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Best blanket ladder

Which blanket ladder is best?

If you enjoy collecting blankets or quilts but don’t have a way to display them, a blanket ladder can help. Designed to look like a standard ladder, these convenient racks are functional and decorative. With one, you can store and organize blankets in the bathroom, bedroom or living room while adding to the space's overall aesthetic. One of the best options available is the rustic 17 Stories 69.3-Inch Tall Wooden Blanket Ladder.

What to know before you buy a blanket ladder


Sometimes called quilt ladders, blanket ladders are runged storage solutions that hold blankets, quilts, throws and similar items decoratively. They don’t take up a lot of floor space since most are meant to lean vertically against the wall. Some are even designed to mount on the wall.

These ladders make it easy to organize and access blankets, meaning you don’t have to rummage around in a drawer or closet when you need them. This is especially beneficial during colder months or when you have guests and need a quilt quickly.

Even if you don’t use the hanging blankets, you can still use a ladder to add depth to a room. A rustic one, for example, can complement a country home or room with a lot of wood furniture.

You can hang more than just blankets and quilts on a ladder. Other popular options include:

  • Towels
  • Scarves
  • Slacks or jeans
  • Long necklaces or earrings
  • Books


Most blanket ladders consist primarily of wood and metal.

  • Wood: Wood is durable and smooth, but it can splinter if it’s not high quality. It has a more natural aesthetic than metal.
  • Metal: Many ladders partly consist of alloy steel. The metal reinforces the ladder, so it can hold heavier fabrics without bending under the weight. It also goes well with modern or minimalistic themes.

Weight capacity

A standard blanket ladder can hold between 5 and 10 pounds on each rung. This means a single rung can easily support light to medium-weight quilts and smaller items. Ladders reinforced with metal can handle heavier blankets.

Unlike traditional ladders, these storage solutions are not made to support a person’s weight. This means, you should not climb or sit on one, even if it feels durable.

What to look for in a quality blanket ladder

Weight and dimensions

Every blanket ladder is different, but most fall within the following ranges for weight, height and width:

  • Height: 4 to 8 feet
  • Width: 1.5 to 2 feet
  • Weight: 4 to 10 pounds

Before getting one, consider where you want to place the ladder and how much vertical space you have. Also, ask yourself if you plan to move it around as heavier options can be cumbersome.

If you plan to hang larger quilts or blankets on the ladder, you need one with a wider design. Even when folded properly, these items can take up a lot of horizontal space. And, if you don’t want the rungs to look crowded, a wider ladder is a good idea.

Also, whether you’re getting a wall-mounted ladder or a standing one, add an extra 6 inches or so on all sides. That way, you can ensure you have enough room to position it. This will also make it easier for you to grab any blankets or quilts you need from the rungs.


Most blanket ladders have between four and six rungs, though some have more or fewer. Depending on the weight capacity, you could put multiple blankets on a single rung. Doing this could make it harder to organize them neatly, though.

Plus, if you have larger items, such as quilts, you might only be able to fit one on each rung. In that case, the number of rungs makes a difference in how functional the ladder is.

Consider the rung position, too. If they’re spaced too far apart, there could be unwanted gaps between the blankets or other hanging objects. But if they’re too close together, it can be harder to fit or retrieve certain things. Usually, the spacing is based on the overall height of the ladder. Taller ladders with fewer rungs have more space, while shorter ones with more rungs have less space.

Finally, some rungs are flat, while others are rounded. Sometimes, the top rung has a different design than the rest. The design is mostly for aesthetic purposes.


Most blanket ladders come in the following colors:

  • Light, medium or dark brown
  • Light or dark gray
  • White
  • Black and white
  • Metallic

The color helps determine the overall tone of the ladder. For example, white ones have a more modern look. Black ones, meanwhile, look sleeker and add a minimalistic vibe to the room.

In terms of shape, some ladders narrow at the top and widen at the base. Others are consistent throughout. Some have more rounded features, while others are boxier.

How much you can expect to spend on a blanket ladder

A small, simple one costs $30-$60 on average. More elegant or larger options can cost anywhere from $60-$200.

Blanket ladder FAQ

How can I keep the blanket ladder from sliding?

A. Some come with rubber feet or nonslip pads to keep them from sliding on the floor. Others have wall mounts to keep them in place. Alternatively, angle the ladder against a wall on a carpeted surface to prevent slipping.

What are some other ways to use a blanket ladder?

A. If you have a more complex one, you can get creative and put things like dried or fake flowers on the ladder for a more natural look. Or you can set decorative pieces, such as lanterns or paintings, on the rungs. You can also mount the ladder to a wall, turning it into more of a shelving unit. Doing this might make it impossible to hold quilts or blankets, though.

What’s the best blanket ladder to buy?

Top blanket ladder

17 Stories 69.3-Inch Tall Wooden Blanket Ladder

What you need to know: This rustic ladder is elegant and durable enough to hold heavier blankets, quilts and towels.

What you’ll love: Made from wood, each rung can hold up to 33 pounds. The ladder is tall and wide, so there’s no issue of crowding. There are also five rungs. The top rung has hooks you can use to mount the ladder on a wall.

What you should consider: You can see the screws up close.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top blanket ladder for the money

Honest Outfitters Blanket Ladder

What you need to know: This classic-looking ladder can stand vertically or be placed against a wall, depending on preference.

What you’ll love: Available in white, blue and gray, this option has a rustic aesthetic that complements nearly any space. It has five rungs and is large enough to hold small and medium-sized items.

What you should consider: Assembly is required.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mercury Row 67-Inch Tall Metal Blanket Ladder

What you need to know: This metal ladder is small and minimalistic, making it a solid choice for those who want something simple and functional.

What you’ll love: Available in black or gold, this tall ladder has four rungs spaced differently. This makes it convenient for holding blankets, as well as smaller items such as scarves or hand towels.

What you should consider: Since it’s metal, it can scrape the wall if you’re not careful.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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