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8 best funny garden gnomes

What are the best garden gnomes? 


Garden gnomes are an excellent way to add flair to your garden, backyard, home or office. Still, traditional gnomes may not fit your personality. Luckily, there are numerous zany gnomes. Funny garden gnomes are ideal for those who like to laugh, but there are a few things worth considering before buying one.

What to consider before buying a funny garden gnome

Garden gnome materials

  • Resin: Most wacky gnomes are made with resin. Resin stands up to inclement weather, although it may shatter if dropped. It is heavier than wood but lighter than materials such as concrete. 
  • Wood: Wood is lightweight and gives your garden a rustic look. Still, wood doesn't last as long as other materials.
  • Ceramic: This is a popular garden gnome material, although it is susceptible to wear and tear. Ceramic easily breaks if dropped.
  • Stone: This material is more common in traditional gnomes, although there may be a few funny stone gnomes. Stone is sturdy and stands up to inclement weather. Still, it is heavy compared to other materials.

Garden gnome styles

  • Animal-themed: Many feature gnomes riding and interacting with animals. Some gnomes sit atop dogs and cats, while others get eaten by them. The gnomes sometimes interact with dinosaurs, Bigfoot and other exciting creatures.
  • Relaxation-themed: Some gnomes embody life after retirement or during vacation. Many can be seen napping, swimming or having a drink.
  • Holiday-themed: In some cases, they are meant to be displayed during a specific time of year. Many holiday-themed gnomes feature accessories you can change to fit the season.
  • TV-themed: Many feature elements of popular television shows and movies. These are ideal for self-described geeks and fans of the shows.

Garden gnome sizes

Many gnomes stand around 10 to 12 inches tall. Some are compact and come in sets, and others stand much taller. Large gnomes may steal attention away from your garden, while smaller ones can be hard to see.

Funny garden gnome FAQ

What does a garden gnome represent?

A. Garden gnomes are meant to provide good luck and protection for your home and garden. Over time, they've evolved to be more decorative, funny and interesting.

Can cracked garden gnomes be repaired?

A. It depends on the crack's size and the gnome's material. Resin gnomes are generally easy to fix, since you can simply fill the gap with a resin epoxy glue and touch up the paint. Still, it may be easier to replace the gnome in many cases.

How much do garden gnomes weigh?

A. It depends on the statue's material. Stone gnomes are often heavy, although funny stone gnomes aren't common. Those made of resin usually weigh between 1 to 3 pounds, depending on their size.

Top funny garden gnomes

Top funny garden gnome with dinosaur

Sowsun Dinosaur Gnomes Garden Art

What you need to know: It's hand-painted and the dinosaur is fierce.

What you’ll love: Most people were impressed with the vibrant colors and intricate details. Many felt it was sturdy and loved the compliments they received on it.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said it is much smaller than advertised.

Sold by Amazon

Top funny garden gnome with alien

Funny Guy Mugs Garden Gnome With Alien 

What you need to know: It's hand-painted and made of stone resin. It's weather-resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors to bring some levity to your garden.

What you’ll love: The statue comes from a family-owned company.

What you should consider: The flagpole is made of cheap, delicate plastic.

Sold by Amazon

Top funny garden gnome with flamingo

Goodeco Pink Flamingo Garden Gnome

What you need to know: This fun statue features a gnome sitting on a flamingo.

What you’ll love: It stands around a foot tall.  It's waterproof and sun-resistant. You can buy it with a male gnome, female gnome or both.

What you should consider: Some received broken statues or reported them broken within a few weeks.

Sold by Amazon

Top seasonal funny garden gnome 

Jim Shore Gnome Greeter With Flowers

What you need to know: It features a cute gnome holding spring flowers and wearing a floral hat.

What you’ll love: It is brought to you by the folksy Heartwood Creek collection from artist, Jim Shore.

What you should consider: It's only about 7 inches tall.

Sold by Amazon

Top funny garden gnome with dog

Fun Express Shop Gnome Riding a Pug Statue

What you need to know: This is hand-molded and the dog is lifelike.

What you’ll love: It features intricate details and colors. Many were impressed with the statue's durability. 

What you should consider: It's smaller than most garden gnomes.

Sold by Amazon

Top funny 'Game of Thrones' garden gnome 

Big Mouth Inc. "Game of Gnomes" Garden Gnome

What you need to know: It features a gnome with a shovel sitting on the Iron Throne.

What you’ll love: The gnome seems determined to hold his spot on the throne. Many reviewers were impressed with the build quality and design. 

What you should consider: It's relatively light and less durable than other gnomes.

Sold by Amazon

Top funny garden gnome with yeti

Little Garden Gnomes Sasquatch Garden Gnome

What you need to know: It's a great choice for fans of Bigfoot and other cryptids.

What you’ll love: It features three small gnomes being carried by a Sasquatch. Most were impressed with its sturdiness. It's available in two sizes.

What you should consider: The Sasquatch is more prominent than the gnomes.

Sold by Amazon

Top funny garden gnome with cat

Mark & Margot Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue

What you need to know: It features numerous small gnomes and a large cat with a cape.

What you’ll love: It's sturdy enough to not fall over. It's also detailed and features vibrant colors. This is part of a larger set of cat-themed garden statues, making it ideal for those who want themed garden decor.

What you should consider: Some buyers received statues with a different cat design than what is pictured.

Sold by Amazon

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