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Best bachelorette party decorations

Which bachelorette party decoration is best?

Throwing a bachelorette party is all about celebrating the bride’s new engagement with her closest friends and family. To set the mood, some sort of decoration is in order. One convenient way to liven up a party space is to buy a decorating kit with lots of trimmings and trinkets. If you’re looking for the best bachelorette party decor to celebrate with the bride-to-be, the Only the Joy. Bachelorette Party Decorations Kit is the top choice.

What to know before you buy bachelorette party decorations

When planning the decorations for a bachelorette party, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There is a wide variety of goodies available on the market that can help create a once-in-a-lifetime party. Just a few considerations can help narrow your search. For more information, take a look at the complete bachelorette party decorations buying guide from BestReviews.

Number of RSVPs

The number of bridesmaids that RSVP to the bachelorette party is a good indication of how many decorations to provide. This is especially important if the goodies you’re supplying are catered to each guest or are personal trinkets. For example, if you’re planning for every guest to carry a balloon or take home a glass, a good rule of thumb is to have enough for everyone plus one or two extra.


As you plan your decorations, think about what type of venue you’ll be decorating. Larger venues may look more festive with more prominent decorations, while smaller venues can get away with fewer decorations. Be sure any large items can fit through doorways, and consider any additional materials you may need to hang, hold or secure decorations like streamers and balloons.


Traditionally, the bridesmaids chip in to cover many costs of the bachelorette party, including the decorations. Keep that in mind as different people may be contributing from different budgets of their own. You can often find high-value decoration packages.

What to look for in quality bachelorette party decorations

No matter what decorations you go with, a bachelorette party is sure to be a good time. However, a few key differences can help ensure a seamless and memorable party.

Bridal specific decorations

Decorations made just for the bride-to-be can help make her feel extra special. Kits that include items like a bridal sash, veil, tiara, fake ring, or other exclusively bridal goodies can be a fun way to dress her up for the evening and let everyone know what you’re celebrating. These items can come in kits of their own or be a part of other decoration packages.


Finding party decorations made of higher quality materials helps ensure they’ll last through the night or weekend. If you plan to use your decorations over multiple days, make sure they’ll last. For example, if you’re hoping balloons will stay inflated, prepare to inflate them with helium instead of blowing tubes.

Functional decorations

If you want your decorations to go the extra mile, consider adding decorations like cups, photo props or consumables. Functional decorations help bring the party to life because they’re interactive and everyone can participate in the party with them. They can even act as souvenirs for the guests.

How much you can expect to spend on bachelorette party decorations

Bachelorette party decoration kits can range from $15-$30, with more extravagant packages available at higher prices. You can find many unique decorations available at lower prices, but buying lots of smaller items can ultimately ring up higher receipts than buying an all-in-one kit.

Bachelorette party decorations FAQ

How many party decorations do I need?

A. If you’re buying decorations that allow every bridesmaid to have an item, you’ll need to make sure you have a headcount to purchase enough items. Otherwise, the amount of decorations is up to you and how much space you have to decorate. Many all-inclusive kits come with plenty of items like bunting or balloons to layer around a party space.

When should I start decorating?

A. Wait until you have access to the venue and have a few hours before the party will start. Many decorations are easy to assemble or hang. Also, balloons or inflatable decorations may lose their shape if prepared too far in advance. If you already have access to the venue and want to get a head start, that’s great but be sure to store any pre-assembled decorations somewhere safe until it’s party time.

What are the best bachelorette party decorations to buy?

Top bachelorette party decorations

Only the Joy. Bachelorette Party Decorations Kit

What you need to know: This all-in-one bachelorette party kit includes everything you need to enjoy a fun celebration with your closest friends.

What you’ll love: The kit comes with a wide variety of balloons, including a 32-inch bride balloon, as well as a diamond engagement ring balloon and peach, rose gold and confetti mylar balloons. The white bride-to-be sash with gold script and a rose gold curtain backdrop help bring the decorations to life and make the celebration interactive. This is an impressive haul for the price tag.

What you should consider: Some customers have noticed tears or mistakes in the balloons.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bachelorette party decorations for the money

xo, Fetti Bachelorette Party Bride to Be Decorations Kit

What you need to know: This bride-centric kit features all the trimmings for the bride-to-be to feel like the special guest at the party.

What you’ll love: The party accessories include an adjustable bride sash, rhinestone tiara, a satin edge cascading veil and 10 bride tribe temporary tattoos. Cute packaging and durable items make this kit an intelligent investment for any bachelorette party.

What you should consider: Some customers noted missing items in their packages.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

A3 DIRECT Bride & Team Bride Bachelorette Party Cups, 11 pack

What you need to know: These reusable cups add a fun and functional element to your bachelorette party.

What you’ll love: The set of 11 16-ounce cups includes 10 for the bridesmaids and one for the bride. The fun script features a diamond ring graphic in white and rose gold colors. The cups are made from BPA-free plastic and include a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

What you should consider: Some customers noted the colors aren’t an exact match.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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