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Amazon expands its own brands before Prime Day

Ahead of Prime Day 2021, Amazon builds up its electronics and pet brands 

With Amazon’s announcement this week that Prime Day will arrive on June 21-22, the e-commerce giant is gearing up for their biggest pushes of the event: pet products and Amazon-owned electronics.

Amazon has ramped up its offerings in recent years by developing new products and acquiring top-performing brands on its platform. Given the uptick of pet ownership during the pandemic, along with sizable investments in home entertainment, Amazon is prepared to give consumers what they want this Prime Day — at deep discounts.

If you’re thinking of investing in either of these product categories on Prime Day, here’s everything you need to know to score the best deals later this month.

How consumer trends are affecting Prime Day 2021

The pandemic saw notable changes to consumer behavior, namely more investments in home entertainment, work devices and products that made shelter-in-place more comfortable.

Additionally, more time at home resulted in an uptick of pet product sales due to a modest increase in pet adoptions and fostering. According to Liberty Mutual’s “Pets in a Pandemic Report,” nearly 30% of pet owners welcomed a new pet in 2020. 

Amazon took note of last year’s shopping trends and came away with a clear understanding that many consumers have entered “phase 2” of pandemic shopping in the pet and electronics categories:

  • Consumers that put off upgrades last year are ripe for new devices this year, especially with several next-generation devices hitting the market in recent months.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs that benefited from PPP loans may be looking to invest some of their money in premium office electronics, like tablets or mesh Wi-Fi systems.
  • Pet owners that adopted puppies or kittens may be preparing for their pet’s transitions into adulthood at this point. As a result, there’s a new need for pet toys, food and travel accessories that are age- and level-appropriate.
  • Some pet owners are finally gearing up for a return to the office. A heavy focus on training pets to ease separation anxiety may see more investments in training devices, treats and pet beds.

How to track deals for pet products and electronics on Prime Day

To stay on top of deals for pet products and electronics on Prime Day, shoppers will need an Amazon Prime membership. Not only does it grant access to early and Prime-exclusive deals, but members also enjoy the perks of free shipping and easy returns on millions of items. 

As far as finding out whether a Prime Day deal is worth it, consumers can compare prices on CamelCamelCamel, a free Amazon price tracker. Shoppers can view product prices as far back as one year or more. 

Alexa devices keep Prime Members in the loop for deals, too. Shoppers can add the Prime Insider skill to Alexa devices and ask, “Alexa, what’s my news?” to hear Prime-exclusive deals.

What to expect from pet products on Prime Day

Considering how much was spent on pets in 2020 — which amounts to $103.6 billion according to American Pet Products Association — it's no surprise that consumers want to save big on this category on Prime Day. 

Prime Day may see big sales on pet food and treats, making it worthwhile to stock up while prices are low — especially on Amazon pet brands like Kitzy and Wag. Higher-priced pet items, like premium litter boxes or pet cameras, could drop to their lowest prices of the year.

Amazon pet food and treats

Kitzy Dry Cat Food markets itself as a nutrient-dense, high-quality formula with “real meat” as its first ingredient. 

Ideal for puppies and older dogs alike, Wag Training Treats for Dogs have a soft, chewy texture and come in a convenient resealable bag.

Made with real salmon, Wag Dry Dog Food is a high-protein formula free of preservatives and artificial flavors. 

Wag Dental Chews, which come in four sizes, help reduce plaque and tartar while keeping breath fresh and clean. 

Popular pet accessories

Keep in touch with your dog when you’re not home with Furbo Dog Camera, a live-streaming pet camera that dispenses treats at your command. 

Given its fibrous cardboard texture, SmartCat Pioneer Ultimate Scratching Post won’t snag nails like carpeted posts. It’s viewed as an engaging, stimulating scratch post.

Popular for travel or home use, Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier offers 360-degree ventilation and comes with clip-on food and water bowls. 

Save carpets and floors during puppy training with Amazon Basics Odor-Control Puppy Pads, whose inner carbon layers absorb liquids and neutralize odors.  

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Habitat N’ Home Litter Loo is an attractive abode for cats that like privacy. It’s easy to assemble and works well in small spaces.

Amazon-owned electronics to pick up on Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day push for branded electronics may be part of what Consumer Technology Association predicts to be a 2021 tech-spending spike to the tune of $461 billion. CTS attributes the spike, in part, to increasing interests in digital health, gaming and remote work. 

Fortunately, Amazon has these categories covered. Some consumers may be attracted to the affordability of entry-level devices that are expected to be at deep discounts. Others may use Prime Day to splurge on premium Amazon devices that are finally within their budgets. 

Amazon Kindles

Amazon Kindle, an affordable entry-level e-reader, offers a comfortable reading experience indoors and outdoors and has an adjustable reading light. 

Appreciated for its durable and ergonomic design, Amazon Kindle Oasis has a 300 PPI display and IPX8 waterproof rating for easy poolside and tub reading. 

Amazon Fire Tablets

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is a new-and-improved model featuring a faster processor with 50 percent more RAM and 12-hour battery life.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet comes with a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which gives access to 20,000 apps, games, e-books and audiobooks. 

Amazon Echo and Alexa devices

Echo Studio is a high-fidelity smart speaker praised for its robust sound that fine-tunes playback to achieve optimal sound. 

The latest-generation Echo Show 5 is a capable home hub that lets users stream, video chat or display interactive photo albums.

A kid-friendly smart lamp, Echo Glow sets reading timers or creates customized light shows for dance parties, bedtime or meditation.

Amazon Fire TV devices

As the most powerful Fire TV streaming device to date, Amazon Fire Cube lets users sync compatible TVs, soundbars and other supported A/V devices from leading brands.

Affordable yet capable, Amazon Fire Stick 4K delivers brilliant pictures from over 500,000 movies and TV shows through subscription streaming services. 

A convenient all-in-one device, Toshiba 32 Inch Smart HD Fire TV has built-in Alexa for easy voice control and navigation of the TV and other Alexa-enabled devices. 

Ring Doorbells

Newly updated for 2021, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is equipped with a higher definition of 1539p, more accurate motion detection and heat-to-toe viewing. 

For security around the home, Ring Indoor Cam lets users see, hear and speak to people and pets from phones, tablets or Echo devices. 

Amazon smart home accessories

Ideal for reliable streaming, Amazon eero 6 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router leverages TrueMesh technology to intelligently route traffic to avoid dead spots and buffering. 

Amazon Smart Plug is an affordable, convenient way to turn almost any appliance or device into an Alexa-enabled device. 


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