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Best ironing board

Which ironing board is best?

You can’t iron your clothes on just any surface. The heat and steam from the iron need to pass through your clothes and dissipate to prevent damage. Ironing boards come in many forms and sizes to best fit your home and the fabrics you most often iron.

The best ironing board is the Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Prozone Ironing Board. The prozone cover helps prevent accidental heat damage, and racks underneath let you keep everything you need nearby. It also folds up for easy storage.


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What to know before you buy an ironing board

Ironing board types

There are three main ironing board types: standard, tabletop, built-in and hanging.

  • Standard models are full-sized boards that you can use anywhere, as long as you have the space to stand them up. These are best for regular ironing.
  • Tabletop models are no bigger than the smallest standard model and are usually much smaller. They can be used on any surface, depending on the model. Some look like standard boards, while others are just a sheet of iron-compatible material. These are best for occasional ironing or if you have limited space.
  • Built-in models are essentially standard models installed into a closet or drawer. They provide the space-saving aspect of tabletops with the sturdiness of standards. Many include an easy-to-follow installation kit so you can install them without professional help. 
  • Hanging models are an alternative form of built-in. These hook onto the top of a door and drop down when needed. Despite their security to the door, they usually feel somewhat flimsy, which can turn some consumers away. 

Padding and cover

The padding and cover enable an ironing board to withstand the heat and steam of an iron.

  • Padding: The padding helps absorb the heat of the iron, provides ventilation for the steam to pass through and gives you the ability to press down on your clothing.
  • Cover: There are many types of covers. Some reflect or absorb heat. Others provide extra give so you can press down harder. A few are non-stick. Feel free to purchase additional covers to handle specific tasks.

What to look for in a quality ironing board


Each dimension of the ironing board has more impact than you’d think.

  • Width: Width is the most important dimension. The wider your board, the more material you can iron without needing to shift it and the faster you can iron.
  • Height: For standard and built-in models, the height is integral to ironing comfortably. For maximum comfort, the board should be at waist level. Some standard models have adjustable heights.
  • Length: Length only comes into play when ironing large sheets of material, such as bolts of cloth or bedding. Even then, you’ll still want a good width along with length.

Rests and racks

Some ironing boards have slots for resting a hot iron. These keep the iron secure and prevent it from falling if the board is bumped. Others have wire racks underneath the board to hold your necessities such as starch or your clothes to be ironed.

How much you can expect to spend on an ironing board

Ironing boards usually cost $20-$150. Small ironing boards with limited features usually top out at $50, while the largest, most feature-rich usually start around $75.

Ironing board FAQ

What do the letters A, B, C and D mean in an ironing board’s product description?

A. That depends on the manufacturer. Usually, these letters refer to different sizes of the same model. Some manufacturers may use these letters to set models apart with more or fewer features. Other manufacturers won’t use these letters at all.

What are the installation requirements of a built-in ironing board?

A. There aren’t many requirements that need to be met to install a built-in ironing board safely. You can install most in any closet, pantry or drawer you already own. As long as you install the board to its included specifications and with its installation kit, you’ll be fine. You can also install a cabinet or drawer almost anywhere in your home. If you’re worried about any step of the process, you can hire a professional. 

What’s the best ironing board to buy?

Top ironing board 

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Prozone Ironing Board

What you need to know: This top-quality pick has some excellent features.

What you’ll love: The board surface area is 48 by 15 inches. When on its legs, it’s 37.8 inches high. The cover is made of a heat-reflecting prozone. It comes in three colors. It has an iron holder at the back of the board and racks underneath for holding starch and other necessities.

What you should consider: Some consumers felt the board was unsteady on its legs. Some received damaged units or boards with missing pieces. A few were unhappy with the cover.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Wayfair

Top ironing board for the money

BNYD Portable Ironing Mat Blanket

What you need to know: This ironing mat is dirt cheap and perfect for occasional ironers.

What you’ll love: It has magnets to hold itself down when used on metal surfaces. It can roll or fold up extra-small for easy storage. It has an 18- by 31-inch surface area. It’s made of cotton and has a maximum heat resistance of 500 degrees.

What you should consider: The mat can slide around during use. Using it on anything but the top of your dryer can cause damage to the alternate surface.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Honey-Can-Do Hanging Ironing Board

What you need to know: This is another excellent cost- and space-saving pick.

What you’ll love: It can be hung on any door within seconds. The frame is made of sturdy steel. It has a 7-millimeter foam pad and cotton cover. It locks into place when folded up. It can handle up to medium pressure. The board is 41 by 14 inches.

What you should consider: Many consumers noted it feels flimsy when dropped down. It rattles when the door it’s hung on is opened and closed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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