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Still working from home? Here's everything you need for a top-notch Zoom meeting

What do you need for a top-notch Zoom meeting?

Working from home can seem a bit chaotic at first, but hopefully, after about a year in the house, you’ve slowly found a rhythm that works for you. If you aren’t going to work in an office soon, it might be time to upgrade to a more permanent work-from-home configuration. It’s important to note that the amount of space matters less than how it’s creatively configured. Creative configurations can help promote better Zoom calls along with the use of proper lighting options and both comfortable and practical furniture. A proper workspace in the home can help provide a sense of control and order that promotes the best quality of work. 

What is Zoom?

Zoom provides the ability for people to communicate and connect using video conference technology. Zoom offers both a free service and a paid option that provides additional services and tools that are more extensive than the free version. You can use Zoom through either a downloaded application on a smartphone or a standard web browser you can access from a computer such as a laptop. 

Are there other programs that are similar to Zoom?

Several companies offer video call capabilities, but overall, Zoom has gained impressive attention and market traction since people began working from home. Companies that also similarly provide video calls are companies such as Google Meet and Adobe Connect.

Best lights for a Zoom meeting from home

Proper lighting is imperative to presenting and communicating during a critical video meeting. Improved lighting makes you more visible to the audience and improves the overall visual quality of the call. You can place or clip lights at the top of a laptop or with a stand such as a tripod. The additional light also adds a level of professionalism and literal clarity that is also ideal for recording videos or even teaching online lessons. 

Neewer Ring Light Kit

This LED ring light is about 18 inches tall and includes a dimmable feature. A light stand is included in the set and it can be adjusted to be 19 inches to 59 inches in height. This kit also includes a bag to ensure that the light and additional items are more easily portable.

Sold by Amazon

Sensyne LED Circle Lights with Phone Holder

This ring light is 10 inches and ideal for creating the perfect lighting for different activities such as video calls and videos. The light includes multiple features such as three different light color options and up to 10 different levels of ring brightness. The ring has the option for both remote-controlled adjustments and manually controlled changes to get the lighting correct for every activity. 

Sold by Amazon

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder for Live Stream

This black ring light comes with three different options for colors that can also be adjusted by more than 11 brightness levels. This kit also includes an adjustable tripod stand and phone holder that can successfully accommodate most smartphones. This ring light uses a USB port from an item such as a laptop for a source of power.

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Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit

This LED light can be attached to the top of a computer and is powered by a USB port, which is a convenient power source when the light is used in combination with an item such as a laptop. The light can be adjusted between five different light intensity levels and comes with three light color options.  

Sold by Amazon

Best desk chairs for a Zoom meeting from home

A proper desk chair can help provide some much-needed back support during meetings that tend to run longer. Desk chairs are also ideal for video conferences such as Zoom meetings due to their often adjustable nature makes it easier to angle the chair into the screen’s view. 

Flash Furniture Executive

This ergonomic desk chair comes in multiple colors, such as dark gray and orange. The chair includes three levers to reach the ideal position and achieve maximum comfort. It weighs over 30 pounds and is designed with commercial endurance quality in mind.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Office Star ProGrid

The black swivel office chair comes in both high-back and mid-back options to best fit personal needs. The chair weighs a little over 50 pounds and can hold up to around 250 pounds. It’s designed with lumbar support and can spin in a circular motion to help access even the furthest corner of the desk.

Sold by Amazon

Best bookshelves for a Zoom meeting from home

Bookshelves are large items that are multi-purposed as they can serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Bookshelves are ideal in the pursuit of adding much-needed storage to a new home office or work-from-home desk nook. Additionally, bookshelves can help to frame a space or better partition a room. It is also useful for a Zoom call as it adds depth to the background of your room and can also keep the focus away from other sections of the room.

OIAHOMY Industrial Bookshelf

Bookshelf comes in two color options, such as classical wooden and vintage pine. It measures over 65 inches in height by almost 30 inches in width and nearly 13 inches in diameter. The unit can support around 130 pounds due to a combination of metal and MDF board.

Sold by Amazon

Sunon Collection Wood Bookcase

The bookcase comes in styles such as four shelves and five shelves and comes in various colors to accommodate both aesthetic and storage needs. It’s advised to listen to the instructions during the assembly process, given the nature of the connectors. The bookcase is 36 inches wide by just under 60 inches in height and includes some adjustable shelves.

Sold by Amazon

FURINNO Jaya Simply Home 5-Shelf Bookcase

The bookshelf is made from wood material and comes in five shelves and three shelves options with various color possibilities. This bookshelf spans over 70 inches tall and a little over 24 inches in width.

Sold by Amazon


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