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Best window awning

Which window awning is best?

On the surface, it may seem that awnings only add aesthetic value to your home or business and perhaps add some protection from the rain. However,  adding shade to your windows can prevent your home from becoming too hot and can lower your energy bill. If you like having sunlight streaming in but still want the benefits of an awning, some models can retract.

The best window awning is the IDM Worldwide Awning In A Box. It’s simple but highly effective, plus it retracts easily when needed.

What to know before you buy a window awning

Benefits of window awnings

Window awnings have many benefits.

  • Protection: It’s astounding how many things a simple window awning can protect you from. It can block ultraviolet light, which can damage your furniture and floors. It can protect against the rain, so you can keep water from pooling in your foundation. It can even save plants and windows from falling debris.
  • Aesthetics: Awnings don't always fit in with every aesthetic, but they come in various designs that make it easy to accomplish your desired look.
  • Savings: By simply adding shade over your windows, the interior of your house won’t become as hot. This means your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home, keeping your energy bills low.


The best — and most expensive — awnings use sensors to determine weather and conditions. These sensors then trigger the awnings to retract or extend to maintain optimal conditions.

What to look for in a quality window awning

Awning material

Awnings come in fabrics, polycarbonate or metal.

  • Fabric awnings have the widest range of styles and are usually affordable, but it’s the least durable and requires ongoing care.
  • Polycarbonate awnings are common due to their relative affordability and high durability, but it has limited designs.
  • Metal awnings are similar to polycarbonate and simply offer a different design option.

Size and shape

Window awnings are available in just about any size and shape you can imagine. However, that doesn't mean you can use any size and shape you want. A properly fitting awning should closely match the width and height of the window you intend to protect. You can also use multiples of the same awning to protect extra-wide windows if needed.

Fixed vs. retractable

Window awnings come in either fixed or retractable designs.

  • Fixed awnings are more affordable, but you can’t adjust them to match your needs. Strong weather can also rip them from their brackets.
  • Retractable awnings are costlier, but you can easily adjust them at any time. Some retract manually, while others use a motor.

How much you can expect to spend on a window awning

Window awnings typically cost between $50-$2,000-plus. Basic awnings cost less than $100, but some options aren’t durable enough to last. Most cost around $200-$500, with the best options starting at roughly $500 and increasing to the thousands

Window awning FAQ

Do awning windows have the same benefits as window awnings?

A. No. Awning windows (windows that open outward and upward) can still protect your home from moderate rain, but they don’t have the same UV and heat protection that window awnings offer.

Are canopies and awnings the same thing?

A. No. Canopies are structures unto themselves and use freestanding poles to hold up a roof of material. They are used to protect anything that needs protection, and most can be moved around with relative ease. Window awnings are objects that permanently attach to one location, typically over a door or window.

Are window awnings hard to install?

A. It depends on your tools and your experience with installing home goods. The good news is most awnings include detailed instructions and use light materials that make them easy to manipulate. Plus, you can purchase some awnings with expert assembly for an additional fee.

    What’s the best window awning to buy?

    Top window awning 

    IDM Worldwide Awning In A Box

    What you need to know: This retractable awning can protect your home or let in the light as you desire.

    What you’ll love: It’s 4 feet by 3 feet, made of acrylic and comes in eight colors, including black, blue and black-and-white striped. The side bars are made of powder-coated aluminum for durability, rust resistance and easy handling. You can install it against most wall materials.

    What you should consider: A few consumers had issues with the instructions, finding them difficult to follow. Others felt the awning didn’t feel very sturdy.

    Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

    Top window awning for the money

    FCH Window Awning Door Canopy

    What you need to know: This is perfect for a small window, or you can place multiple awnings side-by-side to cover a large area.

    What you’ll love: It’s available in two sizes: 3.3 feet by 3.3 feet or 3.3 feet by 2.5 feet. The design is minimalist and modern, with a choice of bracket and awning board color. The brackets and awning board can resist the elements for up to a minimum of five years.

    What you should consider: Customers in windy locations reported they had difficulty keeping this awning attached to their homes. Others had issues with confusing instructions or received damaged parts.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

    Worth checking out

    Awntech Slope Window Awning

    What you need to know: This awning comes in a variety of old-school designs for a lovely throwback aesthetic.

    What you’ll love: It’s available in seven widths from 3.4-10.4 feet and 15 designs, including various colored stripes. The woven acrylic material is weather-resistant, and its colors won’t fade. The arms are aluminum for stability and ease of installation.

    What you should consider: Purchasers reported the instructions were difficult to understand, and you can’t retract the arms.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Wayfair

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