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Best flower seeds to plant in spring

Help your garden bloom this season with these flower seeds


Warm weather, longer days, bright sunshine. There are plenty of reasons to look forward to spring. Having a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers tops many people’s lists. 

You can purchase seedlings or fully grown plants to add to your garden, but they can be pricey if you’re filling a garden. If growing flowers and other plants from seeds intimidate you, though, it’s time to reconsider. Choosing flower seeds that thrive in spring conditions makes it much easier than you'd expect to have the garden of your dreams.

Want to fill your yard with fragrant blooms? We’ve collected some of the best flower seeds to plant around your home this spring, so you can add color to your garden and develop your green thumb.

Best spring flower seeds 2023

Outsidepride Marigold Flower Seed Mix

This seed mix makes it easy to grow classic marigolds in your garden, raised bed or container. They bloom quickly, attract bees and butterflies to your yard and can even help other plants in your garden by serving as a natural pest deterrent. The seeds are also non-GMO and germinate easily when kept moist and in full sun. 

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Seed Needs Red Poppy Seeds

Poppies are a classic spring flower, and these seeds grow large red flowers with a dark center. The blooms grow to 12 to 30 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter. The non-GMO seeds can be grown as an annual flowering plant and known to establish themselves within a single cycle.

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Outsidepride Zinnia Elegans Flower Seed Mix

This seed mix allows you to grow colorful zinnias that add plenty of personality to your yard. The flowers bloom in shades of orange, pink, red, purple, pink, salmon and white and establish themselves quickly, blooming all summer long. If you’re a fan of wildlife, these zinnias can also attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

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NatureZ Edge Sunflower Seeds Variety Pack

Sunflowers add height and drama to your garden, and this seed pack allows you to grow Dwarf Sungold, Autumn Beauty, Grey Stripe, Lemon Queen, Velvet Queen and Mexican Sunflower varieties. The flowers can grow to heights of 18 to 84 inches tall and bloom all summer long.

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Sow Right Seeds Snapdragon Flower Seeds

These seeds can add lovely semi-dwarf snapdragon flowers with large, ruffled blooms in shades of white, yellow, pink, purple and red to your garden. The flowers work well in neatly arranged beds or in a wildflower style that can bring bees and butterflies to your yard.

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Outsidepride Moonflower Plant Flower Seeds

If you prefer simple white blooms for your garden, these moonflower seeds are the perfect planting option this spring. Grown on a climbing vine, these flowers open at dusk and bloom throughout the night, providing a strong fragrance in your yard. They’re easy-to-grow and can be planted in nearly any good garden soil.

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Dirt Goddess Super Seeds Non-GMO Love in a Mist Flower Seeds

With their dramatic blue flowers and fern-like foliage, Love in a Mist flowers are a lovely addition to any garden. These seeds are fortified with beneficial bacteria to promote healthy growth without any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

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Seeds 2 Go Foxglove Mix Seeds

An ornamental perennial, foxglove grows well in late spring and in various soil types, including stony gardens. These seeds help you grow white, cream, rose and lavender blooms that can reach up to 60 inches. Like other springtime flowers, they can also draw butterflies, honeybees, bumblebees and ladybugs to your yard.

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Seed Needs Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds

These seeds grow as an annual vine ideal for a fence or trellis. Its blooms are beautiful, with blue petals and heart-shaped leaves. The seeds are non-GMO and can be used for the current and following spring seasons.

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Outsidepride Cosmos Flower Seed Mix

This flower seed mix can be a perfect way to start if you’re new to gardening. Cosmos seeds are one of the easiest types to grow, only requiring scattering on freshly turned soil. The flowers can reach heights of 36 to 60 inches and bloom in white, purple and pink shades.

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Seed Needs Sunflower Crazy Mixture

This sunflower mixture contains seeds for more than 10 varieties, including Evening Colors and Red Sun. The mixture produces flowers that range from 1 to 7 feet in height and offer blooms in red, orange and yellow shades. They grow best as border plants or beside fences.

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Earthcare Seeds Fragrant Sweet Peas Seeds

These sweet pea seeds are another excellent option for new gardeners. The flowers grow quickly and easily, requiring just a few weeks to sprout and climbing up to 6 feet when fully grown. The seeds germinate as Royal Family Sweet Peas, which have large blooms in blue, red, purple and pink shades.

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