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Wood hangers vs. felt hangers

Should you hang your clothes on felt or wood hangers?

The hangers used to store garments keep your clothes clean and neatly displayed while creating a cohesive look in your closet. A high-quality set of hangers also extends the life of your clothing by maintaining the shape of your garments and preventing stretching and wrinkles. 

Both wood and felt hangers are excellent options for keeping your closet organized. The significant difference between these two closet solutions is wood hangers are highly durable and elegant, while felt hangers are efficient and non-slip space savers. 

Wood hangers

Wood hangers are a popular choice among consumers whose primary concerns are aesthetics and quality. A set of 20 premium wooden hangers tends to cost $20-$30, with sets on the lower end of the range typically being more lightweight and those $30 or more being thick, supportive and durable. 

What you’ll love about wood hangers

  • Very durable and won’t break down or warp unless exposed to water or immense weight. They’re suitable for storing heavier items like coats. 
  • More aesthetically appealing than plastic and wire hangers. Wood hangers are usually made of hardwood like lotus. Higher-end options include walnut and maple
  • Available in multiple finishes in a variety of tints, such as light oak or dark cherry

  • Many wood hangers include a swivel rather than a fixed hook, which allows you to maneuver the hanger to change the position of your clothing. 

What you should consider about wood hangers 

  • Wooden hangers tend to be pricier than plastic hangers, though they’re around the same price as felt hangers. 
  • If you’re hanging lightweight, loose and flowy garments like blouses and dresses, you’ll find that your garments slip off the sleek texture of wooden hangers. You’ll need to select a wooden hanger set with strap notches to ensure your garments stay securely in place. 
  • Wooden hangers aren’t ideal for scarves, ties and belts. We suggest investing in a loop hanger holder like this one for holding these items.
  • If you need wooden hangers which can also hold pants, you’ll need to invest in a set with clamps or clips.  

Top wood hangers

JS Hanger Multifunctional Wooden Suit Hangers

These durable wooden hangers have a smooth finish and an anti-rust chrome-plated swivel hook. They also include a pant bar for versatile hanging but are on the pricier side.

Sold by Amazon

Utopia Home Premium Wooden Hangers

This ultra-glossy and affordable set includes notches for straps and swivel hooks and a pant bar. Be aware that there have been some reports of splintering.

Sold by Amazon

Zober Solid Wood Suit Hangers

This is a large set of contoured wood hangers with strap notches and swivel hooks. They have a splinter-free finish. For such a large set, this is an excellent value.

Sold by Amazon 

Felt hangers

Felt hangers are popular for their slim design, neat appearance and non-slip functionality. A standard set of 20 felt hangers costs $15-$30, with higher-end options including extra features such as swivel hooks and skirt bars. 

What you’ll love about felt hangers

  • An all-black set of felt hangers gives your closet a refreshed, organized aesthetic uniformity unmatched by plastic or wire hangers. 
  • Felt hangers are covered in a non-slip velour, providing excellent grip and preventing slippage. 
  • Felt hangers are slim in profile, making your closet feel more spacious and allowing you more storage space. 

What you should consider about felt hangers 

  • While they hold up well in a closet, felt hangers snap if stepped on or handled roughly.
  • Felt hangers hold onto odors from clothing, so it’s crucial to make sure garments are free from odors like sweat and smoke before hanging to avoid transferring odors. 
  • Often too thin to hold up heavy blazers, sports coats, and jackets. For heavier garments, buy a set specifically designed for sturdiness. 
  • Low-range felt hanger sets typically don’t include swivel hooks. On top of the convenience of rotating your clothing, swivel hooks also tend to be much sturdier. 

Top felt hangers

Cresnel's Velvet Hangers

This durable option has a high-weight capacity and comes in a pack of 50 at an economical price. They’re ultra-slim and space-saving while including strap notches and grooved shoulders to hold various garments.

Sold by Amazon 

Zober's Non-slip Velvet Suit Hangers

A 50 pack of ultra-soft felt hangers featuring a shiny chrome swivel hook, this option has a 10-pound weight capacity, notches and a pant bar.

Sold by Amazon 

Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Clothes Hangers

This is a great space-saving model that is available in various colors. While these hangers hold up to 10 pounds, they aren’t exceptionally durable and will break if mishandled. The hooks do not swivel, and there are reports that they will occasionally slip out.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get wooden hangers or felt hangers? 

We recommend wooden hangers for their versatility, elegant aesthetics and high durability. However, if you’re primarily hanging lightweight clothing and need to save space, you’ll want to opt for felt hangers. 


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