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Which dog life jacket is best for the beach?

The best life jackets for dogs

Are you planning a day at the beach with your whole household, including your dogs? Keep your furry friend safe with a doggy life jacket. Like human life jackets, canine life jackets are flotation devices that keep dogs afloat should something go wrong while swimming.

It's essential to choose a quality dog life jacket that fits well and will do its job if necessary. We've listed our top dog life jackets to help you find the perfect option for your furry friend. 

Why should my dog wear a life jacket at the beach? 

Dogs are natural swimmers, so you might not think a dog life jacket is a necessary expense. But even the strongest swimmers can struggle in the ocean. Dogs can get swept out by tides and currents, and a dog life jacket can keep their head above water long enough for you to help them out of a watery situation.

While it's important to supervise your dog at the beach, it's not always possible to have your eyes on them every second. A dog life jacket gives you the peace of mind that your dog will be safe, even if they get into the water while you aren't looking. 

Best dog life jackets

Kurgo Surf n' Turf Dog Life Jacket

This highly durable dog life jacket stands up well to regular use. It has two handles, so you can easily pull your dog out of the water if necessary.

Sold by Amazon

Outward Hound Granby RipStop Dog Life Jacket

The bright orange hue of this life jacket makes your dog more visible from a distance. It has a couple of strong grab handles and also features a front float to keep dogs' heads above water.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

Frisco Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

A well-fitting dog life jacket that's easy to adjust and has a front float to keep your dog's head out of the water. Its ripstop material is highly durable.

Sold by Chewy

ZippyPaws Adventure Dog Life Jacket

With its bright red color and reflective stripes, you won't lose sight of your dog in the water. The front flat is perfect for keeping your dog safe in emergencies or for dogs who aren't strong swimmers at the best of times.

Sold by Chewy and Amazon

KONG Sport AquaFloat Dog Flotation Vest

This life jacket fits almost any dog, with sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. Although it's lightweight, it's highly effective at keeping dogs afloat. It comes in two high-visibility colors.

Sold by Chewy 

Coleman Dog Life Jacket

We love that this jacket comes in neon orange and neon yellow with reflective stripes for high visibility. It's durably made and has a supportive mesh underbelly to keep your dog comfortable.

Sold by Amazon

Outward Hound Neoprene Dawson Swimmer Dog Life Jacket

The neoprene material of this life jacket provides both buoyancy and thermal insulation. It has emergency lift handles and a front float to keep the wearer's head out of the water.

Sold by Chewy

EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device Life Jacket

Although somewhat on the bulky side, this life vest is highly effective at keeping dogs of all sizes safe in the water. It's contoured around the neck and made from heavy-duty polyester for durability. You can choose from two bright colors.

Sold by Amazon

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket

The Paws Aboard life jacket is both stylish and practical, with a range of colors and prints available. The breathable mesh underbelly helps keep your dog from overheating and makes the jacket lighter.

Sold by Amazon

Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

The stretchy neoprene material that this dog’s life vest is made from is cozy in cool water and comfortable to wear. We love that it's easy to get on and off, is reasonably priced and comes in five sizes.

Sold by Chewy

Outward Hound Standley Sport Dog Life Jacket

Your dog will have an excellent range of motion when wearing this lightweight life jacket, which makes swimming a breeze. It's made from strong ripstop nylon with a mesh belly that helps water drain away so your dog won't feel weighed down.

Sold by Amazon

Good2Go Dog Deluxe Floatation Vest

This life jacket for dogs stands out thanks to its super sturdy handles and all-around durability. It has a breathable mesh underside for comfort and comes in all sizes to fit most dogs.

Sold by Amazon

Queenmore Dog Life Jacket 

The shark fin on the back of this dog life jacket isn't just for fun; it also helps you spot your dog in the water from a distance. The jacket itself is well made with a front float and emergency handle.

Sold by Amazon.


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