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The best cat furniture

What’s the best cat furniture?

Not only will the right cat furniture occupy your cat and provide them with a much-needed outlet and a chance to entertain themselves, but it can make your life much easier by preventing your cat from scratching up your furniture. 

The best cat furniture allows cats to display their natural tendencies to scratch, hide, climb, feel safe and be up high. 

Types of cat furniture

Cat trees

If you’ve just started shopping for cat furniture, begin with a scratching post. This can save your furniture — PetMD recommends investing in a scratching post to help condition your cat to avoid your furniture. 

Cat trees and towers give your cat something else to climb and lounge on top of. If you want more information, take a look at the buying guide for cat trees on BestReviews. 

Cat condos

If you have multiple cats or just want to spoil the ones you have, consider a cat condo. Not only do they contain multiple towers to climb and posts to scratch, but they also provide cats with the chance to hide and sleep, making them a great go-to option for pet owners. 

No matter how fancy the furniture, don’t forget about basic cat toys and even the occasional catnip as a way to occupy and entertain your pet. 

Other considerations

Cat toys and furniture can keep your cat occupied, but it’s only half the battle. You want to make sure that the cat food and cat treats you’re feeding your cat are to their liking since they can also influence a cat’s mood and behavior. 

Best cat condos

Frisco 48-Inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

This ultimate cat condo is loaded with everything your kitty needs to play, hunt, sleep and scratch. The dangling toys can provide hours of fun and help them hone their hunting skills. The five scratching posts and scratch ramp will keep your furniture safe, making this ideal for homes with more than one cat.

Sold by Chewy


Yaheetech 55-Inch Plush Cat Tree & Condo

Offer your fur baby a cat mansion with two fluffy and comfortable condos loaded with fun and entertaining activity centers and two sleeping spots. It’s been designed with all environmentally safe materials and non-toxic parts to ensure that no matter what your cat does in their new palace, they’re totally safe.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon


Whisker City Plush Mansion Cat Tower

Let your prince or princess control their own castle with this giant plush kingdom that’s spacious for multiple large cats. This tower helps cats to learn how to climb, gives them safe spaces to scratch and hours of playtime.

Sold by PetSmart


Best cat window perches 

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Cat Window Perch

Give your cat a place to lounge where they can observe inside and outside. This also serves as a space to nap in the sunshine. Cats love being above the ground, and this window perch is easy to install and can safely support 50 pounds while being easily removable at any time.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

Best cat beds

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed

Offer your kitty the most comfortable space for their cat naps, with a bed made with an insulation layer that radiates all the warmth they desire. This bed contains extra filling to ease their joints and muscles, while the edges are raised to provide additional orthopedic support and an excellent pillow.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon


Frisco Igloo Covered Cat Bed

This cave-like igloo bed is the perfect piece of furniture for a cat who likes to sleep in privacy or hide out during naps. The extra-plush fabric and fluffy cushion inside will keep your fur baby comfortable, no matter when they choose to use it.

Sold by Chewy


Frisco Modern Tunnel Elevated Cat Bed

We all know how much cats love playing in tunnels and napping, so this product combines them in a stylish piece of cat furniture that perfectly fits in your home. Made with an ultra-plush fur lining interior and wooden legs, this bed is ideal for kitties. 

Sold by Chewy

Best cat litter box furniture 

TRIXIE Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box Cover

Litter boxes are totally necessary, but they’re an eyesore. Take it up a notch with this decorative litter box cover. Made with a high-quality veneer finish and an extra-large window, your cat can use it just like normal, and you don’t have to see it.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon


Frisco Decorative Side Table Cat Litter Box Cover

Combine your side table, litter box and kitty condo in one with this stylish decorative litter box cover. This piece of cat furniture provides a shelf, tabletop and storage areas for all your cat’s accessories.

Sold by Chewy


New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo & End Table

This top-of-the-line litter loo functions as both a litter box and a modern end table. Made from recycled material, it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t absorb any moisture, so if your cat misses the box, you can easily wipe it away.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

Best cat scratcher and tower furniture

Trixie Miguel Cat Scratcher

This easily collapsible tower has a plush hideaway, two scratching boards, dangling balls and a hammock for those luxurious cat naps. It’s perfect for apartments or small spaces, while still allowing your cat to have all the fun of a larger cat condo.

Sold by PetSmart and Amazon


Catit Vesper V-Stool Cat Scratcher

This modern and attractive cat tower can fit into the design of your home and give your kitty multiple ways to play, scratch and nap. Made from quality materials, it comes with scratching posts, a sisal scratching mat and a memory foam cushion for lounging and naps. 

Sold by PetSmart and Amazon

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