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Ring camera vs. Ring doorbell: Which is better?

Which one should you choose: the Ring camera or the Ring doorbell?

The Ring camera and Ring doorbell both have some excellent qualities, but you may be wondering which one will be the best for your home. Here you’ll find information to help. While the camera is best for giving you a view of your home from every angle, the doorbell is ideal for any living situation, whether you have the freedom to put up more security or not. 

Ring camera

The Ring camera has several different models to choose from, depending on what you want for your home security. These include the Stick Up Cam Solar HD, the Ring Floodlight Camera, and the Ring Spotlight Cam. It’s perfect for when you own a house or have multiple entrances. 

There’s an option with floodlights and one for spotlights that allow for extra safety in places around your yard that might be dark. Indoor and outdoor camera options are also available for additional protection. 

The cameras also allow you to see what’s going on with your house via a live phone feed. You can speak to people that approach and be informed if there is movement. The Ring Camera keeps your loved ones safe and helps you know who is on your property at all times.

Prices range from about $100-$600. It’s a great option to increase safety without overspending.

What you’ll love about Ring camera

  • Affordable prices.
  • Indoor/outdoor friendly and weather repellant. 
  • Floodlights for intruders.
  • Spotlights for intruders.
  • Communication with people via Ring camera.
  • Can record with Ring Protect subscription.
  • Users are notified of movement and can set up controls, so they’re only notified when people are present (not dogs, birds, etc.) with Ring Protect subscription.
  • Easy to set up: takes 25 minutes at most.
  • Ring Neighbors: an app that lets you talk with those in your neighborhood about what’s happening in the area.

What you should consider about ring cameras

  • You have to use Ring for your security, or another Amazon product, as it might not work with other programs.
  • It might be possible for hackers to get access if proper measures aren’t taken.
  • Some models may have a complex installation process.

Ring doorbell

The Ring doorbell allows you to see anyone who approaches your front door, as well as hear what they’re saying and communicate with them. You can talk with friends that come over or startle potential intruders. It’s hooked up to your phone so that you can see the area surrounding your house in real-time. This doorbell is a great security feature and a way to stay aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood.

What you’ll love about Ring doorbell

  • The battery lasts a long time.
  • Motion detection lets you know who is on your property.
  • Provides phone notifications when it detects movement.
  • Neighbors by Ring allows you to collaborate with others that live near you.
  • Ring Protect program lets you save video footage.
  • Costs between $60-$350.
  • It can still see movement on the property at night.

What you should consider about Ring doorbell

  • If you live in a cold climate, the Ring doorbell has trouble charging the battery below -5 degrees.
  • It works better with a subscription service if you want to view previous footage or use the Neighbors app.

Top Ring doorbell models

The Video Doorbell 3 Plus offers a battery pack that you can switch out, high-quality video, communication with people at the door, night vision and more. All for an affordable price of less than $200.

Should you get Ring camera or Ring doorbell?

This depends on you and your home. If you are brand new to home security, then the Ring doorbell is a great place to start. It is especially true if you have one or two outer doors in your home only. However, if your yard is extensive or you have a large home, you may want the added security of cameras around the property that can see from different angles. 

Decide what you want most from your security system. If you’re concerned about crime and monitoring intruders, look for a camera option with floodlights and video recording options. If you want to be sure that no one steals mail from your porch, then the Ring doorbell is a sound, secure system.

The best way to be prepared is to have both a camera and doorbell, so your entire home is covered. You’ll be informed of any activity around your house, making you and your loved ones safer. Ring offers some great affordable options that are easy to install and monitor yourself. Consider this highly trusted system for your security needs.

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