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Keep your pet contained with the best tie-out dog stakes

Top outdoor stakes for dogs


For anyone without a fenced-in yard, a tie-out stake is an effective way to allow your dog outside without them running off. A stake featuring a swivel hook on the top where a cable or other tether can be attached is inserted into the ground. The other end of the tether is attached to your dog’s collar or harness, giving it free rein in every direction from the stake to explore, play and relax.

Stakes should be made of metal or steel. The length of the portion of the stake that penetrates the ground corresponds to its strength: the deeper the stake, the more stable it is. Some stakes are straight, with flares along the shaft to dig into the ground, while some are designed as corkscrews for maximum stability.

While stakes allow freedom in a yard or campsite, there are important safety measures to keep in mind before buying one.

Tie-out dog stake tips

  • Train your dog. Just like walking on a leash, it will take time for dogs to adjust to using a tie-out stake. Spend time with them and train them when first introducing the stake so they understand limits and best behaviors.
  • Do not leave your dog unsupervised. Dogs should not be left on their own on a tie-out stake. Tethers or cables present tripping and choking hazards, while dogs that run to the end of their limit risk whiplash and other injuries when they are pulled back.
  • Regularly inspect. Periodically check the stake for any defects that may occur over time. Weather and frequent use can slowly dislodge the stake, making it more vulnerable to the force of a dog.
  • Remove or avoid obstacles. Inspect the area within range for any barriers or impediments, such as trees, playhouses or swing sets. Remove any obstacles or find a new area if they cannot be removed. If you have two dogs, you should hook them up separately to avoid entanglement.
  • Affix to a harness. Unless you have a calm dog familiar with using a tether, hook it up using a harness instead of a collar. Dogs can choke themselves or damage the neck when testing the limits of the rope. A Martingale collar, which gently tightens around the neck when dogs pull, may be suitable under close supervision as the dog trains.
  • Provide water and shade. If your dog stays outside for long periods, be sure they have access to shaded areas away from the sun. Provide cold, clean and fresh water at all times.

Best tie-out dog stakes

Titan Spiral Stake

This steel tie-out stake takes a bit of force to get into the ground, but it’s strong and stable once planted directly down. The solid construction and corkscrew design are ideal for small and medium dogs, as well as well-behaved large dogs that won’t try to break free. The stake is also weather-resistant, providing value for years of use.

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Aspen Pet Large Stake

This steel corkscrew stake is easy to put into the ground with the help of a comfortable grip on the head. The blue vinyl coating also helps people see the stake to avoid tripping over it. The generous height above ground, including the long neck, allows the swivel to move easily without fear of tangles. It also includes a 20-feet cable.

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IntelliLeash Dog Stake

Designed for the utmost stability, this reinforced stake supports dogs up to 125 pounds. Once the spiral stake is securely planted, it is locked into place with a sturdy cup that digs into the ground and prevents side-to-side movement over time, which loosens the soil. While this popular stake is best suited to medium dogs, IntelliLeash also offers a smaller and larger stake.

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Boss Pet Prestige Dome Stake

Almost all of this 21-inch stake is designed to be implanted underground, with just a dome and short top exposed. Made of one piece of steel, the lengthy stake provides impressive stability and durability for even larger dogs. A solid metal ring also allows for movement around the stake without tangles. Despite the small exposure, the yellow coloring makes it noticeable.

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Royal Paw Mini Stake

Designed for those on the go, this set provides convenience and security for small and medium dogs. The heavy-duty steel anchor reaches depths up to 10 inches; an included steel lever makes installation easy, requiring little exertion. The set also comes with a carabiner to clip onto the swivel and a brush to clean the stake when removed. All of the pieces fit into a handy carrying bag to take with you.

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