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Best Wayfair sleeper sofa

Which sleeper sofa from Wayfair is best?

A sleeper sofa is perfect for anyone who wants to have a place for guests to sleep without having to buy a separate mattress. The right sleeper sofa should fit into your space and match the aesthetic of the room while being comfortable enough for people to use day or night — for sitting or sleeping use.

If you're looking for one for your space, you might be wondering what the furniture retailer Wayfair has to offer. Their best option is the comfortable and modern Joss And Main Godwin 69-Inch Square-Arm Sleeper

What to know before you buy a Wayfair sleeper sofa

Sleeper sofa vs. sofa bed vs. futon

Although people often use the term sleeper sofa, sofa bed and futon interchangeably, each one is slightly different.

  • Sleeper sofa: This piece of furniture has a built-in mattress that comes out and converts into a fully realized bed.
  • Sofa bed: A cross between a futon and a large couch, sofa beds usually have removable cushions and can be laid out flat to form a bed. They don’t usually come with a mattress, but the cushions can be used instead.
  • Futon: Some futons have armrests, while others don’t. They usually consist of a wood or metal frame and have a single, large cushion that can be flattened into a bed. However, you can also get a separate futon mattress.


The overall design of a sleeper sofa from Wayfair depends on both the mattress and the framing. In terms of mattress types, most consist of memory foam or have springs inside. Those with springs are sometimes called innerspring mattresses.

As with other sleeper sofas, these mattresses are not as thick as standard ones. Most are between 4.5 and 6 inches in height. They do usually come with several layers of padding to make them more comfortable, though. They’re also large and durable enough to support at least two people when converted into a bed.

The sofa aspect can come in different colors, styles and designs. Some are rustic in appearance, while others have a more modern or minimalistic aesthetic. Common colors include white, ivory, graphite, gray, orange, blue and different shades of brown.


Most sleeper sofas from Wayfair are available in standard sizes — twin, full, queen or king. When in sofa form, they can comfortably seat either two or three people.

Make sure you consider the size of the room where you’re going to put the sleeping sofa. In particular, measure out the approximate length and width of the furniture when folded out into a bed. That way, you have enough space for the entire mattress.

Here are the general dimensions for sleeper sofas when converted into a bed:

  • Twin — 50 x 68 inches
  • Full — 67 x 83 inches
  • Queen — 75 x 96 inches
  • King — 84 x 92 inches

Depending on the frame, you might need to add another six to 12 inches to the width.

What to look for in a quality Wayfair sleeper sofa


As with traditional sofas, Wayfair sleeper sofas are usually made with some type of soft material. Common options include:

  • Leather — easy to clean, hypoallergenic, durable and sophisticated in appearance
  • Cotton — resistant to abrasions or tears, breathable
  • Linen — durable, environmentally friendly, elegant
  • Polyester — soft, durable and inexpensive
  • Wool — long-lasting, organic, soft, moisture-wicking and easy to maintain

The cushions are usually made from the same types of materials as the rest of the sofa.

As for the mattress, Wayfair offers memory foam, polyurethane foam and other foam materials like memory gel.


Not all frames are made equal, so expect to find some that are stronger than others. Typically, the heavier and thicker the frame is, the more weight it can hold when converted into a bed. Most frames are either wood, metal or a combination of the two.

In some sleeper sofas, the sofa portion has a wooden frame, while the mattress has a metal frame. In others, the frame is the same in both.

Opening mechanisms

Most sleeper sofas have a spring-loaded frame where the mattress is hidden when not in use. To convert the sofa into a bed, remove any cushions first. Then, simply pull the mattress out from the front end and two legs should come out to provide additional support.

Weight and weight limit

The weight of a sleeper sofa depends on the following factors:

  • Pull-out mechanisms
  • Frame
  • Sofa elements
  • Mattress size

For example, you can expect a queen sleeper sofa to weigh up to 180 pounds. Larger ones or those made from premium materials can weigh even more than that. Due to their weight, it can be tricky to transport the furniture, so keep this in mind.

The amount of weight a sleeper sofa can comfortably support depends on its size and the stability of the frame. For instance, a twin sleeper sofa can usually hold up to 250 pounds, while a queen can support up to 600 pounds. Check the recommended weight limit listed before purchasing one.

How much you can expect to spend on a Wayfair sleeper sofa

The price ranges from about $800-$1,200. The more expensive ones usually come with a larger mattress, more luxurious materials or have a sturdier frame.

Wayfair sleeper sofa FAQ

How can I make a sleeper sofa more comfortable?

A. A mattress topper that fits the mattress is a great way to increase its comfort and support levels. Along with this, get the right blankets, sheets and pillows to make it feel more like a proper bed. Some sleeper sofa mattresses are replaceable, so consider this as an option if you like the sofa but want to upgrade the mattress.

Do sleeper sofas come with dedicated sheets?

A. For the most part, you can use the same size sheets for a sleeper sofa mattress as you would for a traditional bed. However, sleeper sofa mattresses aren’t usually as deep as standard ones, so you might have to get separate fitted sheets. Wayfair offers several sheets and sheet sets.

What’s the best Wayfair sleeper sofa to buy?

Top Wayfair sleeper sofa

Joss And Main Godwin 69-Inch Square Arm Sleeper

What you need to know: With a seat height of 21 inches, this comfortable sleeper sofa is a great option for those who want something modern for their living space.

What you’ll love: It’s available in six colors, including vanilla and denim. It comes in full size and can easily seat two people. It weighs 180 pounds and has removable back cushions, too.

What you should consider: This piece is great for tight spaces or one or two people, but it can feel small for larger individuals or rooms.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top Wayfair sleeper sofa for the money

Lark Manor Lourenco 77-Inch Square Arm Sofa Bed

What you need to know: This polyester blend sleeper sofa has a wood frame and comes in 40 different colors, making it a great fit for nearly any room design.

What you’ll love: As a sofa, it has two large, comfortable cushions to sit on. It can also convert into a queen-size innerspring mattress that offers decent support. It comes with two toss pillows.

What you should consider: Although durable, the mattress does not have a lot of give. The back pillows are also sewn in.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Lark Manor Edison Park 88-inch Rolled Arm With Reversible Cushions

What you need to know: This queen-sized innerspring sleeper sofa seats three people when in couch form and is comfortable enough to sleep on.

What you’ll love: It has a seat height of 22 inches and consists of stain-resistant materials. The sofa has a wood frame and removable back cushions. It also comes with four toss pillows made from comfortable polyester and rayon.

What you should consider: The cushions are a little stiff to sit on for long periods.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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