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Best WeatherTech dog bowl

Which WeatherTech dog bowl is best?

Just like humans, dogs need a clean and practical vessel from which to eat and drink. A dog bowl provides a place for canines to safely and easily enjoy water or their daily meals, whether dry food, wet food or a combination of both.

Every dog bowl should be made of durable, nontoxic materials and sold by a reputable company. WeatherTech is one such company, building high-quality bowls designed with cleanliness, convenience and longevity in mind. If you're considering a WeatherTech dog bowl, one excellent choice is the WeatherTech Double High Pet Feeding System.

What to know before you buy a WeatherTech dog bowl

About WeatherTech

WeatherTech is an American company that prides itself on manufacturing quality products in the United States with materials sourced from within the country.

Based in Illinois, WeatherTech crafts well-made, utilitarian pet products, including dog bowls, ramps, harnesses and safety barriers for use in cars. Separately, WeatherTech makes auto accessories, electronics holders and household mats.

Feeding system

WeatherTech doesn’t sell single dog bowls on their own. Instead, they build and market “feeding systems,” in which one or two bowls are integrated into a sturdy base and mat. 

The mat adheres to the ground, so the entire feeding system remains as still as possible when engaged. Since the bowl is secured by a stand that’s attached to the mat, an aggressive eater won't be able to push around the bowl on the floor and create a mess. The mat also features elevated edges, preventing food or water from spilling onto the floor. Some mats include a slightly pitched center, forcing any crumbs or drops out to the edges to avoid pooling. 

While WeatherTech sells individual bowls, these are designed as replacements for the ones used with the feeding system and are not intended for use on their own.


Bowls are offered in five sizes: 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12 cups. Match the capacity of the cup with your dog’s meal size.

WeatherTech feeding systems include either one or two bowls. The single bowl system is preferred for those simply seeking a food vessel. Those with two bowls are intended to accommodate both food and water.


The mat and bowl support are made from a human food-grade polymer BPA-free plastic. It's safe for dogs to eat from and lick. Bowls come in either BPA-free plastic or heavy gauge stainless steel. 

All three pieces — the bowl, base and mat — can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

What to look for in a quality WeatherTech dog bowl


WeatherTech dog bowls are designed to meet your dog at the height where they eat and drink. It offers elevated dog bowls, with the smallest about an inch off the ground and the highest measuring over 1 foot tall.

To find the right height for your dog, measure from the ground to about 6 inches below their shoulders. Your dog should not have to strain their neck to bend down to reach the bowl. Conversely, your dog should not be eating or drinking on a lateral plane or higher. If unsure, opt for the shorter of two bowls.


You have several choices of color for your feeding system. Most are offered in tan or dark gray, but depending on the size, red, pink, green or brown may be available.

How much you can expect to spend on a WeatherTech dog bowl

Price increases alongside size and height. The smallest feeding system costs less than $25, though those designed for large breeds may top $75.

WeatherTech dog bowl FAQ

How often should I clean my dog bowls?

A. As with human tableware, dog bowls should be cleaned after every meal. This prevents bacteria from forming and spreading. Plastic and stainless steel bowls can be washed with gentle soap and warm water or placed in the dishwasher. Dry stainless steel bowls immediately to prevent water spots from forming.

Can I use my own bowls in the feeder system?

A. The feeding systems are designed to accommodate WeatherTech bowls exclusively. Any other bowls are unlikely to fit. WeatherTech sells individual bowls, should one need to be replaced. However, they don't offer slow feeder bowls, which are designed to manage tenacious eaters.

What’s the best WeatherTech dog bowl to buy?

Top WeatherTech dog bowl

WeatherTech Double High Pet Feeding System

What you need to know: This sturdy elevated feeding system provides safe and convenient eating for your dog as well as simple cleanup for you.

What you’ll love: With two bowls, this feeding system offers a place for both eating and drinking without mess for medium to large dogs. The nonslip base keeps the structure stable, while the pitched center sends any water or crumbs to the sides of the mat.

What you should consider: This setup is pricey and larger than most.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top WeatherTech dog bowl for the money

WeatherTech Single High Pet Feeding System

What you need to know: Among the cheaper bowls available, this small setup is ideal for mess-free eating.

What you’ll love: This bowl and mat combination provides a stable setup for your dog at a low price. The raised mat edges keep contents from spilling out. The mat is available in three colors.

What you should consider: This size and height is best for smaller dogs. The 1-cup capacity may not be suitable for water.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

WeatherTech Double Low Pet Feeding System

What you need to know: Made for small to medium dogs, this double-bowl station offers food and water at a comfortable height.

What you’ll love: At just under 3 inches tall, this feeding station slightly elevates a dog's food and water to make consumption more convenient. The mat prevents slips and protects against messes. 

What you should consider: If used for water, the bowl may need frequent refilling.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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