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Best harness for small dogs

Which small dog harness is best?

Finding the proper harness is imperative for every dog owner. With the right fit, your dog can be safe whether walking on the street, hiking in the woods or riding in the car. For dogs in training or those nervous when out in the world, the harness provides better security because it’s harder for a dog to escape from than a simple collar.

There are plenty of harness options available for smaller dogs, with some that are ideal for all kinds of activity and others more specialized depending on the needs of your dog. The best small dog harness should be comfortable, secure and offer safe mobility for any outdoor adventure.

Best small dog harnesses

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Mesh Harness

This popular harness provides comfort and breathability around the chest with its lightweight mesh construction. Ideal for most weather, it can be used regularly for walks or trips in the car. A buckle adds extra security while a leash attaches to two sturdy rings in the back.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

Frisco Nylon No-Pull Dog Harness

This padded harness offers added coverage to the chest and may prove more effective on longer, stout dogs. The mesh is airy, allowing your dog to feel comfortable on lengthy walks. There are three points of connection, including a front loop that can help during training to keep pups from pulling. It also comes in a few different colors.

Sold by Chewy

Star Wars Mandalorian Dog Harness

For fans of stories told in a galaxy far, far away, you (and your dog) may enjoy this cute harness inspired by The Mandalorian. It features The Child, also known as Baby Yoda, across its durable polyester straps. As there is no chest pad and only one connection point, this harness is ideal for well-trained dogs who enjoy leisurely walks.

Sold by Chewy

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Car Dog Harness

Although it comes at a high price, this durable harness provides quality comfort and immense safety within the car for those dogs who take frequent trips. The chest padding cushions, while the metal buckles and reinforced straps resist breaking or snapping. It’s also useful for walks because it has both a front and back loop.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

PetSafe 3-in-1 Reflective Dog Harness

Available in three different colors, this reflective, light harness is ideal for casual walks around the neighborhood with your dog, any time of the day or night. It includes both a ring in the front and back, the former of which will help prevent your dog from pulling. It also comes with a seatbelt strap for safe rides in the car.

Sold by Chewy

Chai’s Choice 3M Front-Clip Dog Harness

With a variety of color options available, including teal, fuschia and chocolate, your dog can be both stylish as well as comfortable in this quality harness. It features a front clip as well as a back ring for your preference, while the 3M reflective coating helps keep your dog seen at night. There’s also a convenient handle to help hold on to your dog if needed.

Sold by Chewy

PetSafe Carelift Support Dog Harness

Some of our furry friends need a little extra help. For those with mobility issues, this support harness gives the dogs the comfort and confidence they need to move around with the assistance of their owner. With both front and rear support, it relieves tension on joints and supports the spine. It can also be washed in a machine for added convenience.

Sold by Chewy

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness

This high-quality harness is specifically designed for service dogs to keep them both safe and focused. Reinforced double-stitching and durable nylon material keep this harness lasting a long time, while the quick-release buckle and a back handle offer convenience. It also comes in a few reflective colors and the ‘Service Dog’ label can be removed as needed.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

Kurgo Journey Dog Harness

For those frequent adventure dogs, a harness that is breathable, durable and comfortable is required. This option by Kurgo is designed for outdoor excursions with its lightweight construction and easy adjustability. It features two points of connection and reflective trim for help with visibility after the sun goes down.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

Frisco Step-in Back Harness

For those seeking a simple and reliable harness, this option by Frisco, a trusted name in dog accessories, offers terrific value. Nylon construction provides reliability, while the adjustable straps offer convenience. There is only a back clip, so this is best reserved for well-trained, calm dogs. It comes in a few colors.

Sold by Chewy

Industrial Puppy Emotional Support Harness

This high-quality harness provides comfort and protection for emotional support dogs so they can focus on being by their owner’s side without distraction. The mesh is durable yet breathable, while reflective straps help keep the dog seen after dusk. The buckle easily wraps around the belly and offers a quick release. A back handle also adds convenience. 

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

PetSafe Chic Easy-Walk Dog Harness

For the small pup who wants to strut in style, these patterned harnesses by PetSafe offer eye-catching patterns and convenience. The front clip is best suited for well-trained dogs, though it can help guide some younger ones who need gentle reminders not to pull. Most notably, it’s offered in three different designs: poppies, donuts or bones. 

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

OneTigris Beast Mojo Tactical Dog Harness

For those with active, adventurous dogs who want to take on the world, this durable dog harness will keep them protected when out in the wild. It resists water, dirt and scrapes, so it’s ideal for hikes and lengthy outdoor excursions. It’s especially durable, designed to allow you to help guide or lift your dog as needed and last for seasons to come. It also has a few handy pouches as well.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon


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