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Best PetSmart dog collar

Which PetSmart dog collars are best?

Dog collars are no longer the simple pieces of fabric and buckle that they used to be. Over the last several decades, collars have evolved to enhance safety and comfort. Reflectors, GPS tracking and even sleep tracking features can help you provide the highest quality of life for your beloved fur baby.

Our selection for the Best of the Best PetSmart dog collar is the Fi Series 2 Smart Collar Kit for Dogs. This smart dog collar tracks your pup’s location via GPS and provides a host of other exceptional features.

What to know before you buy a PetSmart dog collar

Your dog’s neck measurement

PetSmart carries an extensive inventory of top-quality dog collars. Before you can select the right one for your pup, you’ll need to know their neck measurement. What constitutes a small collar for one brand may be the size of a large collar for another. That’s why it is essential to make your purchase based on an actual measurement rather than a set size.

Using a cloth measuring tape, find out the circumference of your dog’s neck in inches. Circle the measuring tape around the area where your dog’s collar would naturally sit. 

Desired features

As mentioned previously, dog collars now boast an array of innovative features. From tech-based to eco-friendly, you can purchase collars that are aligned with your values and preferences.

While exploring available options from PetSmart, write a list of the features that are most important to you. This list will help you narrow down your choices. If certain features are not available, this list will also reveal any add-ons that you may need to purchase (e.g. reflective tags).


What pet owner doesn’t want their pooch to look adorable? Whether you want your dog to represent your favorite sports team, or to wear a dapper bow tie, choices abound. On top of picking a collar that includes all desired features, also select a pattern or design that you love. Exceptionally-coordinated owners should decide if they want the new collar to match their dog’s current leash.

What to look for in a quality PetSmart dog collar


As with all items that you buy for your pet, safety is critical when it comes to dog collars. PetSmart only carries brands that are committed to this same mission. Collars from this retailer are designed to stay on your dog, preventing them from getting loose. The materials used to construct each dog collar also adhere to the highest standards, providing top-tier safety and comfort.


Having the ability to adjust your chosen collar is another key feature. This is particularly important if you’re buying for a growing puppy. Even if you were precise in taking your dog’s neck measurement, there can be some variance. Adjustable collars allow you to overcome this variance, and to achieve the perfect fit.


Durability is a critical feature in a dog collar — especially if your pup is a heavy chewer. If they (or another dog in your home) get a hold of it in any way, they will likely treat the collar like it is a toy. Flexible dogs have even been known to chew on their collar while wearing it. Well-built collars are strong enough to withstand both daily use and the occasional chewing incident. Look for options that are not focused solely on looks and that do not have pieces that could easily be destroyed.

Fun design

Great dog collar brands know how to balance functionality with style. Although it is important not to pick a collar exclusively based on its appearance, top-rated options often feature a selection of fun colors and designs. 

How much you can expect to spend on a PetSmart dog collar

Depending on the size and features that you want, dog collars cost between $5-$150. Premium options come equipped with advanced tech features.

PetSmart dog collar FAQ

Aren’t all dog collars basically the same?

A. Definitely not. In appearance and features, dog collars offer a wide range of options for owners. Assessing which features you want most will help you feel as satisfied as possible with your purchase.

How do I know which features are best for my dog?

A. This depends heavily on your dog’s lifestyle and individual needs. For example, if you frequently take your pup for a walk when it is dark outside, having a collar with lighting or a reflective element is a wise choice. Strive to pick the collar that adds the most value to your dog’s everyday routine.

What are the best PetSmart dog collars to buy?

Top PetSmart dog collar

Fi Series 2 Smart Collar Kit for Dogs

What you need to know: Delivering the most technologically advanced collar experience available, owners who use this model can track their dog’s location and sleep habits. 

What you’ll love: Durable, comfortable and embedded with smart technology, the Fi Series 2 Smart Collar Kit for Dogs is the ultimate toy for pet parents. The collar is available in multiple colors, including yellow, blue and gray. Features include sleep tracking, GPS monitoring and Lost Dog Mode.

What you should consider: At $150, this collar is pretty expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart

Top PetSmart dog collar for the money

Grrreen Not A Plastic Bottle Adjustable Dog Collar

What you need to know: Created using recycled plastic, this collar is an affordable and durable option for earth-focused dog owners.

What you’ll love: Printed with the phrase “Not A Plastic Bottle,” this collar is made with recycled plastic from two water bottles. It is available in sizes extra small through large and is adjustable. At under $5 for all sizes, this collar is an exceptional bargain find.

What you should consider: It is not available for dogs over 75 pounds.

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart

Worth checking out

Top Paw Signature Dog Collar

What you need to know: Available in a wide array of colors and sizes, this basic design is a reliable and budget-friendly choice.

What you’ll love: Pet owners have ample options with this durable and adjustable collar. The collar comes in five solid colors (blue, navy, pink, red and black), and five sizes.

What you should consider: This collar is not ideal for dogs who pull while on walks.

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart

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