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Best blinds

Which blinds are best?

Keeping your home feeling calm and cool, especially in the summer heat, doesn't have to come at a high cost. Blinds are an economical, aesthetically pleasing way to maintain a stable temperature in your home and block out any unwanted light. For simple, chic blinds that will help keep your space cool and shady, the GoDear Extendable Four-Rail Track Vertical Blind is the best. 

What to know before you buy blinds

Cost-effective temperature control

Unlike paying for the electricity and upkeep of fans or air conditioning, blinds are a one-time purchase that, with the proper care, can last you a lifetime of light and temperature protection without any maintenance or usage costs. Simply hang a blind in front of a window and you'll instantly notice a shift in temperature. Similarly, curtains are an effective long-term investment to block out light and add pizzazz to your space. 

Light control

Besides providing temperature maintenance, blinds help block out unwanted light, helping you sleep in during the morning or avoid distracting light pollution at night. The level of light protection depends on the type of material used and the thickness of the blind.

Roller blinds vs. hanging sheet blinds

Blinds come in two main styles. Depending on your space or preference, one may work better for you than the other.

  • Roller blinds can be adjusted up or down with a cord.
  • Hanging sheet blinds close horizontally. 

What to look for in quality blinds


Some of the most common materials used for blinds are woven fabric, bamboo,  polyester and metal.

  • Bamboo and other reed materials are a great bet for an earthy look and homeowners find them easy to keep clean.
  • Woven fabrics offer a light, summery look and are easier to clean, but fall on the expensive side of the price scale.
  • Polyester blinds, on the other hand tend, to be more affordable and offer a clean modern look. They're lightweight and typically easy to install.
  • Metal blinds (usually aluminum) offer sturdy, durable sun protection. They require little maintenance, though it's best you limit their contact with moisture and humidity to prevent rust. They can be noisy when they shake or collide with other objects in the room.

Day and night mode

Some blinds can be shifted from day mode (allowing light to pass through) to night mode (closed so that light is kept out). Typically, these are designed with roller mechanics, so hanging woven fabric blinds don't offer this feature.


Having the proper measurements on hand for your space is the trickiest part of installing blinds, since you'll want them to be as close to your desired dimensions as possible. That said, some are adjustable or trimmable, meaning even if you can't find a blind with your exact measurements, you may be able to mend it to your needs.

How much you can expect to spend on blinds

Depending on the construction, material and maker, blinds cost about $20-$200. Typically, polyester and plastic constructions cost less ($20-$50), whereas wood, metal or fabric cost more ($60-$200).

Blinds FAQ

I accidentally bought blinds that are too long for my room. What should I do?

A. Although most vendors will let you return your blinds if they don't work for your space, some blinds are trimmable — that is, the manufacturers have designed them so you can easily cut and fix the length of your blind to fit your room. However, if your blind isn't long enough, there isn't much you can do besides return it.

I like to keep my windows open. Can I keep them open with blinds?

A. Of course! Doing so allows fresh air into your home, which is always nice. Just remember that blinds are not designed to keep out rain or insects. And some blinds cannot withstand much wind — they may be damaged if exposed to the elements.

Will my blinds help with noise prevention?

Having blinds up in front of a window may help dampen outdoor sounds — anything is better than nothing. But they are typically too thin to give you the sort of soundproofing you might need in a loud area. 

What are the best blinds to buy?

Top blinds

GoDear Extendable Four-Rail Track Vertical Blind

What you need to know: With its sleek sliding mechanism and breezy woven texture, this stylish cordless blind makes a foolproof fit for any home as either a window mount or a room divider.

What you’ll love: This multipurpose blind works just as well to partition rooms as it does to cover your windows. It fits many shapes of windows and doors with its extendable design and offers reliable shade and temperature moderation. It's trimmable to adjust to any space. There are six colors and patterns, letting you customize your room.

What you should consider: Trying to layer multiple panels leaves them looking asymmetrical. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Top blinds for the money

Radiance Cord-Free Roll-Up  Reed Shade

What you need to know: Simple to install and devilishly sleek, this bamboo reed shade is a steal for its price.

What you’ll love: The mounted roll-up structure helps hold your blind in place while giving you the flexibility to lower and raise it with ease. Bamboo resists stains and blocks ultraviolet rays. It comes in three sizes and two colors.

What you should consider: This blind can't handle exposure to powerful winds, so keep that in mind if you plan to leave your windows open often.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ShadesU Dual Layer Zebra Roller Sheer Shades

What you need to know: With multiple shade settings and color options, this versatile blind provides you with as much or as little light protection as you need.

What you’ll love: You can alternate this polyester blind between day or night mode, toggling the amount of light you'd like at any given moment. Its chic modern style is appealing and comes in four colors, so you can pick the best shade for your room's palette.

What you should consider: The pull strings are made from a cheap-feeling plastic that may be off-putting to some buyers. It would not be the best option for those looking for a natural feel.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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