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Best LG cordless vacuum

What is the best LG cordless vacuum?

Vacuums make cleaning fast and easy, and cordless vacuums expand that functionality even more. They are lightweight and can go anywhere since there isn't a cord to untangle or canister to empty. They also are low maintenance while sporting surprising power.

Korean manufacturer LG is a global leader in consumer appliances. It makes a versatile line of cordless vacuums known as stick vacuums, which are lightweight and do not have a canister. There are seven models available to fit every home and cleaning capacity. For its extended power and design for all floor surfaces, the best LG cordless vacuum is the LG CordZero Kompressor Universal Power ThinQ Cordless Stick Vacuum.

What to know before you buy an LG cordless vacuum

What is a stick vacuum?

Stick vacuums are the lighter and thinner versions of upright vacuums. They typically are used in smaller homes and apartments and lack a cord or dust canister. This makes them versatile and easy to move around. Due to the battery power and increased suctioning, LG stick vacuums can be used for larger homes and come with various accessories. 

Do LG cordless vacuums work well on pet hair?

The LG CordZero series of cordless vacuums tout their ability to capture pet hair. There is also is a handheld vacuum with a power punch nozzle that loosens pet hair caught in your upholstery by vibrating against the fabric. They also feature extra-soft brush rolls for hardwood floors where food or litter may have been tracked.

Are the storage towers permanent fixtures?

Some of the storage towers for LG cordless vacuums require being permanently attached to a wall. You will need to drill holes and attach the tower for charging and storing the vacuum. Consider locating the tower inside a pantry or closet so it is out of sight. Some LG models come with portable towers that you can move around.

What to look for in a quality LG cordless vacuum


There are two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries included with each LG cordless vacuum. Depending on the model, they hold between one to two hours of charge. Replacement batteries are available but expensive.


LG’s Kompressor technology is a one-touch feature that compresses dirt, pet hair and dust in the holding bin. This feature allows you to double the amount of debris that is collected. 

HEPA filter

LG cordless vacuums include a high-efficiency particulate air filter as part of the five-step filtration system. HEPA filters improve air quality by keeping allergens from recirculating. They need replacing over time. The owner’s manual provides details on maintaining the filtration system. 

Telescoping handle

A telescoping handle is adjustable to the user’s height and reach. Its ergonomic design improves overall comfort and ease of use. It also can be collapsed when not in use for convenient storage.

ThinQ application

Some models include the Wi-Fi-enabled ThinQ application, which connects to your smartphone to provide a cleaning history. It also performs a diagnostic check on your vacuum.

How much you can expect to spend on an LG cordless vacuum

  • The least inexpensive LG cordless vacuums are priced between $400-$500. These are cordless stick vacuums without Kompressor technology.
  • Medium-priced LG cordless vacuums are priced between $600-$700. These feature the Kompressor technology that compresses debris with one touch and doubles the bin capacity.
  • Expensive LG cordless vacuums are priced between $800-$1,000. These vacuums feature the power mop capability and an all-in-one system.

LG cordless vacuum FAQ

What attachments are included?

A. Depending on the vacuum, there is a crevice tool, a two-in-one combination tool and a universal nozzle for carpet and hardwood. Some models also have a power mop attachment that includes microfiber mopping pads and a removable water tank.

Is there a warranty?

A. Yes, LG offers a 10-year limited warranty on its cordless vacuums. It is focused on the smart inverter motor and replacement parts that might be required for repair. Review the details of the warranty included with your vacuum.

Are LG cordless vacuums certified?

A. Yes, they have certifications from United States Ergonomics for their comfort and ease of use. They also are certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

What is the best LG cordless vacuum to buy?

Top LG cordless vacuum

LG CordZero Kompressor Universal Power ThinQ Cordless Stick Vacuum

What you need to know: This stick vacuum has powerful suction on all floors with a portable charging stand that doesn’t require drilling holes.

What you’ll love: The vacuum comes with two battery packs for up to 120 minutes of power. The double bin holds twice as much and filters 99% of dirt, dust and pet hair. The telescoping handle adjusts to your preferred length and stores easily.

What you should consider: Some consumers said the vacuum struggled with pet hair and shut off prematurely after minor accumulation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top LG cordless vacuum for the money

LG CordZero A9 Cordless Stick Vacuum

What you need to know: This affordable vacuum is designed for portability and quickly removes dust, dirt and pet hair.

What you’ll love: It features 160 watts of suction with two battery backs that provide 50 minutes of use. The universal power nozzle works on hardwood and carpet. The washable filter removes 99% of debris. A 10-year limited warranty supports its use.

What you should consider: There were a few concerns about the suctioning power.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LG CordZero All-in-One Auto-Empty Cordless Stick Vacuum

What you need to know: This vacuum sweeps up dirt and debris but also has a power mop for both wet and dry mopping.

What you’ll love: This stylish tower doubles as a charger and clears debris from the vacuum into a disposable bag. Two batteries provide up to 120 minutes of power. The mop attachment transitions easily. 

What you should consider: This is the most expensive LG cordless vacuum.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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