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The best cat clothes

Finding safe, comfortable and cute clothes for your cat 

It isn't always as easy to find clothes for cats as it is for dogs, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Whether you're looking to dress your cat up, or you’re after clothing suited for bad weather or anxiety, there are some quality pieces out there that will keep your cat comfortable and cozy, all while looking adorable as ever.  

Things to consider when choosing the right cat’s clothes

Some outfits are necessary for a cat's comfort, while others are just cute. Sphinx cats, for instance, are mostly hairless and can often use sweaters to stay warm in chilly weather. Clothing can similarly protect cats with fine hair from sunburn if they are going to be outside for a long period of time, but it's important not to overheat them either. Consider your cat's fur, weather conditions and your cat's general response to wearing shirts, boots or hats before dressing them up. While it can be fun to dress them up, remember that their safety and comfort should come first. 

Best special use cat clothes

Pupteck Escape Proof Cat Harness Jacket

This lightweight harness functions as both a secure harness and a comfortable jacket when you and your cat go out walking or hiking. It's made from water-resistant Oxford cloth with a fleece lining and comes with a matching leash. 

Sold by Amazon

Mayamila Anti-Scratch Cat Boots (4 Pieces)

If your cat is prone to scratching at the vet or in the bath, then these feline silicone shoes should do the trick. They are durable, adjustable and designed to massage the cat's paws with their fit.

Sold by Amazon

DroolingDog Cat Fleece Vest

This fleece vest is perfect for cooler days when you want to make sure your cat is warm enough. It's a pullover made from quality soft materials, featuring a convenient leash hole.

Sold by Amazon

Suitical Recovery Suit for Cats

This bodysuit allows for air to circulate while at the same time protecting your cat's recent injury or surgery stitches. It is made from a breathable 4-way stretch fabric with built-in pockets for gauze. It is also machine-washable. 

Sold by Chewy

Thundershirt ThunderShirt for Cats

Suppose your cat gets anxious during thunderstorms or fireworks. In that case, this jacket made of polyester, rayon and spandex is designed to apply just enough consistent pressure to help them feel cradled and secure. It can help alleviate stress and anxiety induced by loud noises, unfamiliar situations or traveling itself.

Sold by Amazon

Best casual use cat clothes 

Joytale Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie and Bell

This cotton bow tie and collar combo is a great way to dress your cat up a bit, even if they don't like sweaters or costumes. It comes in over ten plaid color schemes with a little bell in the back.

Sold by Amazon

Evursua Striped Cat Sweater

This acrylic pullover sweater comes in three colors, several sizes, providing your cat with a little extra warmth and comfort on cooler days. It is soft, easy to put on, and can be worn both indoors or outside. 

Sold by Amazon

DangShunPet2 Plaid Cat Shirt

Here is a lightweight 100 percent plaid shirt with buttons and a cute little collar. It's not as heavy as a sweater and comes in three colors. 

Sold by Etsy

Bonaweite Hairless Cat Turtleneck

This soft and breathable cotton turtleneck is perfect for hairless cats who need extra protection against the elements. It has little sleeves in the front and comes in four soft-toned colors. 

Sold by Amazon

ThePetssential Personalized Silk Pajamas for Small Dogs and Cats

If you want to give your cat a luxurious look, then these silk pajamas make a statement. They come in blue or pink with white trim and can be embroidered with your cat's name. 

Sold by Etsy

StylishCatDesigns Norwegian Sweater for Cat

This knitted wool and acrylic sweater comes in a stylish tan, gray and white pattern with a little turtleneck. It's a cute and cozy option for your feline during the winter months. 

Sold by Etsy

FitFrenchie Matching Pet Owner Set

Here is a handmade outfit set that features a cardigan for you and a pullover sweater for your cat in a matching pattern. Read directions about sizing, as it is not the same as standard pet clothing sizes. The seller also does matching sets in different sweater and T-shirt styles. 

Sold by Etsy

Best cat costumes

Ehdching Cat Bat Wings

If your cat isn’t very fond of wearing costumes, but you love dressing them up, then these bat wings provide a simple and affordable solution. They are lightweight and Velcro around the neck for an easy fit. They are so easy to use that some cats don't even seem to notice they're wearing the wings. 

Sold by Amazon

Namsan Pet Sailor Outfit

This simple little costume isn't too bulky and comes with a small sailor's hat featuring an anchor design on the side and a small sailor collar. The pieces are made of cotton and Velcro closed for easy sizing. 

Sold by Amazon

Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume

Turn your car into a fierce lion with this pullover mane featuring little lion ears. The quality is good, and you can wash it by hand as needed before letting it air dry. 

Sold by Amazon

Frisco Taco Dog & Cat Costume

If your cat doesn't mind bulkier costumes, this soft taco costume comes complete with all the trimmings. It has straps and hooks for a secure fit and doesn't get in the way of a leash if you want to go walking around the neighborhood. It's a well-made costume but runs a little small, so you might want to size up. 

Sold by Chewy

CelebriT Thing 1 and Thing 2 Matching Cat Tank Tops

This lightweight cotton shirt is designed to look like the shirts worn by Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Dr. Seuss books. Each shirt is sold separately, which could be convenient if you just need one to match a dog or a child wearing a similar shirt. 

Sold by Etsy

SunnyshopbyOlesea Custom Pet Tuxedo

This cute little tuxedo top features a white shirt beneath a matching vest and bowtie set. It comes in several colors and can feature your cat's name on it. Hand-wash only. Do not dry clean. 

Sold by Etsy

AristocatHats Complete French Cat Outfit

This fashionable outfit comes with a cute red beret and matching ascot paired with a black and white shirt. It gives off great French vibes, and the hat includes an elastic strap that makes it look like the beret stays in place all by itself. 

Sold by Etsy

FitFrenchie Starbucks Barista-Inspired Pet Uniform

Dress your cat up like a Starbucks barista with this shirt/apron combo. The white cotton shirt and green apron complete with the logo are both part of one pullover piece. 

Sold by Etsy


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