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Best bird swing

Which bird swing is best?

Birds are active, curious animals that require toys, puzzles and cage accessories that appeal to their natural curiosity. Bird owners can enrich their pets’ lives with perches, ladders and swings.

A bird swing will give your pet a place to both rest and play. Swings, unlike stationary perches, give your bird the opportunity to exercise balancing skills they would use naturally in the wild while perching on blowing sticks and branches. The Roundler Pet Bird Swing is the best swing available for pet owners in search of a safe, simple swing for their small or medium bird.

What to know before you buy a bird swing

Swings are standard bird cage accessories. However, the safety and wellbeing of your pet mean that even these simple items warrant careful consideration. For bird swing options not described in this article, refer to the bird swing buying guide from BestReviews.


Select a swing that is sized appropriately for your pet. Your bird’s feet should be able to wrap comfortably around the swing’s perch, but it should not be so thin that the animal cannot grip it properly. Be sure that the swing has enough clearance to allow your bird to stand up straight while it is using the swing.


Bird swings come in many different materials. Swings made of plastic or wood are recommended. Keep in mind that your bird will likely chew on the swing. If you choose a wooden swing, select one thick enough to last even through rigorous chewing. Plastic swings should be strong enough to withstand chewing without breaking into small, potentially harmful pieces. Avoid swings made out of braided rope, as your bird’s claws could get caught in the material, leading to a potentially fatal injury.


Choose a swing that attaches to the top of your cage with a sturdy metal lock or chain. Birds are intelligent problem solvers and can quickly disengage most clips. A clip that screws tightly closed will deter all but the most persistent birds.

What to look for in a quality bird swing


Some bird swings come packaged with accessories such as perches, ladders or bowls. While these bundles can be a good value, be sure to check the included items for safety and quality to avoid paying extra for items that are not suitable for your pet.


Birds have excellent eyesight and are naturally attracted to bright, colorful items. A swing that includes multicolored pieces will engage your pet and encourage exploration. Bird swings are also available in muted tones for owners who prefer a more natural look or avoid dye.


Some bird swings include toys like hanging balls and beads to provide even more enrichment for your pet. Consider your bird’s toy preferences when selecting a swing, but don’t be afraid to introduce your pet to new experiences.


Birds are fragile animals and can become injured from items or materials that may surprise you. To avoid stuck claws, sore feet, pinched beaks and digestive issues, try to avoid the following:

  • Bells: Birds get their beaks pinched by the sharp metal inside cheaply constructed bells. These are hard to avoid, but you can easily remove them from most toys and accessories.
  • Braided rope: Braided rope can potentially snag your bird’s claws. It also poses digestive dangers for birds who enjoy shredding them.
  • Thin, brittle plastic: Cheap plastic can shatter into sharp pieces. Stick to more substantial materials that will be able to withstand your bird’s biting.
  • Sandpaper/concrete: These materials result in severe foot irritation. Avoid them entirely.

Bird swing tips

  • Encourage your bird to use its swing by placing or hanging treats on it in such a way that your pet has to use the perch to get to them.
  • Birds are very protective of their tail feathers. Hang your bird swing from an area in your pet’s cage that will allow it to perch on the swing without its tail feathers rubbing against other items or cage walls.
  • Keep your bird’s environment engaging by moving and rotating the items in its cage every other week.

How much you can expect to spend on a bird swing

Bird swings can cost anywhere from $5-$30 depending on their size, material and included accessories. 

Bird swing FAQ

Why doesn’t my bird use its swing?

A. Birds are individualistic, with each animal having its own personality and preferences. If you want to encourage your bird to use its swing, place some of its favorite treats on the swing in a manner that requires your pet to use the perch. Often, once a bird observes that a new cage item is safe, it will be comfortable using it going forward.

Are bird swings safe?

A. While there are always potential risks associated with any bird toy or accessory, bird swings are generally safe if sized appropriately, made out of nontoxic materials and attached securely.

Should I use a bird swing with a sandpaper perch?

A. No. Despite its popularity in pet stores, bird accessories covered in sandpaper are never recommended. While they appear tough and scaly, your bird’s feet can become sore and injured from rough sandpaper surfaces.

What’s the best bird swing to buy?

Top bird swing

Roundler Pet Bird Swing

What you need to know: This pack of two natural perches includes a pair of small, chewable toys.

What you’ll love: These natural applewood swings provide your pet with a good grip and safe, chewable material with no artificial coloring. Sturdy chains allow for safe hanging.

What you should consider: Due to the size of these swings, they are only recommended for small to medium birds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top bird swing for the money

HONBAY Wooden Bird Swing

What you need to know: This bird swing combines natural wood and colorful plastic beads.

What you’ll love: Colorful beads provide excitement for your pet while thick, natural wood pieces allow it to chew and peel bark. It includes an easy-to-use hanging clip.

What you should consider: This swing is only suitable for small birds, and it is recommended that you remove the bells from this item to avoid the risk of injury.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bonaweite Extra Large Bird Chewing Swing Toy

What you need to know: This giant, heavy-duty parrot swing is made of natural, chewable blocks.

What you’ll love: Suitable for medium and large birds, this swing uses thick, natural materials that will keep even persistent chewers occupied for hours. 

What you should consider: Braided rope is strung between the blocks on this swing, which may pose a hazard to your pet once exposed. Some users complain that their item arrived damaged from having been stored in a moist environment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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