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Best budget desk organizer

Which budget desk organizer is best?

Desk organizers are essential to any office, especially home offices where space may be tight. There are many different types of desk organizers that look professional and will fit your budget. If you are searching for a desk organizer that will simplify your life without emptying your wallet, the Deco Brothers Desk Supply Organizer Caddy is the top choice because of its many compartments.

What to know before you buy a budget desk organizer


Budget desk organizers come in various sizes to suit any space. If you need to arrange small office supplies like paper clips, pens, and staplers, focus on a more compact desk organizer so you don’t waste valuable space. It’s always essential to check the dimensions of the organizer to make sure it is the right size for your desk and materials. Take time to measure your desk beforehand, and consider the length, width, and height. These measurements are especially for desks that sit under shelves and may not have enough space for a tall organizer.

Materials and colors

Choosing a desk organizer that matches your style can be fun and exciting. And you can easily find something that’s both functional and fashionable. Desk organizers come in a variety of materials and colors, so you can match your room decor and your supplies. Manufacturers usually make organizers out of wood, mesh, or plastic. You can find them in traditional colors like black, white, and silver, or more fun hues like bright blue or pink. Bold colors can enhance the aesthetic of your workspace which can make your office or desk more appealing. It’s also a great way to spruce up your child’s study space. They might even be a bit more inclined to start their homework if they reach for a pencil from a festive desk organizer. 


Desk organizers must be durable enough to withstand long-term use. Make sure the drawers and trays slide easily, and that the cups and dividers stay in place. If you work in a home office that’s a bit more private, you can choose a more fragile model if you wish. For busy workplaces like shared office spaces and classrooms, you’ll need an organizer that can stand up to occasional drops and bumps.

What to look for in a quality budget desk organizer


Desk organizers have compartments you can open or close. If you need easy access, you might choose an organizer with cups to hold pens, pencils, and scissors. Some organizers have file dividers to make filing easier, while others have slots for papers and folders.

If you use your organizer for storage, you might choose one with drawers that are close to protect your materials. This also creates a neat, clean look. Many organizers have both open and closed compartments.

Removable features

Some budget desk organizers have removable features like trays and cups. These features make the organizer portable to a degree. For example, if you need to bring your papers from one room to another, simply place them in the tray, pull the tray out, and carry it with you. Portable parts are a great feature for classrooms as well. Teachers may need to move their art supplies from room to room, which is easier when you can remove a cup from the organizer. 

How much you can expect to spend on a budget desk organizer

Budget desk organizers cost between $20-$35. However, you can often find them on sale for as low as $12. Wooden organizers tend to be more expensive than plastic and mesh ones. 

Budget desk organizer FAQ

Do desk organizers come fully assembled?

A. Depending on the brand and style, there is usually a bit of assembly required. This usually consists of attaching features like trays and cups to the main organizer. Assembly rarely requires any tools. Check the product description beforehand so you know ahead of time if you need to put your desk organizer together once it arrives.

Do desk organizers come with supplies?

A. No. You will have to buy all of your desk supplies separately.

What are the best budget desk organizers to buy?

Top budget desk organizer

Victor Wood Midnight Black Collection

What you need to know: This organizer features a hybrid of open and closed drawers. It has a sleek, professional look that’s great in any office.

What you’ll love: It has four top shelves for filing paperwork, books, and folders. The large drawer hides smaller supplies and makes organization easy. A sliding door covers the file shelves, which creates a neat and tidy appearance.

What you should consider: This desk organizer is a bit more expensive than the other desk organizers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top budget desk organizer for the money

Deco Brothers Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy

What you need to know: This popular model is perfect for those who need a desk organizer for smaller spaces.

What you’ll love: The four compartments are perfect for pens and pencils. They come in silver or black and easily match your style and decor.

What you should consider: Some customers say their product arrived damaged.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mindspace Office Desk Organizer

What you need to know: The classic design of this organizer is ideal for both students and professionals.

What you’ll love: Store supplies in the built-in drawer. The large, open bin holds all of your papers, notebooks, and files. Place your smaller supplies in the easy access bins on top. This organizer comes in black or silver.

What you should consider: It does not have a filing system and is smaller than other brands.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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