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Best pencil grip

Which pencil grip is best?

Pencil grips are small attachments that help people grasp and use pencils easily, properly and with comfort. Writing by hand is an important fine motor skill and when developed properly, it ensures a functional grasp on the pencil. 

Pencil grips are particularly useful for people with small hands, young children in the early stages of developing fine motor skills, and people who spend hours each day writing and drawing. If you are looking for an assortment of pencil grips as a way to find which is best for your needs, take a look at the The Pencil Grip Premium Assortment 12-Pack .

What to know before you buy a pencil grip

Pencil grips are learning tools for young children and comfortable add-ons that reduce fatigue for adults, especially those with arthritis. To keep your pencil grips organized along with your pencils, a pencil case or pencil holder always comes in handy.

Types of pencil grips

  • The original pencil grip: The first pencil grip was designed to aid in the proper placement of the fingers for both left- and right-handed writers. Grips come in mini, standard and jumbo sizes.
  • Crossover grip: This grip has a wing on the front that prevents the thumb and fingers from wrapping over the pencil shaft, giving more control and increasing the writer’s comfort.
  • Grotto grip: This version also has a wing, but in addition, has molded slots for the thumb and index finger and an indentation of the bottom that rests the grip on the middle finger. It decreases pencil pressure and hand fatigue.
  • The claw grip: This design from the Center for Learning and Writing has three finger cups that can be used by both right- and left-handed writers and comes in three sizes. Claw grips eliminate the typical stress on joints and muscles, greatly reducing joint pressure and muscle fatigue. Another bonus is that this pencil grip works not only with pencils, but also with crayons, markers and paint brushes.
  • Firesara grip: This design has two finger cups and in place of the third on the claw grip, it has a ring for proper placement of the middle finger. Learners place their index finger and thumb in the cups and insert their middle finger in the ring. It helps the three primary writing fingers stay firmly connected to the pencil shaft.
  • Traditional triangle: The flat triangular sides make it easy to position the fingers properly and have the added benefit of not rolling off the desktop.

Although pencil grips were originally designed to teach young children how to hold a pencil properly, many adults like them because they are more comfortable to use than just a pencil alone. Some types are especially useful for arthritic fingers and people seeking comfort:

  • Classic foam: These simple tubes are cushioned to relieve pressure and add comfort.
  • Ergo: These are simple grips that make pencils and pens easy to handle because wider writing instruments are easier to hold for people with stiff joints. 
  • Comfort: These simple circular grips are made of super-soft foam that reduce gripping discomfort.
  • Write right stylus: This one is a tablet stylus with the gripper built in. It is symmetrical and so can be used by left- and right-handed writers. 

What to look for in a quality pencil grip


Look for pencil grips designed by doctors, kinesiologists, occupational therapists and educators who work with children day in and day  out.


The best pencil grips are comfortable to use, so look for grips made of soft materials such as gels and foams that have no ridges or sharp edges.


Little kids will sometimes balk at using pencil grips because they feel uncomfortable at first. Your children will be likelier to use pencil grips if they are colorful and eye-catching.


Most pencil grips are made to fit snugly around the barrel of a standard-width pencil. Take a closer look at pencil grips that can be used with pens, crayons, markers and all the instruments you and your children write and draw with.


Every pencil grip does not work equally well for every child and adult. If you choose an assortments of pencil grips, you will be able to experiment and find the ones best suited for you and your kids.

How much you can expect to spend on a pencil grip

Because they’re so small, most pencil grips come in sets, and the number of grips in the set is the main factor in their pricing. Expect to pay anywhere from $5-$35 for a set.

Pencil grip FAQ

What if my child says a pencil grip is uncomfortable?

A. Pencil grips are only uncomfortable because the child has been using their hand and finger muscles improperly. Learning to use the correct muscles in the correct way has a learning curve, but a short period of discomfort will pay off in many years of writing success. Kids don’t understand deferred gratification like adults do, so the best strategy is to be patient and encouraging. It also helps if you set an example by using them yourself.

How do I know which pencil grip to buy for my child?

A. Short of working with a pediatric kinesiologist, start with buying a selection that includes different designs. Encourage your child to play with the different shapes and colors as part of an adventure.

What's the best pencil grip to buy?

Top pencil grip

The Pencil Grip Premium Assortment 12-Pack 

What you need to know: These pencil grips were designed by a doctor to be used at home, in classrooms and in therapeutic sessions.

What you’ll love: You get two each of six designs: original, crossover, pinch, claw, bumpy and groovy. All are squishy grips for comfort and control, excellent for both righties and lefties and fit pencils, pens, crayons, markers and styluses.

What you should consider: They would be easier to keep track of if they were color coded.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pencil grip for the money

The Pencil Grip Pinch Grip Ergonomic Writing Aid

What you need to know: This grip fills the gap between grips that are highly structured and grips that provide more freedom.

What you’ll love: The open cups guide the fingers into the proper writing position and the center ridges prevent the fingers from crossing over. These grips train the muscles so that a proper grip is not only comfortable, but quickly becomes second nature.

What you should consider: These grips are made to work with regular pencils only.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Chrome Cherry Omni Grip Six Premium Pen and Pencil Grips

What you need to know: These silicone grips are designed specifically for those who do a lot of writing with pens and pencils.

What you’ll love: The tapered ergonomic grip has a rolling triangle for effortless handling, is textured for precise control and reverses to suit any style. The cushion prevents calluses and blisters and is easy for arthritic fingers to grasp and hold.

What you should consider: These grips fit most pens, but not all.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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