels makes tens of thousands of model cars and trucks as well as hundreds of play sets, tracks and tricks where kids play with their cars. A Hot Wheels garage is a place where you can park all your cars, service them and get them ready for your next adventures. 

When your Hot Wheels garage is connected to tracks, stunts and more, you can build as big a Hot Wheels City as your imagination can think up. If you’re looking for a huge garage with a motorized elevator, take a look at the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play Set.

What to know before you buy a Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels began in 1968 as a line of die-cast metal toy cars. Next came plastic tracks that snapped together so kids could build raceways for their cars. These were followed by loops and jumps that became more complex and more imaginative. Then came garages so kids would have a place to safely park their collections.

Play sets

One of the great things about Hot Wheels play sets and track sets is how they are all made to fit together in thousands of different ways. 

  • Garages are only one of the play sets made by Hot Wheels. Some of the many others include car washes, tire shops, car parks and burger drive-thrus. 
  • Raceways include criss-cross crash sets, wrecking raceways, oval and cloverleaf tracks and drag strips.
  • Stunt sets include loops, vertical launchers, chutes, corkscrews, turbo takeovers and monster trucks.

Growing up with Hot Wheels 

Hot Wheels makes three categories of play sets. All are meant to integrate seamlessly with every other category of Hot Wheels tracks and structures.

  • City: Hot Wheels City play sets are intended for the youngest children and are labeled for kids aged 3-8. City play sets have vehicles with cartoonish faces and features, especially eyes.  
  • Action: The suggested ages are 5-10. These play sets feature more complex structures and mechanisms, such as launches, stunts and crashes.  
  • Track builder: These play sets are for kids who like to build things. Track builders enjoy imagining new ways to put together their tracks as much as they like playing with them. The way the tracks connect is easier than City and Action tracks, and track builders are designed to work with them seamlessly so your older play sets are not made obsolete. 

How old is the child?

Mattel makes Hot Wheels toys for kids as young as 3. Older children and adults will have different interests, such as limited edition collector sets. Although the age ranges on toy and game packaging are just guidelines, it’s always a good idea to check and see if this is the right level toy for who will be playing with it.

How much space do you have? 

No matter what you collect or what kind of toys you have, there is always the issue of space. Hot Wheels garages and play sets can be quite large. Garages and play sets are meant to connect with each other and with tracks, jumps and tricks, taking up even more space. One of the great things about a garage is having a place to park your Hot Wheels vehicles.

How many Hot Wheels cars and trucks do you have?

Hot Wheels garages hold up to 90 cars. If that's not right for you, consider a 36-car organizer with a handle, a 300-car storage cube or something in between.

What to look for in a quality Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage


With so many toys, particularly those involving cars that kids collect over time, bigger seems to be better. No matter how many Hot Wheels cars and trucks you have today, you should think big and choose a garage that has more room so you can grow into it. 


Kids have fun playing with toy cars and moving them around but when you add an element of excitement to your garage, it’s even more fun. Look for garages that have things like jumps, stunts, tricks and even monsters.


Young children who are beginning to learn to control things are especially attracted to Hot Wheels garages that have movable parts, so kids can operate things such as elevators and ramps.

How much you can expect to spend on a Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels garages cost $50-$200. Play set prices start at about $20.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage FAQ

How sturdy are the tall garage towers?

A. When dealing with lightweight plastics, the taller you go, the less stable the structure. When towers are connected to other play sets and features, their stability is increased.

How do I clean garages and play sets?

A. The best way is to wipe them down with a soft damp cloth and a mild detergent. If they get really icky, take them apart and soak them overnight in a gentle soap.

What’s the best Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage to buy?

Top Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

What you need to know: This tower is more than 2 feet tall and has parking for more than 90 cars.

What you’ll love: You can use the elevator to zip two cars at once to the top of the garage at the press of a button. Once at the top, you can launch your cars through the massive double lane loop that either sends you to Hot Wheels City or lands you in the mouth of a giant shark.

What you should consider: Some little kids have trouble setting this up themselves.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage for the money

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Play Set

What you need to know: This 3-foot tall garage has parking for more than 140 cars and the motorized spiral elevator delivers a continuous stream of up to 23 cars at a time.

What you’ll love: Use your wits to avoid a menacing motorized gorilla that tries to swipe the cars out of it. Race down the dual corkscrew track, gas up and get a car wash on the ground floor.

What you should consider: Taller cars stand a good chance of getting stuck in the elevator.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hot Wheels Ultimate City Garage with T. Rex 

What you need to know: It's not just a garage for more than 100 of your cars, it's the ultimate challenge in a play set that's more than 3 feet tall.

What you’ll love: As your cars shoot the ramps, play the high-speed elimination race and take huge air jumps, you must maneuver skillfully to avoid being captured in the robo-dinosaur's chomping jaws. You can park on any of the six floors when you take your Hot Wheels cars up in the kid-powered elevator. 

What you should consider: This is a pricey toy for older kids.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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