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Best cute pen

Which cute pen is best?

In the age of technology, the excitement and value of finding a quality, smooth-writing and cute pen might be lost on some people, but nothing beats taking notes the old-fashioned way: with a pen and paper. Cute pens are great because they come in a plethora of fun colors and designs while being completely functional. 

We all need and use office supplies, so why not find a cute pen that matches your personality? If you’re looking for cute pens that write well and are priced right, Leaf & Cici 30 Cactus-Shaped Roller Pens is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a cute pen 

Types of pens

There are five commonly used types of pens: 

  • Ballpoint: Using oil-based ink, ballpoint pens are probably the most common type of pen. The writing is lighter and the ink dries faster, doesn’t bleed through paper and is smudge-proof.
  • Rollerball: Rollerball pens vary from ballpoint pens because they use water-based ink and tend to write sharper and more vibrantly.   
  • Fountain: Utilizing what’s known as a metal nib, fountain pens produce writing from their internal ink supply. The ink cartridges are replaceable or refillable. 
  • Gel: Similar to rollerballs, gel pens only differ because they use gel ink. 
  • Felt-tip: Felt-tip pens utilize a mass of porous fibers that come together to form a writing tip. These fibers soak the ink and make the pen writing-ready. 

Ink color

Pens don’t only have to be used for writing. Some pens are great for drawing, art projects and even creating handmade presentations. Determining what color or colors of pen ink you’re hoping to use is important to distinguish depending on what your intended use is. 


Even though they’re universally owned and used, pens can be more expensive than you may think. Determining the type of pen you want and the money you’re willing to spend is a good starting point. 

What to look for in a quality cute pen 


How appealing you find one pen’s design versus another is subjective, yet a quality cute pen should have specific features that make it cute such as color, design or material.  


The size of a pen’s barrel determines if your hand cramps when writing with it. Thin-barrel pens can be anywhere from 15-25 millimeters in diameter, whereas medium and thicker pens are usually 25-33 millimeters in diameter or more. 


The grip of a pen depends on the material the pen is made from, the thickness of the pen and its shape. Cheaper pens usually include rubber grips, while higher-quality pens have the grip built into the pen’s barrel. 


Depending on personal preference, you may find you like a lighter or heavier pen. A pen’s weight impacts if the pen rests toward the front or back of the hand when writing. 

Ink bleed

It can be upsetting when you get a new pen that writes well and has all the bells and whistles you want, but when you go to use it, the ink bleeds through the page. Water-based ink pens tend to bleed the most. 

How much you can expect to spend on a cute pens

Cute pens can range in price from $6-$20 depending on the quality of the pen and how many pens come in a pack. 

Cute pens FAQ

What can you do when your pen runs out of ink? 

A. Many retailers sell ink replacements. If the retailer doesn’t sell ink replacements, other brands' ink barrels may fit, depending on the size of your pen. For example, if your pen’s tip is 0.38 millimeters, find a replacement in the same size. It’s worth noting that most cute pens are ballpoint or rollerballs and can last around 300 legal-size pages of writing. 

Is ink permanent?  

A. Yes, most pen ink is permanent. 

What ink color is inside cute pens? 

A. The most common ink colors are blue and black, but double-check the retailer's product description to ensure you’re purchasing your desired ink color. 

Are cute pens acid-free and archival safe?

A. When a pen is acid-free and archival-safe, it means the ink does not contain any acidic chemicals that may increase deterioration of photos or documents. Inks that are at a 7.0 pH level or are above are archival-safe. Check a product’s description to determine if the ink is safe to use on photos and documents. 

What's the best cute pen to buy? 

Top cute pen 

Leaf & Cici 30 Cactus-Shaped Roller Pens 

What you need to know: Shaped like cacti, these gel pens come in a pack of 30 and they have a 0.5 millimeter tip. 

What you’ll love: The barrel is made from soft PVC material. The pens are durable, refillable and write smoothly. They come with a snap closure to prevent the ink from drying out.

What you should consider: These pens should not be left in high temperatures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cute pen for the money

MagiDeal KitMax Candy Color Lollipops Gel Pens

What you need to know: These pens are shaped like lollipops.

What you’ll love: These pens come in an eight-pack with a 0.38 millimeter tip size. The ink is black and they write smoothly. They’re a good choice for goody bags or other novelty uses. 

What you should consider: The colors of the lollipop heads on the pens may vary. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out 

Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Design Collection Gel Pens

What you need to know: Pilot’s Erasable Design Collection comes with five pens in five colors: black, marine royal, lavender, burgundy and salmon. The gel pens have a thicker tip at 0.7 millimeters.    

What you’ll love: These retractable pens are erasable, so you can write and erase as much as needed. They write smoothly, erase easily and utilize a unique, thermo-sensitive gel ink formula.

What you should consider: The pen’s writing can disappear on paper if it’s left in a hot temperature for too long. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

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