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Best Christmas tree bag

Which Christmas tree bag is best?

While the holiday season is considered by many to be "the most wonderful time of the year," cleanup afterward can be a hassle. With so many different decor pieces, lights, ornaments and trees, cleaning up Christmas can take a while, and storing it for the next year can take up a lot of space. To help make your post-holiday cleanup a little easier, you may find it worthwhile to try out a Christmas tree bag. 

Made to provide protective storage that is flexible enough to be packed away, Christmas tree bags are the perfect way to keep your holiday decor safe without taking up a ton of space. Our top choice is the TreeKeeper Rolling Christmas Tree Bag.

What to know before you buy a Christmas tree bag


While shopping for your Christmas tree bag, consider what size bag you will need. Depending on the size of your artificial Christmas tree , you may need a regular, large or extra-large bag. Typically, trees that are under 6 feet fit in a regular size bag, while trees between 6 to 9 feet will likely need a large size bag. For trees over 9 feet, an extra-large storage bag is likely to be the best option.


It’s important to find a bag that will fit your Christmas tree, but be sure to also choose a bag that will protect it. Since your Christmas tree bag is likely going to be stored in an attic, basement or closet, you need to ensure that the bag you choose will be able to hold up to exposure to pests, dust and moisture. 

Most Christmas tree bags are made out of heavy-duty canvas or synthetic fabric and have a reinforced zipper closure. These materials are incredibly durable, so you can feel confident that your storage bag will last. While these materials do a good job of keeping pests and dust out, they can struggle to protect against moisture. Although nearly all Christmas tree bags are moisture-resistant, some more advanced options utilize a protective coating to ensure full moisture-proof capabilities. Depending on the state of your storage area, you may find it worthwhile to invest in a Christmas tree bag that has added moisture protection. 

What to look for in a quality Christmas tree bag


Made to fit a large amount of decor, Christmas tree bags can get very heavy fast. Thankfully, most Christmas tree bags come with reinforced handles, which makes them easy to carry and store. However, if you have a large Christmas tree or want a storage bag that is extra easy to transport, you may find it worthwhile to choose a rolling model. These rolling storage bags typically come with a sturdy metal frame atop two large bottom wheels. Some rolling models also include an extendable handle for added ease of transport. 

Upright or broken down?

Depending on the type of Christmas tree you own, you may choose to opt for an upright Christmas tree bag. While the traditional Christmas tree bag is made to accommodate artificial trees that can be broken down, an upright Christmas tree bag is made to slide over your tree without having to worry about taking the tree apart. Upright Christmas tree bags tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional bags, but they do offer incredible convenience when it comes to setting up for the holidays and cleaning up after. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas tree bag

You can expect to spend $20-$100 on a Christmas tree bag. The rolling, larger bag options tend to be the most expensive while smaller, traditional bags are cheaper.

Christmas tree bag FAQ

Do you need a Christmas tree bag?

A. Christmas trees can be expensive, and no one wants to have to buy a new one each year. Investing in a high-quality Christmas tree bag is the best way to ensure that your Christmas tree stays in pristine condition year after year. While the decision to purchase one is ultimately up to you, they are the best way to protect your Christmas tree year-round.

How can you store your Christmas tree upright?

A. For the easiest and most efficient storage experience, we recommend purchasing an upright Christmas tree bag. These bags are built to go over the top of your tree without having to worry about breaking the tree down or storing it piece by piece. Simple and easy to use, upright Christmas tree bags are the best choice for worry-free storage and a seamless holiday setup.

What’s the best Christmas tree bag to buy?

Top Christmas tree bag

TreeKeeper Rolling Christmas Tree Bag

What you need to know: This rolling bag is the best option for anyone looking for hassle-free Christmas tree storage. 

What you’ll love: The heavy-duty synthetic construction ensures that this bag will protect your tree from pests, dust and moisture for many years to come. With a sturdy plastic frame and oversized wheels along the bottom, this bag can easily be moved without any awkward bag drag. The unique U-shaped zipper allows for an easy packing process, while the built-in compression straps help to keep your tree locked in place all year round. With a large capacity, this bag can fit trees up to 9 feet tall.

What you should consider: The price tag makes this bag a relatively expensive option. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Christmas tree bag for the money

Household Essentials- MightyStor Christmas Tree Bag

What you need to know: This Christmas tree bag provides easy storage at an affordable price.

What you’ll love: Made out of a tear-proof, moisture-resistant synthetic fabric, this bag is sure to last for a number of years. This bag is made to store disassembled trees and can easily fit up to a 7-foot tree. With a reinforced zipper closure, this storage bag is sure to protect your tree from pests or dust. The built-in handles and tag slot makes these bags easy to carry and store. 

What you should consider: This bag is moisture resistant, so it may not be suitable for storage areas that experience heavy exposure to moisture or humidity. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top upright Christmas tree bag

Tiny Tim Totes- Premium Upright Christmas Tree Bag

What you need to know: This upright Christmas tree bag is the perfect option for convenient, easy storage. 

What you’ll love: Made out of a thick canvas, this bag offers protection from pests, dust and moisture. With a full-length zipper closure, this bag makes it easy to pack your tree away. The added buckle straps and cinch cords along the top and bottom, make this bag suitable for storing both narrow and wide tree models without any loss of protection. 

What you should consider: While this bag is suitable for storing wide Christmas trees, some consumers did note issues with branch damage after using this bag

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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