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Best Sun Joe pressure washer

Which Sun Joe pressure washer is best?

As anyone who has done so can tell you, using a pressure washer is a satisfying experience. These handy cleaning tools are great for everything from brightening up stained driveways and sidewalks to rinsing your car off after a wash.

Sun Joe makes a wide range of quality pressure washers. Their best offering is the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Pressure Washer, thanks to its powerful output, detergent tanks and included nozzle tips.

What to know before you buy a Sun Joe pressure washer

Why choose a Sun Joe pressure washer?

When it comes to the world of power tools, choices are abundant. The seemingly endless variety of expensive commercial options makes selecting the right equipment challenging for all but the most experienced users.

Sun Joe’s line of pressure washers and accessories makes tool shopping simple. Economical and easy to operate, they're perfect for leveling up your cleaning efficiency without breaking the bank.

What you can clean with a Sun Joe pressure washer

Pressure washers lend themselves to almost any outdoor cleaning task. Typical pressure washer jobs include:

  • Window washing.
  • Blasting mildew and dirt off outdoor furniture.
  • Cleaning wooden fences, decks and playgrounds.
  • Restoring exterior brick and cement features on your home.
  • Rinsing garage floors.
  • Removing algae from the sides of swimming pools.
  • Cleaning the tires, wheels and undercarriage of your vehicle.
  • Removing grease and burned food from gas or charcoal grills.

Pressure washer parts

Pressure washers are made up of six basic components.

  • Water inlet: Pressure washers include an inlet for attaching a water source, usually a garden hose.
  • Motor: A pressure washer’s motor provides power to its water pump.
  • Pump: The pump pressurizes the water running through the machine.
  • Hose: Connected to the pump, the hose carries pressurized water to a hand-held attachment.
  • Attachment: From spray guns to scrubbing brushes, many attachments can be fitted to the end of your pressure washer’s hose.
  • Nozzle: Nozzles are used to change the shape and intensity of your pressure washer’s water output. Most machines come with a selection of nozzles you can swap out to suit the job. Some have a single nozzle that you simply twist to select the stream you prefer.

What to look for in a quality Sun Joe pressure washer


The power of your pressure washer is described in pounds per square inch. A higher psi delivers a more powerful jet, but the tool’s cleaning ability is also determined by the type of nozzle you are using and your distance from what you are washing.


Select a pressure washer that is light enough to move easily. Keep in mind that portable pressure washers include batteries and a water storage tank that greatly increases their weight. Almost all pressure washers include wheels that roll smoothly along even surfaces.


Nozzles let you adjust your pressure washer's water jet to accommodate different tasks. To get the most from your machine, select one that includes as many nozzle options as possible. 

Total Stop System

Sun Joe’s Total Stop System turns off the machine’s pump when you don’t have the trigger engaged. This saves power and prevents needless mechanical wear and tear.

Detergent tank

Some Sun Joe washers include one or more detergent tanks. These let you add soap to the pressurized water for enhanced cleaning.

Included accessories

Select a pressure washer that includes accessories such as brushes and wand extensions to get the best bang for your buck. These attachments open up new cleaning possibilities without requiring additional purchases.

Cordless operation

If you plan to use your pressure washer in a location where you won’t be able to plug it in, or simply wish to avoid tripping over power cables, select a cordless model powered by rechargeable batteries.

How much you can expect to spend on a Sun Joe pressure washer

Sun Joe pressure washers cost $100-$300.

Sun Joe pressure washer FAQ

Are pressure washers the same as power washers?

A. Unlike pressure washers, power washers heat the water inside them. Hot water cleans better and also kills weeds, moss and mold, making power washers a better option for industrial and commercial work.

What kind of detergent do I use in my pressure washer?

A. Only use detergents formulated for use in your pressure washer. Adding chemicals such as dish soap, glass cleaner or bleach to your pressure washer can damage parts of the machine.

Will a pressure washer take the paint off my car?

A. Powerful pressure washers can peel the paint off a car if used improperly. For cleaning automobiles, use a low-pressure nozzle and to keep the tip far enough away to prevent damage. Cars that are rusty or have chipped paint should not be cleaned with a pressure washer.

What’s the best Sun Joe pressure washer to buy?

Top Sun Joe pressure washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Pressure Washer

What you need to know: The best choice for most users, this pressure washer combines power and versatility.

What you’ll love: With five nozzle tips and two detergent tanks, this pressure washer includes everything you need to get cleaning. Its pump provides excellent power and the machine’s Total Stop System improves efficiency. It includes a 20-foot hose.

What you should consider: Some buyers feel that the included hose is too stiff.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top Sun Joe pressure washer for the money

Sun Joe SPX1000 Pressure Washer

What you need to know: This economical pressure washer packs decent power into a small package.

What you’ll love: At less than 12 pounds, this pressure washer is light and easy to carry. It includes a 20-foot hose and an adjustable nozzle to control the shape and strength of its sprayer.

What you should consider: This machine lacks replaceable nozzle tips and a way to neatly store its power cord.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Sun Joe 24V-X2-PW1200 Cordless Pressure Washer

What you need to know: You can leave the extension cords at home with this portable pressure washer.

What you’ll love: This machine includes two batteries and a charger for pressure washing anywhere. Its tank holds 6.6 gallons of water and can be removed for easy filling. This washer operates quietly and has an adjustable nozzle.

What you should consider: This machine is not as powerful as corded options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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