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Best Ugg slippers

Which Ugg slippers are best?

Ugg slippers are well-known for their luxurious look and feel. And they're not only comfortable and soft, they're also durable. While their upfront cost might be a bit high, their quality makes up for it. If you take care of them, they can last several years. 

The Ugg Women's Coquette Slippers are a top choice because they boast a classic slipper design, and as with all the brand's best styles, they're made with leather uppers and natural footbeds. 

What to know before you buy Ugg slippers

About Ugg slippers

The Ugg brand was launched in 1978 by Brian Smith, an Australian living in Southern California. While Smith started his footwear journey with a classic boot made from his favorite material, sheepskin, it wasn't long before he expanded from boots to footwear of all kinds, plus apparel, accessories and homeware. 

Ugg slippers go beyond standard designs because they use premium natural materials to make them durable and soft. Many styles preserve the classic sheepskin aesthetic, with all-natural lining and thick rubber outsoles that take you anywhere. Some are also water-resistant, giving them even more versatility.

Ugg slipper styles

While you might have a particular pair of Ugg slippers in mind, it's helpful to know which styles are available. There are four silhouettes to consider.

  • Classic: These sport an enclosed toe box, a rubber outsole and an open back. 
  • Slides: This slip-on design has a rubber footbed with an enclosed toe box, and some varieties come with an elastic strap at the heel.
  • Closed heel: These fully encase the foot with a closed heel and toe box. Designs such as a moccasin have a higher heel than Ugg's Tasman design, which has a short lip to secure your heel. 
  • Open-toe: These boast plush straps that cover the top of your foot and have an open toe box.

How to find your size

Regardless of your usual shoe size, it's best to measure and compare your foot measurements to Ugg's sizing chart to ensure that you get the right ones. There are three steps to finding Ugg slippers that fit. 

  1. Draw a straight line longer than your foot down the center of a piece of paper. 
  2. Place your foot on the line and mark your longest toe and heel. 
  3. Measure the distance between your toe and heel marks.

What to look for in quality Ugg slippers

Leather uppers

Many of Ugg's slippers are made of thick, flexible top-of-the-line sheepskin for maximum comfort and durability. While Ugg also makes slippers from other materials, such as cotton and wool, which are also soft and cozy, few materials are as long-lasting as that original sheepskin.

Natural lining and insoles

What makes Ugg slippers soft and durable is natural lining and footbeds made of lush sheepskin and wool. They're also breathable and moisture-wicking, which means the materials draw moisture away from your foot to keep them comfortable and dry, reducing odor-causing bacteria.

Treadlite outsoles

Ugg's Treadlite outsoles are made of thick rubber that is lightweight, flexible and durable. The material ensures maximum comfort as you walk around your home. It's tough enough to wear outdoors, too, so you're free to travel to the mailbox and beyond if you choose to keep your slippers on.

How much you can expect to spend on Ugg slippers

While you might be able to find some short-lived styles on sale, classic varieties are typically between $90-$150.

Ugg slippers FAQ

How can you ensure that your slippers stay smelling fresh? 

A. Try getting a shoe spray that kills bacteria, which is the odor-causing culprit. Some brands even sell scented sprays, such as floral fragrances, eucalyptus or cedar.

How can you ensure that your Uggs are authentic?

A. The best way to guarantee the authenticity of your slippers is to get them from Ugg's official Amazon store or another authorized dealer. 

What are the best Ugg slippers to buy?

Top Ugg slippers

Ugg Women's Coquette Slipper

What you need to know: Whether you're walking around the house and want to keep your feet warm or headed out for a quick errand, these are the perfect slippers for indoor and outdoor use.

What you'll love: These leather slippers have Ugg's iconic sheepskin collar, lining and footbed. They're also made with the brand’s durable Treadlite outsoles to protect your feet, and come in 10 colors, sizes 5 to 12.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said they run a little big and suggested sizing down if you are in between sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Ugg slippers for the money

Ugg Women's Ansley Slipper

What you need to know: These have a classic moccasin design and water-resistant uppers.

What you'll love: These suede slippers have a wool lining and insole for a breathable, comfortable fit, and a rubber outsole for indoor and outdoor use. They come in 15 varieties in sizes 5 to 12 with standard- and wide-width options.

What you should consider: Some people reported that these run a little small and suggested sizing up if you are in between sizes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ugg Men's Ascot Slipper

What you need to know: These enclosed indoor-outdoor moccasins give you the comfort of a slipper and the freedom of a shoe. 

What you'll love: They have durable rubber outsoles and are made with water-resistant suede for added protection. They have wool lining and insoles for added comfort, and come in 16 colors in sizes 7 to 18 with regular, wide and extra wide varieties.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said these run a little small and suggested sizing up if you are in between sizes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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