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Best Sharpie products

Which Sharpie products should I buy?

Sharpie permanent markers are one of those products that everyone seems to have in their drawer. After all, their never-quit-ink outlasts the competition by years, if not decades. If you’re one of many loyal Sharpie marker fans, it’s worth exploring other products the company has to offer. 

Sharpie boasts a broad range of products that now include pens, highlighters and specialty markers. They’re available in countless varieties to cover all your writing needs — whether it’s making garage sale signs or labeling moving boxes.

What to know about Sharpie products

Characteristics of Sharpie products

Sharpies are best known for their long-lasting ink that stays vibrant and visible for years. The ink dries quickly and is smear-resistant, plus it resists fading when it’s exposed to water or the elements. Sharpie products are also known for their long lifespans, particularly those of their markers and highlighters. Once they’re opened, their ink may stay wet and opaque through two or three years of use. 

Varieties of Sharpie products

While most people are familiar with classic black Sharpie markers, there are several varieties that feature different colors, tip styles and thicknesses. 

  • Colors: Sharpie markers, pens and highlighters are available in 49 colors, which include a broad range of classic colors, metallics, pastels and neons. 
  • Tip styles: The most common tip shapes for Sharpies are round, chisel, brush and fine. 
  • Thicknesses: In addition to slender Sharpies that produce finer lines, such as fine-point, ultra-fine point and medium-point tips, there are some that have wide or extra-wide tips that create thicker lines. 

How many Sharpies come in a pack?

Most Sharpie products come in deluxe packs that include between six and 36 pieces. These packages either include markers, pens and highlighters in the same color, or they include a variety. Sharpie’s specialty collections, which boast diverse color assortments, typically have between 72 and 115 pieces. 

How to remove Sharpie marker stains

One of the best features of Sharpies is their everlasting ink. However, if Sharpie gets somewhere it shouldn’t, such as clothes or furniture, it may prove challenging to remove. There are few products that may diminish Sharper marker stains, but it usually depends on the material type and how dark the mark is. 

Many people recommend using alcohol-based products, like hairspray, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. This method typically involves blotting a hairspray-saturated cotton ball onto the material until it lifts the stain. Once it’s mostly lifted, you can launder the material to remove what’s left. Unfortunately, this stain-removal process has mixed results. 

Other people have removed Sharpie stains from certain materials, like cotton or polyester, with milk. With this method, the stained material is soaked in milk overnight; however, the material may need to be soaked a couple times with fresh milk before an improvement is seen.

How much are Sharpie products?

Sharpie sets of 12 or fewer markers, pens and highlighters cost around $10. Sets featuring specialty products or diverse color assortments range between $12-$25. The most expensive Sharpie products, priced $28-$50, include deluxe sets of 36 pieces or more.

Best Sharpie products

Sharpie permanent markers

Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers

This classic set includes 12 black fine-point Sharpie markers that write on most surfaces, including paper, metal, plastic and most other surfaces. The slender markers are comfortable to hold and securely clip onto pockets when they’re not in use.

Sold by Amazon


Sharpie King-Size Permanent Markers

With an extra-wide chisel tip, these Sharpie markers are ideal for labeling large items or drawing murals. The sturdy felt tip won’t shred, even when you’re writing on uneven textures like wood or stone.

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers

If you need versatility in your designs, these unique twin-tip markers are ideal. The marker has fine and ultra-fine tips, both of which allow ink to glide across most surfaces. Available in a set of 12, the markers are popular for office and creative use.  

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Sharpie pens

Sharpie Fine-Point Felt-Tip Pens

Enjoy rich, opaque ink with these Sharpie felt-tip pens. While the ink is bold, it won’t bleed through most paper. The pens create fine lines that are sharp and precise, which is why they’re often used for creative lettering or journaling. 

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie S-Gel Medium-Point Gel Pens

These retractable Sharpies are popular among those who appreciate traditional pen designs. Their smooth gel ink is no-bleed and smear-resistant, which means users get clean lines every time. 

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie Rollerball Needle-Point Precision Pen

Well-received for their sleek, upscale design, these rollerball Sharpie pens create ultra-thin lines for precision writing with 0.5 mm needle-point tips. The pens have shiny silver clips, which gives them a business-professional appearance. 

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Sharpie highlighters

Sharpie Liquid Retractable Highlighters

With a retractable design, these non-toxic Sharpie highlighters are quick and convenient for marking up documents. The set includes eight different colors, which makes color-coding simple. 

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie Tank Highlighters

For those who prefer traditional highlighters, these Sharpies have thick barrels and classic chisel tips. The box includes 12 long-lasting, smear-resistant highlighters in six assorted colors. 

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie S-Note Creative Highlighters

Creative highlighting or note-taking projects are well-served by this 12-count Sharpie set that includes a dozen unique colors, like lavender and light pink. The highlighters have two-in-one chisel tips so you can alternate between thick and thin lines.

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie markers for creative use

Sharpie Permanent Markers Ultimate Collection

If you’re looking for a diverse assortment of colors and tip styles, this 72-count box is one of the top options to consider. It includes 32-fine- and 29 ultra-fine-point markets, five luminous neon markers and six metallic markers. 

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie Fine-Point Metallic Permanent Markers

These silver metallic Sharpie markers create bold lines and letters on dark-colored paper and posters. Like other Sharpie markers, the ink is opaque, quick-drying and fade-resistant.

Sold by Amazon

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers

When it comes to versatility, these oil-based Sharpie markers take the cake. They’re formulated to write on unique surfaces, ranging from rocks to specialty paper to windows. The set features versatile medium-point tips and high-contrast colors. 

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