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Best Papyrus Christmas card

Which Papyrus Christmas card is best?

A favorite activity of many during the holiday season is filling out Christmas cards. The process of selecting your favorite design and personalizing each card with special messages for loved ones can bring lasting joy. When exploring available options, Papyrus boxed Christmas cards are a top choice. Made with the highest quality card stock, gorgeous images and inspiring seasonal messages, it is no surprise that Papyrus continues to be a favorite greeting card brand.

We've chosen the Papyrus Gold Glitter Holiday Christmas Tree as our pick for the Best of the Best Papyrus Christmas cards. Shimmery and full of ornate detail, this card is sure to dazzle everyone you send it to.

What to know before you buy a Papyrus Christmas card

Type of greeting/print

After setting up your Christmas light projector and putting up the Christmas tree, it is time to slip into your coziest pajamas and fill out Christmas cards. Before you can do this, you need to decide what Papyrus Christmas cards are your favorite. This brand excels in providing a wide array of beautiful greetings and designs. Styles range from traditional and elegant to bright and glittery. Browse available Papyrus boxed holiday cards to get a good idea of what greeting type and print you most enjoy.

Room for note/letter

Papyrus holiday cards come in a variety of sizes. Cards sold individually are often a bit smaller than those that come boxed. As you decide what style and size to purchase, consider each card's measurements. This is important if you are planning on writing a note or letter directly on the card. 

In addition to looking at the card's physical measurements, utilize the interior-preview option available on the online product detail page. Papyrus sometimes uses both interior pages for their pre-printed holiday messages. Ensure that these pre-printed messages will not limit space to the extent that you cannot include the type of note/letter that you're planning on writing. 

Your budget

No matter what option you go with, Christmas cards can get costly in a hurry. While you may want to send the most awe-inspiring style to as many people as you can, being realistic about your budget is important — especially around the holidays. Since there are numerous expenses to plan for during this time of year (including presents, food and decor), you may need to be strategic about your Christmas-card budget.

On top of the actual cost of the cards, one crucial consideration that many people forget about is the possibility of needing extra postage. Designs that are outside of the standard card measurements may require added postage. Multiplied over 20, 50 or more cards, you may end up paying far more than anticipated. Prior to buying your Papyrus Christmas cards, double-check the product description to see if the design requires added postage.

What to look for in a quality Papyrus Christmas card

Stunning artwork

Arguably, the No. 1 reason people purchase Papyrus brand Christmas cards is for their breathtaking artwork. Majestic portraits depicting decorated Christmas trees, snowy landscapes and other comforting scenes grace the front of every card. Designed to be widely appealing, these cards are appropriate to send to everyone on your Christmas-card list. 

High-quality paper

Another key characteristic of Papyrus cards is the high-quality paper used. Upon pulling one of these cards out of its envelope, the texture feels extra durable. Having this enhanced sturdiness allows individuals to preserve cards from their loved one for years to come. This is possible even if the card is adhered to a surface using tape over the holiday season.

Envelope lining

Further enhancing the magic of these lovely cards, Papyrus goes the extra mile by adding interior linings to many of the envelopes included in box sets. One popular design is their gold foil lining. Although this may seem like a minor detail, a beautiful envelope lining further elevates the Christmas-card opening experience for your friends, colleagues and loved ones. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Papyrus Christmas card

Individual and boxed Papyrus Christmas cards cost between $7 and $25.

Papyrus Christmas card FAQ

How do I know if my chosen card design requires extra postage?

A. The product description of each Papyrus holiday card often states whether you'll need to purchase added postage. To get an accurate estimate of how much the extra postage will cost, contact your local post office with the provided dimensions.

How many Christmas cards should I purchase?

A. If you're unsure about how many Christmas cards you should purchase, start by creating a complete list of everyone you know (personally and professionally). From there, narrow down the list so that you feel comfortable with the number of cards you'll be sending. 

What's the best Papyrus Christmas card to buy?

Top Papyrus Christmas card

Papyrus Gold Glitter Holiday Christmas Tree

What you need to know: Sparkling and full of glitz, this Christmas-card design is both elegant and full of outstanding detail.

What you'll love: Featuring a laser-cut Christmas tree with a gold glitter background, this card is bright and shimmery. On the tree, ornaments, snowflakes and other details provide ornate detail. Gems shaped like stars are placed around the top of the tree. Each box comes with eight cards and envelopes lined with gold foil. The message on the inside reads "Wishing you a joyful Christmas celebration and a wonderful New Year."

What you should consider: This is one of the more costly Papyrus Christmas card designs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Papyrus Christmas card for the money

Papyrus Magical Row of Holiday Christmas Trees

What you need to know: Budget-friendly and designed with exceptional artistry, this box set is a great choice for individuals who are sending out a large quantity of cards.

What you'll love: Watercolor trees, gold foil and sequins are used to create an artistic interpretation of a Christmas tree farm. Set under the twinkling night sky, and surrounded by snow, the card opens to the phrase "Sending special wishes for a very merry Christmas." Every box comes with 14 cards.

What you should consider: The front of the card is not as sparkly as some expect it to be.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Papyrus Mickey Mouse Tree

What you need to know: When sending individual Christmas cards, this Mickey Mouse Christmas tree card is the perfect design for the Disney fan in your life.

What you'll love: Sophisticated yet fun, this card features a Mickey Mouse-themed tree laid on top of a solid gold glitter background. Each tree decoration (such as the Mickey-ears Santa-hat topper) is three dimensional, adding extra texture and interest. The inside displays the message, "It's the perfect time of the year to send you wishes for a magical Christmas."

What you should consider: Sold as an individual card at just under $8, this is one of the most expensive Papyrus Christmas cards available. The product description also says that it may require extra postage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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