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Best guinea pig bedding

Which guinea pig bedding is best?

Your guinea pig spends a lot of time in its home habitat, so you want it to be cozy and happy. Not all bedding is created equal, and some may even harm your guinea pig. You will want to use the best bedding that keeps them comfortable but also minimizes odors. 

There are several types of bedding available to use in your pet’s habitat. Many guinea pig owners prefer eco-friendly paper bedding because it’s highly absorbent, safe, and ultra-soft. That is why Carefresh Small Pet Bedding — Natural is our top choice for your pet.

What to know before you buy guinea pig bedding

Wood shavings

Wood shavings are one of the cheaper options available to use as guinea pig bedding. Woods that are safe to use for bedding are aspen, ash or kiln-dried pine. Sawdust is never an acceptable bedding option due to the large amount of dust, which can be hazardous to guinea pigs’ health.


Some guinea pig owners opt to use towels or linen to line their cage. This can be a reusable and environmentally friendly bedding option, but it’s not without its cons. This type of bedding is not as good at moisture control and needs to be changed more frequently or it will get smelly quickly. 

Paper bedding

Paper bedding is one of the softest materials that you can use for your guinea pig habitat. It offers some of the best odor control and has a very low dust content. This bedding is biodegradable and compostable as well. Not all paper bedding is created equal, and you should avoid using newspaper, as the ink will rub off on your pet. 

Fleece liners 

This type of bedding has become more popular recently because it is another reusable, environmentally friendly solution to lining your pet’s cage. The fleece is often paired with an absorbent layer or mat underneath, but it still has the same drawbacks as the cloth bedding: It requires more maintenance, and the odor control is minimal. 

Beddings to avoid

Never use cat litter for your guinea pig cage. It is not designed for the tiny feet of your pet. Avoid natural products like straw or corn husks, because they will not absorb urine or feces, and can create an unsafe habitat. 

What to look for in quality guinea pig bedding


The best guinea pig bedding will be comfortable and soft. Bedding that is too abrasive can harm your guinea pig’s feet by causing painful sores to appear. Paper bedding is generally more comfortable than wood shavings. 


It is essential that your guinea pig bedding is highly absorbent. Not only do your guinea pigs potty in their cage, but water bottles are also often prone to leaking. Wet bedding can make your pets sick, so the more water it can absorb, the healthier your pet will be.

Odor Control

No one likes a smelly cage, least of all your guinea pig. The best guinea pig bedding will control odor in between cage cleanings. Beware of scented products or wood beddings that have natural odor control, like cedar or pine, as these woods’ natural oils and scents can cause respiratory issues in your pet.

Dust-free/low dust

Guinea pig bedding with low to no dust is a great choice to use in your pet’s habitat. Guinea pigs are active, excitable animals that often run around and kick up loads of dust. This dust isn’t good for you to breathe in, and will also cause your pet respiratory issues. 

How much you can expect to spend on guinea pig bedding

As the size of your pet’s habitat varies, so does the amount of bedding you will need to use. Smaller packages of bedding cost around $6, larger ones can cost up to $20 and custom-made fleece liners can cost upwards of $100. 

Guinea pig bedding FAQ

Can my guinea pig eat its paper bedding?

A. Anything that goes into your pet’s cage may end up in its mouth. Not all piggies will eat their bedding, but be sure to monitor your pet to make sure it does not ingest large amounts of bedding.

How often should I change my pet’s bedding?

A. Your cage should be spot-cleaned several times a week. Spot cleaning involves targeting the high-traffic bathroom spots and replacing the bedding in that area. Aim to fully clean and disinfect your guinea pig cage at least once a week, including the cage, water bottle, bowls, toys, and houses. 

What are the best guinea pig beddings to buy?

Top guinea pig bedding

Carefresh Small Animal Bedding — Natural

What you need to know: This soft and fluffy bedding is not only comfortable but is highly absorbent and provides great odor control.

What you’ll love: Carefresh bedding absorbs up to three times more liquid than wood shavings and is made up of natural reclaimed paper, making it a very eco-friendly choice. It is also nearly 100% dust-free, and quite soft. 

What you should consider: This bedding needs to be changed every five to seven days or it will break down into a mushy substance.

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart, Amazon, and Chewy

Top guinea pig bedding for the money

GuineaDad Liner 

What you need to know: GuineaDad liners are a dust-free absorbent liner that is comfortable for your pet and easy for you to clean. 

What you’ll love: These fleece liners include a burrow pocket that allows your pet to follow its natural burrowing instinct. It’s made with high-quality materials that are very absorbent and safe to use in your guinea pig habitat.

What you should consider: The GuineaDad liners are quite expensive and require regular cleaning in a washing machine.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

What you need to know: This aspen bedding is kiln-dried with no additives, making it safe for use in your guinea pig cage.

What you’ll love: Aspen bedding is made from the shaved wood of logs, making it compostable and recyclable. It’s considered 99% dust-free and on the approved list of safe woods for guinea pigs.

What you should consider: Shaved wood bedding is not as comfortable for your pet as softer, paper-based bedding. 

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy and Amazon

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