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The best corded electric tiller


Proper tools are required to create a well-manicured lawn and beautiful garden. A tiller is employed to break up soil and grass for planting, helping to keep your soil healthy by allowing for the movement of air, water, and nutrients. Electric lawncare machines are excellent for those with small or medium spaces, and the machines are easy to wield, store, and maintain. What’s more, corded options save you from having to charge and maintain batteries.

Our guide explains how corded electric tillers operate and details the ways to find the best one for your outdoor needs. At the end, you’ll find a few reviews of our favorites, including our top pick, Troy-Bilt’s 6-Amp Garden Cultivator, which is lightweight, compact and easy to use.



Most electric tillers are measured in amps, from as few as 3 amps to as many as 12 or 13. Note that while increased power helps with more troublesome soil, it also creates a heavier machine that’s more difficult to control. Match the power with the size and nature of the job.


The tines are the important metal forks that do all the literal dirty work. Note the following:

  • Number: Tines come in pairs, and more pairs allow for heavier-duty work but also require more maintenance and bring on more weight. Tillers with two pairs occupy a welcome balance of maneuverability, heft, and effectiveness and are most common.
  • Width: Machines where the width of the tines can be toggled as a unit provide versatility. Expanding the coverage is beneficial when tackling large chunks of land, while narrowing the focus is useful when navigating flowerbeds.
  • Thickness: Generally, thicker tines are better, offering more durability and longevity. Thin tines may wear down more quickly over time, especially if you’re not careful where you’re using the machine.
  • Shape: Most tines are straight, making it easy to break through ground and get deep. However, curved tines are great for cultivation and maintaining the soil once ground is broken. Some models employ different shapes to tackle various tasks.



The downward reach of the tines varies on models, with some as shallow as a few inches and other large tillers obtaining depths of eight inches or more. The type of plants you’re growing helps determine how deep you want to go.


Tillers may feature several components that can affect how easy or hard the machine is to use. Shields protect you from dirt and debris and may be plastic or made of something more durable. Some have handles that fold to aid in storage or feature comfortable grips. Certain models have clips to help corral and extend the cord, while most models include wheels to assist in movement.


Most corded electric tillers run from around $100 to $150. This range gives you options in terms of size, power, and depth. Generally, price increases with power.


Q. Are corded electric tillers safe to use?

A. Anytime you’re using a lawn care machine, it’s important to wear appropriate attire to protect your eyes, hands, and feet from dirt, dust, and debris. Always make sure the machine is off when clearing soil from the tines. Use only outdoor extension cords, and refrain from connecting more than one, as that can drop the power and hurt the motor. Also, stay hydrated and safe from the sun.

Q. Are electric tillers better than gas-powered ones?

A. Electric tillers use a more sustainable power source and are generally lighter in weight and smaller in size than gas-powered options. They contribute less noise and air pollution, and require little maintenance. They are best for small and medium-sized lawns as they don’t possess the higher power of gas machines.


Top corded electric tiller

Troy-Bilt’s 6-Amp Garden Cultivator

Our take: Compact, high-quality machine designed for tackling small and most medium gardens.

What we like: Lightweight and easy to start up and use. Four varied tines reach depth of five inches to break ground, tear, and turn. Boasts adjustable tine width.

What we dislike: Sometimes tough to move forward. Not right for larger spaces.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top corded electric tiller for the money

Greenworks’ 8-Amp Corded Tiller

Our take: Potent, versatile tiller that’s simple to assemble, use, maintain, and store.

What we like: Features adjustable tine width. Obtains depth of five inches with four durable tines. Handle folds for convenient storage.

What we dislike: Doesn’t reach depths other tillers of this power can.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Earthwise’s 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller

Our take: Powerful tiller that breaks hard soil and reaches depths up to eight inches.

What we like: Quick, potent machine built for tough ground. Four durable steel tines. Lightweight design features a soft-grip handle.

What we dislike: Lacks protective side shield. May require frequent cleaning.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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