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Best puppy clothes

Which puppy clothes are best?

Puppy clothing can help offer an additional layer for your puppy, so they feel warm and comfortable as it gets colder outside. They might enjoy wearing a sweater or hoodie or sweatshirt both indoors and outdoors in the autumn and winter. The Blueberry Pet Classy Striped Dog Sweater is perfect for keeping your puppy warm while lounging in your home.

What to know before you buy puppy clothes

Type of clothing

There are a few different kinds of clothing for puppies, including hoodies, fleeces and knit sweaters.

  • Hoodies are cozy and soft, and the hood of the hoodie extends up your puppy’s neck for a little extra warmth. They typically have some stretch to make putting them on your puppy a little simpler. Some hoodies have Velcro or zippers, which work well for nervous puppies.
  • Knit sweaters are classic and cute. They also feel warm, but are very breathable, since the knit fabric has natural holes in it. There are some cable-knit sweaters, as well as sweaters with patterns on them.
  • Synthetic fleece is a very warm option for your puppy. It also feels very soft and isn’t likely to chafe or rub. And the material is stretchy, so it’s simple to put on and take off your puppy.


Some companies offer a diverse range of sizes, but other brands only offer puppy clothing that fits smaller dogs. Check the size chart and measure your puppy to find a clothing item that fits them just right. Measure your puppy around their chest and along their back, from the base of their tail to the base of their neck.


Dog clothing needs to be comfortable for them to wear for a long amount of time. The most comfortable puppy clothes don’t have any buckles, zippers or other hardware that can dig into their skin while they lie down. The clothing also shouldn’t be too loose or too tight and should be composed of soft materials.

What to look for in quality puppy clothes

Prints and colors

Puppy clothing comes in a wide range of prints and colors. If you want a solid color, you can find clothing in nearly any color of the rainbow. There are also many different prints, including plaid, stars, hearts, stripes and polka dots.


Sweaters are typically made from either acrylic yarn or wool, while fleeces are made from synthetic polyester fleece and hoodies are made of a cotton-poly blend, cotton or polyester.

Harness compatibility

Some puppy clothes have D-rings on the back that you can use instead of a harness. This works best for small dogs, since the material can tear at the point where the D-ring is stitched if your puppy pulls on the leash too hard.

How much you can expect to spend on puppy clothes

Puppy clothes range in price from about $10-$50. The most inexpensive puppy clothes go for $10-$15, while midrange puppy clothes cost about $15-$30 and high-end puppy clothes vary in price from about $30-$50.

Puppy clothes FAQ

Does your puppy need to wear clothes?

A. This depends on your puppy. Some puppies are happy to spend several hours outdoors in a snowy yard, while others like spending the winter months under a pile of warm blankets. The coat type on your puppy can play a huge role in determining their preference. Puppies with long, dense coats keep warmer than ones with short, sparse coats, but some puppies simply tolerate the cold better than other dogs.

Your puppy might benefit from wearing clothing in the house on cold autumn or winter days, especially if you notice them hanging out near the radiator, burrowing under blankets, feeling cold to the touch or shivering. Sweaters and other clothes are perfect for walks on days when a raincoat or a thick coat is not warranted.

Why should you get your puppy a sweater rather than a coat?

A. Dog sweaters tend to be lighter than dog coats, so they are better for inside use. Even if it’s very cold outside, a coat is probably too warm for your dog if you have the heat on. Dog coats also have buckles and zippers that can dig into your dog’s fur and skin when they lie down. Sweaters are typically more comfortable for relaxing in the house.

How should you wash your puppy’s clothing?

A. Most puppy clothes are machine washable, and some can be tumble dried, while others must be air dried. Read the clothing label for instructions about washing and caring for the clothing.

What are the best puppy clothes to buy?

Top puppy clothes

Blueberry Pet Classy Striped Dog Sweater

What you need to know: This cozy turtleneck sweater is perfect for keeping your puppy warm while lounging in your home.

What you’ll love: This product comes in several sizes and colors and is ideal for deep-chested and long-bodied puppies. It also features a hole for the leash and a snug and soft fabric that doesn’t droop around the neck.

What you should consider: The sleeves of this sweater run long for some shorter puppy breeds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top puppy clothes for money

KoolTail Plaid Dog Hoodie

What you need to know: This fun and cute puppy hoodie offers plenty of warmth, whether your dog is outside or inside.

What you’ll love: This product accommodates leashes and doesn’t restrict your puppy’s movement. The hoodie is also made of top-quality, machine-washable fabric and has soft lining on the inside, and it’s built for outside adventures in the autumn.

What you should consider: Customers have several issues with the sizing of this hoodie.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FitWarm Knitted Sweatshirt

What you need to know: This warm and soft sweatshirt is an excellent indoor option that your puppy will love wearing around your home.

What you’ll love: This product is ideal for small puppy breeds and best for either short trips outside or indoor wear. It’s made of very soft fabric that’s comfortable to wear and keeps your puppy warm while they sleep or play around the home.

What you should consider: This sweatshirt doesn’t include a hole for your puppy’s leash, and it only comes in a single color.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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