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Best North Face snow boots

Which North Face snow boots are best?

Whether you’re planning for a few inches or a few feet of snow this winter, a good pair of snow boots will ensure you’ll step into the season with warmth, comfort and traction. If you want boots that will keep you warm no matter where you are, the North Face Chilkat 400 insulated boots, in men’s and women’s styles, have you covered.

What to know before you buy North Face snow boots

Snow amount

If you get a light dusting but are more worried about frozen ground, you can get away with ankle-level boots. If you expect higher levels of snow, a boot with a higher shaft is your best bet.

Winter temperature

Do you need to gear up in a heavy coat before leaving the house, or does your snow come with a slight chill? How much sunshine you get during the winter can affect which boots you may want to purchase. Even at the same temperature, a sunnier place like Denver may be more comfortable than somewhere that sees fewer sunny days year-round.


Do you need traction for your walk to work? Do you want to hit the trails during the winter season? Do you want something that goes from the office to the trail? Just how intense the conditions are will determine the features you need and how much of an investment to make in your boots.

What to look for in quality North Face snow boots


Whether you need insulation for 40 below or 40 above, North Face has a boot appropriately insulated for your needs. When in doubt, you’ll likely want to opt for slightly less insulation and add any extra warmth via wool socks.


Wet socks during the wintertime are an inconvenience at best; at worst, they can be dangerous, especially in places with colder winters. If you get a wet, snowy winter, make sure you have a waterproof boot with a shaft height at least above your ankle.


While you likely won’t need to worry about frostbite, slipping and falling is a genuine concern for many people throughout the country when wintertime hits. Whether you want to trek through puddles with confidence or walk along icy sidewalks, boots with grippy soles are a must-have.

How much you can expect to spend on North Face snow boots

While this will depend on the features you need and how cold your winters are, most consumers will be satisfied with a pair in the range of $100 to $200.

North Face snow boots FAQ

Should I buy insulated snow boots?

A. If you live in an area that consistently drops into the single-digit and low double-digit temperatures, you’ll want insulated boots. If your winter flips back and forth between below and above freezing, it may be in your best interest to find non-insulated (or lightly insulated) boots and have a few different pairs of socks for different temperatures.

Should I buy my usual size in snow boots?

A. This mainly depends on the thickness of the socks you wear. While you should always follow manufacturer sizing recommendations, you may want to consider an extra half size if wearing heavier socks. Make sure you have room to move your toes, whatever size you buy. If you don’t have enough room in your boots, you’ll quickly feel colder than if you were in a slightly larger size.

What are the best North Face snow boots to buy?

Top North Face snow boots

North Face Chilkat 400 Insulated Boots

What you need to know: If you want to walk out the door no matter the weather and feel confident in your footwear, these offer that peace of mind.

What you’ll love: North Face claims these boots are warm down to minus-40 degrees. Besides the insulation factor, the full-grain leather upper is waterproof and rugged. Aggressive traction allows you to take these from the streets to the trail.

What you should consider: While highly functional, these boots do prioritize function over fashion. Some users found these run small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon in men’s and women’s styles

Top North Face snow boots for the money

North Face Thermoball Insulated Boots

What you need to know: These boots keep you warm and dry but are much lighter than traditional snow boots.

What you’ll love: These are a more comfortable alternative to standard winter boots. The upper has more mobility than most other options and comes in a variety of colors. A mid-cut boot, these allow you to move while still offering snow and water protection.

What you should consider: These won’t be insulated or waterproof enough for the harshest of winters like the Chilkat 400s are.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon in men’s and women’s styles

Worth checking out

North Face Back-to-Berkeley Boots

What you need to know: If you want a snow boot that doesn’t look like a snow boot, these fashion-forward leather boots keep you dry while looking great.

What you’ll love: Not only are these some of the best-looking snow boots North Face offers, but you also won’t have to skimp on warmth in exchange for good looks. Temperature-sensitive lugs on the sole keep you firmly attached to frozen ground, confident in your steps on the sidewalk or the hiking trail.

What you should consider: These function best in dry cold. If you expect wetter winters, you might want a pair of boots that are more waterproof.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods in men’s styles and Backcountry in women’s styles.


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