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Best kindling splitter

Which kindling splitter is best?

If you want to burn wood, it needs to be cut down and split into a manageable size so it fits in your fireplace or fire pit. Using an axe is one way to create kindling, but it can be dangerous for a novice because it involves swinging a sharp and heavy blade with a great deal of force. A kindling splitter is a stationary tool specifically designed for the task of splitting wood to prepare it for burning.

The best kindling splitter should be extremely rugged and sized so it can handle all the logs in your woodpile. The Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter is a top choice because of its durable cast-iron construction and stable base.

What to know before you buy a kindling splitter

Splitting firewood

Not only is burning logs dangerous because they can roll away while on fire, but most hardwoods have bark that is somewhat flame-resistant. For a log to be safe for efficient burning, you must  split it into kindling so it won’t roll away and the wood beneath the bark can be directly exposed to the flame. Splitting a log with a firewood kindling splitter can accomplish all of that quickly and easily. To learn more about the different types of wood splitters that are available, take a look at the complete buying guide to kindling splitters from BestReviews.

What to look for in a quality kindling splitter


A kindling splitter needs to be extremely well built. The best, most durable models are made of cast iron or cast steel.


Most, but not all, kindling splitters feature a hoop on top that helps hold the log in place. While this is very handy, it does limit the diameter of the log you can insert. Additionally, the height the blade is from the ground will determine how long the logs can be; if the blade is only 6 inches above the ground, you won’t be able to split logs longer than 6 inches or so. 

Stable operation

Besides having a large footprint so the kindling splitter won’t easily topple, it should be heavy to help with stability. The best models feature four holes drilled through the base so you can mount the kindling splitter on  a stump or other stable surface.

How much you can expect to spend on a kindling splitter

On the low end, you can get a kindling splitter for around $40. At the upper end, you may spend as much as $120 or more for a kindling splitter.

Kindling splitter FAQ

Should I split my wood when it is dry or wet?

A. There are pros and cons for splitting both dry and wet wood. In most instances, dry wood splits more easily than wet wood. However, for the wood to be thoroughly seasoned, it could take up to a year. Conversely, if you split wood while it is still wet, it substantially speeds up the drying time, meaning your wood may be ready to burn in as little as six months rather than a year.

Can I use my kindling splitter on the patio?

A. While it might seem like a great idea to place your kindling splitter on the patio and begin hammering away, it won’t take long until you crack your bricks. A far better option is to use a large and level tree stump as a base.

What type of safety gear do I need when splitting wood?

A. To protect your hands from splinters and to absorb impact, wear a heavy duty pair of work gloves. Safety glasses keep wood chips and other debris from damaging your eyes. Long pants and steel-toe work boots protect your legs and feet.

What’s the best kindling splitter to buy?

Top kindling splitter

Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter

What you need to know: This durable cast-iron kindling splitter is 6.5 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall.

What you’ll love: This model is designed to be a safer alternative to using an axe. There are no moving parts, it requires less force than using a standard axe and it requires almost no maintenance.

What you should consider: This kindling splitter works best on shorter pieces of wood.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top kindling splitter for the money

Hi-Flame Firewood Kindling Splitter

What you need to know: This is a no-frills kindling splitter ideal for the individual on a tighter budget who still wants a quality product.

What you’ll love: The bright-orange color of this compact kindling splitter makes it easy to see so you won’t easily trip over it. It is small enough to take anywhere, even on camping trips, and the unique twist-and-split design allows you to quickly make 1-inch kindling pieces.

What you should consider: There may be a short break-in period required before this kindling splitter delivers peak performance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

KABIN Kindle Quick Log Splitter

What you need to know: This kindling splitter has a slightly modified design that makes transporting split wood a little easier.

What you’ll love: The X-shaped design of this model gives the unit a large base you can bolt down for stability or use to carry split wood. For safety, the blade is intentionally dull, allowing the device to split rather than cut the wood.

What you should consider: While this model has user-friendly features, it costs more than other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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