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These string lights will keep your backyard party going late

String lights can make your party last


With the warmer weather arriving, it’s time to start thinking about backyard parties again. Afternoons are great for barbecues, games, swimming and more. But just because the sun begins to fall from the sky, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. And with the right patio decor, it doesn't have to. Your party can wind down and turn into a relaxing event that extends well beyond dusk.

String lights are the key. They are affordable, easy to install and great at setting a mood. String lights can illuminate your backyard, allowing guests to remain late in the evening when all those deep conversations occur and the bond of friendship is strengthened.

Why a backyard party is better

You always have the option of having an indoor party. However, to be honest, that’s just not the same. As long as the weather remains agreeable, there are several reasons why outdoor parties are better.

More space

The obvious reason to have a party outside is there is more space. Your guests won’t be confined to one room. People can more easily meander about to create their own conversation circles, and the volume won’t escalate to the point where you have to shout to be heard.

Less stress

If you decide to have your party in the backyard, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the house so thoroughly — people don’t even have to go inside except to use the bathroom. You won’t have to worry about stains and things getting accidentally broken. Just mow the lawn and use a leaf blower on the patio, and you’re all set.

More entertainment options

When you are outside, you can do everything you do inside … and more. You can play cards, swim (if you have a pool), play Jenga, have relay races, play badminton and even watch sports on the side of your house with an outdoor projector. Having a party outside just gives you more options.


When the festivities are outside, guests can bring their entire family, including kids and pets. Instead of worrying about child- and pet-proofing your house before the event, you can let them run wild in your backyard. 

Opportunity to grill

When the party is outside, that’s where the cooking should take place. A backyard party is the perfect time to show off not only that new grill but your peerless grilling skills as well.

Less clean up

If you are entertaining outside, chances are you won’t be using fine china and your best cutlery. You won’t even be using glasses. Paper plates, plastic sporks and red solo cups are the answer. This way, when the party’s over, no dishes need to be done. Your guests just drop everything in the trash or recyclable bin.

Better environment

The best reason for having a backyard party is the atmosphere is just better. You can enjoy nature and get some fresh air. Then, once it’s dark, turn on your string lights and create a magical environment.

Tips for having an outdoor party

Create a mood

Atmosphere isn’t just created by decor — although that is essential. It is set by any element that involves the senses. Theme parks use music and smells to entice people to feel festive and travel to different areas. As it gets dark, the right lighting can make the difference between guests staying and leaving.

Be prepared for changing weather

The thing with weather is it changes. A beautiful afternoon could turn blustery or even begin to rain as evening approaches. Make sure you are prepared. Secure table coverings and lighter items in case the wind picks up. Have a plan in place, such as umbrellas, for light rain. However, if the weather turns extreme or hazardous, know when to cut your losses and head inside for safety.

Define the space

Even if it’s just the edge of the patio, the railing of your deck or a few strategically placed plants, define a space where the main part of the party will take place. Set up social areas, so people are encouraged to engage with each other, and create stations so people instinctively know where to get drinks, snacks and food.

Prepare activities

Most people are great at joining in the fun. However, only a few are comfortable suggesting and starting an activity. Whether it is croquet, cornhole, volleyball, yard dominoes or some other fun outdoor game, make the gear visible and easily accessible to encourage engagement.

Remember the bugs

Don’t forget, you are outside. There are going to be bugs. Consider fans, repellents, insect traps, bug zappers and other methods to keep the pests in your yard at bay.

Best string lights for your backyard party

Brightown Outdoor String Lights

This string of 100 warm white glass bulbs is dimmable so you can create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. The string and bulbs are waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures and wind.

Sold by Amazon

Smart Living Gala 20-Light LED Solar String Lights

If you want a festive look, these solar-powered string lights are encased in colorful and decorative metal cages. When they are fully charged, these lights can last for up to eight hours.

Sold by Kohl’s

Semilits Simulation Honey Bees String Lights 

Charge these solar lights during the day and enjoy them at night. The unique honey bee design makes them a great addition to the plants in your garden. They are made with durable plastic and come with one stake for charging.

Sold by Amazon

Lumabase Nylon Electric String Lanterns

These decorative lantern lights immediately create atmosphere. Each string comes with 10 nylon lanterns, and you can connect up to 50 strings together to adorn your entire backyard space. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of colors.

Sold by Macy’s


Hampton Bay Color-Changing LED String Lights

If you prefer color-changing lights, this high-quality string from Hampton Bay will do the trick. You can choose warm lighting, cool lighting or select from millions of colors, which makes these lights ideal for themed parties and holidays. There are 12 bulbs on a string, and you can connect up to five strings together for over 100 feet of lighting.

Sold by Home Depot

EGP Bistro String Light and Poles

While this set is admittedly a little pricey, purchase includes four durable black powder-coated poles so you can string these lights anywhere to enhance the ambience of your backyard space. Each pole extends to 10 feet and is suitable for installation on a flat space, such as a patio or a deck. If you want to place the poles in your yard, they also come with 10-inch stakes for ground installation.

Sold by Wayfair

Hampton Bay Incandescent String Lights

These incandescent lights have small covers that provide a classic element to your yard decor. Each strand has 10 lights, and the purchase includes two strings.

Sold by Home Depot

Lumabase Electric Cafe String Lights

If you want to make a memorable statement, this string of 10 lights is what you need. Each bulb has a beautiful bronze shade that can add a rustic charm to your patio. The domes are easy to clean, and the bulbs last up to 3,000 hours.

Sold by Kohl’s

Twinkle Star Curtain String Lights

Sometimes, a string isn’t enough. This curtain of string lights can help define your outdoor space. It measures 6 feet wide and 9.8 feet tall. It has eight modes and features 300 lights.

Sold by Amazon

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