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Best bird feeder pole

Which bird feeder pole is best?

A properly installed bird feeder fills your yard with all the color, joy and activity your neighborhood wildlife has to offer. Being able to easily observe birds in their natural setting gives you a greater appreciation of your local ecosystem and provides you with daily entertainment: their mating displays, squabbles and vocalizations.

However, to get the most from your bird feeder, you need to put it on a carefully selected pole. The Garbuildman Bird Feeder Pole offers a traditional look that installs easily and blends in with most yard decor, making it an excellent choice.

What to know before you buy a bird feeder pole

Bird feeder size and weight

With so many different types of bird feeders available, it’s important to select a pole that will work for the kind you want to use.

Most bird feeders can hang from a hook. They require little more than a sturdy pole anchored securely to the ground to prevent sagging or bending.

Heavy wooden bird feeders, though, are often attached directly to a post with a bracket on their underside. If you have this type of feeder, you need to purchase a compatible pole and its mounting hardware.

Bird species

If you plan on feeding large bird species such as jays or doves, consider the weight one or more of them will add to what your pole needs to support. Birds are social creatures, so choose a pole that can accommodate multiple visitors at the same time without bending.

If you intend to use a hummingbird feeder, you can be less selective. Not only are these feeders small and light, but the birds perch infrequently and aren’t heavy enough to pull your feeder pole off balance.

Mounting options

There are bird feeder poles and mounting options for almost any location. If you have the yard space, choose a basic pole, hammered directly into the ground. If you have less area to work with, some poles mount to the side of a deck or clamp to a railing or windowsill.

Location and visibility

Birds' sharp eyesight lets them identify both danger and food sources. Install your feeder and pole in an area visible to birds as they fly by. Place it away from trees and bushes so hungry birds can keep a close watch on their surroundings. Predators and squirrels may use surrounding shrubbery to sneak up on birds or steal their food.

What to look for in a quality bird feeder pole


Your bird feeder pole should include a sturdy anchor made up of at least two prongs. If the area where you intend to install your feeder has loose or wet soil, purchase a pole with more prongs for better stability. If you live in a dry, rocky region, you may need to take additional steps such as digging or drilling to make sure your pole is anchored securely.

Squirrel baffles

If you place your feeder in an area with a squirrel population, it won’t take them long to consider your bird feeder a free buffet. Select a feeder pole with a squirrel baffle to prevent these acrobatic creatures from driving away birds and making off with all of their food.

Hook options

Most poles have a single hook for hanging one bird feeder at a time. However, some poles have multiple hooks, which are great if you want to provide different food for different bird species. They’re also the most efficient, economical option if you have a collection of feeders you want to install in the same location.

Included feeders

Kits that include a pole and a feeder or two are ideal if you’re just getting started with bird feeding. These sets also let you experiment with different food types at the same time so you can quickly determine what your local birds enjoy most. 


Your bird feeder pole should be made out of steel, strong and resistant to rust. Plastic poles can become brittle from sun exposure. Wooden poles are less easy to maintain, decay over time and are easily climbed by squirrels, mice and raccoons.


While the animals and your feeders are the stars of the show, you can still express your own style through your bird feeder pole. Some poles have design features that give them the rustic look and feel of wrought iron. Others include whimsical touches such as leaves and branches that mimic the look of a tree.

How much you can expect to spend on a bird feeder pole

They cost $20-$30. Poles that feature multiple hooks, baffles and feeders can cost $50-$200.

Bird feeder pole FAQ

Will a squirrel baffle keep raccoons out of my bird feeder?

A. Probably not for long. While squirrels draw the most ire from bird lovers, a determined raccoon is almost impossible to keep away. Because they are heavy, strong and intelligent, they overcome obstacles with ease. To keep raccoons at bay, try using bird food spiced with hot pepper. 

What do I use to pound my bird feeder pole into the ground?

A. Use a sledgehammer to pound the pole’s anchor prongs deeply into the soil. If the ground is especially soft, you may be able to hammer it in with your foot.

Can I leave my bird feeder up all year?

A. Yes. One of the most rewarding parts of having a bird feeder is being able to observe migratory birds stopping by for a meal on their way to other parts of the world. Do some research into what bird species are seasonally present in your region so you can give them appropriate food all year long.

What’s the best bird feeder pole to buy?

Top bird feeder pole

Garbuildman Bird Feeder Pole

What you need to know: This thick, tall pole provides stability for those who want a traditional way to hang their bird feeder. 

What you’ll love: At 76 inches tall, it's higher than most others. It features five prongs for great stability and has an elegant hanging hook. Its steel construction makes it resistant to rust.

What you should consider: It's not strong enough for especially heavy feeders.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bird feeder pole for the money

Best Choice Bird Feeding Station

What you need to know: With six hooks and multiple accessories, this kit offers everything you need to bring your local birds into view.

What you’ll love: You can turn your yard into a bird oasis with this pole’s four included feeders and additional food and water trays. It's 89 inches tall and offers exceptional value for beginner bird lovers and veterans alike.

What you should consider: The feeders included in this kit are small and require frequent refilling.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Perky Pet Universal Bird Feeder Pole

What you need to know: This pole can accommodate a hanging feeder or mount to the bottom of a wooden one.

What you’ll love: Polished steel gives it a unique style. Its included hardware makes it ideal for those who prefer wooden feeders, and its installation sleeve sits deep in the ground to prevent it from being knocked over. 

What you should consider: You must dig a hole to install it, and its shiny, modern look is not for everyone.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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