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Best cat tunnel

Which cat tunnel is best?

Trying to find the best cat tunnel can be tricky, especially with so many different types available on the market. Despite the sheer number of cat tunnels out there, most buyers want something simple, easy-to-store and fun for their furry friends. Ultimately, the cat tunnel that best accommodates you and your cat’s needs and wants is going to be the best purchase available.

While there are tons of cat tunnel styles and designs to choose from, this Circular Cat Tunnel Bed Combo from Kitty City is a classic and is perfect for one or multiple cats. 

What to know before you buy a cat tunnel

How much space you need

While many cat tunnels are collapsible and space-saving, you’ll also want to ensure you have enough space in your home to deploy the entire cat tunnel — especially if you’re looking at getting one with multiple tubes or that takes up a lot of space.

Type of cat tunnel

Many types of cat tunnels exist, with the most prominent features being the tub, the cat tunnel toy or other features like a built-in cat bed or attached tent for outdoor use. Some of the best cat toys are recommended in BestReviews buying guide, which is worth checking out. You can also find an outdoor cat tunnel with an enclosed design if you’re hoping to take your cat outside. Eventually, deciding which type of cat tunnel you think your kitty will like best will be important to consider before making your purchase.

Multiple or single cats

Another important factor to consider when looking at cat tunnels is how many cats you’re hoping to accommodate. While you may be able to get away with one to two cats in a typical, basic cat tunnel, those with two or more cats may also want to consider cat tunnels with larger diameters, more overall space or several cat tubes so that multiple cats can feel comfortable hanging out in them.

What to look for in a quality cat tunnel

Fun angles and hole configuration

From a consumer standpoint, a fun configuration seems like one of the top priorities when picking out which cat tunnel to buy. While some cat tunnels include as many as three, four or five tubes, others may include just two while having fun peepholes, toys or other features that cats will love. Still, others may find a cat wall tunnel or other unique configuration the best cat tunnel option for their particular needs.

Right size

It’s important to find a cat tunnel that’s the right size for your cat, or they’re unlikely to use it. While smaller cats may be able to get away with just about any size of cat tunnel, larger cats might prefer slightly larger models, which can accommodate their size and let them turn around and move comfortably.

Collapsible and storable

Many cat tunnel buyers find that the ability to collapse and store a cat tunnel when it’s not in use is a high priority — especially if they live in a small space where leaving it out on the floor isn’t an option. Most cat tunnels today are easily collapsible, making them perfect for any size space.

How much you can expect to spend on a cat tunnel

The price range of cat tunnels can vary significantly, but so does their overall quality. You can often find a cheap, small cat tunnel for as low as $5, while others may be willing to spend as much as $80 on a premium cat tunnel.

Cat tunnel FAQ

Can cat tunnels be used for multiple cats?

A. Many users purchase cat tunnels for several cats, though it’s best to find tunnels with multiple entrances or more overall space if you plan to use it with many different cats at once.

Are cat tunnels safe for cats?

A. Yes, they are. Cat tunnels are not only safe for cats, but many cats find them very comfortable and sheltered inside, which is why they’re often so well-liked by cats in particular. In emergencies, the holes in most cat tunnels would make it easy to rescue the cats from inside or cut through if necessary.

What’s the best cat tunnel to buy?

Top cat tunnel

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel and Bed Combo

What you need to know: With an attached bed in the center, this circular cat tunnel bed combo is perfect for one or more cats, and offers a cozy bed in the center for cats to relax in.

What you’ll love: This cat tunnel offers two entrances — one with a built-in dangling toy and a central bed that cats can enter from the outside. It’s also available in a stylish gray and white diamond-checked design or an awesome plaid look for a few extra bucks.

What you should consider: Some buyers with more than one or two full-size cats end up going with larger cat tunnels to accommodate a larger overall space.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cat tunnel for the money

PAWZ Road Cat S-Shape Play Tube Collapsible Cat Tunnel

What you need to know: This simple and affordable cat tunnel features a slight bend with two smaller peepholes that cats will love to poke their furry faces out of.

What you’ll love: Most of all, buyers love the price tag on this cat tunnel, but it can also be easily collapsed for storage when not in use, and it features a classic S-bend cat tunnel design. It also comes with a dangling ball on one end for an easy play element.

What you should consider: Some users said this particular cat tunnel wasn’t as durable and was made cheaply despite the low price point.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Prosper Pet Collapsible Three-Way Play Tube Cat Tunnel

What you need to know: For those wanting a three-way cat tunnel, this model is a great and affordable way to go, and it offers a wide range of different designs and colors.

What you’ll love: This three-way tube cat tunnel includes a hole in the middle of each tunnel for cats to poke their heads out of as well as a collapsible design and dangling ball at one end. It also comes in 15 different colors and designs, including navy with white polka dots, brown with paw prints or grey with a cross-checked design.

What you should consider: While the three-tunnel design is cool, many buyers aren’t sure they will have enough space to make this model worthwhile.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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