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From festive to funny, these Christmas tree toppers are worth checking out

You've hung the ornaments and wrapped your tree in lights, but it's still missing one thing: a Christmas tree topper. Whether you want to go with a traditional angel or star or something more humorous or contemporary, there are plenty of options.

For most buyers, it's a matter of personal preference. Some people love super traditional options, while others prefer something more modern. From festive to funny, these Christmas tree toppers are worth checking out.

In this article: Brightown Lighted Christmas Tree Topper, YNC Retro Mario Star Tree Topper and Kurt Adler Six-Point Capiz Star Tree Topper.

Common Christmas tree toppers

If you're lacking inspiration, you might want to consider some of the most enduringly popular tree topper designs.

  • Star: Symbolic of the star that led the three wise men to Jesus in the Nativity story, a star is a common design for tree toppers. Since it's not overtly religious, it's excellent for secular households too.
  • Angel: Those who want a more religious topper for their Christmas tree might prefer an angel.
  • Snowflake: Festive and wintry, a snowflake is a perfect design for a tree topper.
  • Santa: If presents are high on your Christmas agenda, you might like to display the man in red on the top of your tree.
  • Snowman: Whether or not you're likely to get a white Christmas, a snowman is a festive symbol. It's a great tree topper design for households with children.

Christmas tree topper size

You'll need to choose a Christmas tree topper of an appropriate size and weight for your tree. Too small and it will look silly; too large and it will dwarf your tree.

  • Small tree: For a compact 4- to 5-foot tree, choose a topper of around 5 to 6 inches.
  • Medium tree: For a mid-sized 6- to 7-foot tree, choose a topper of around 7 to 9 inches.
  • Large tree: For a large 7- to 7.5-foot tree, choose a topper of around 10 to 11 inches (assuming you have the ceiling height for it).

What to look for in a Christmas tree topper

These are other factors you may wish to consider when selecting a tree topper.

  • Traditional vs. contemporary: Traditional toppers tend to be fussier, while modern versions are simpler and sleeker. It's up to you which you prefer and which goes better with the rest of your tree decorations.
  • Lights: Some toppers have integrated LED lights for an extra touch of sparkle. These are usually battery-powered, but some plug into an outlet.
  • Projection: One step up from fairy lights, some toppers project festive designs, such as stars, snowflakes or candy canes, onto the ceiling above them.
  • Colors: You can find tree toppers in various colors, though festive hues like red, gold and silver are trendy. There's no right or wrong color for a topper, but you might want to match it to the rest of your tree decorations if you're working with an established color palette.

Best Christmas tree toppers

Brightown Lighted Christmas Tree Topper

With an integrated projector that beams snowflake designs onto the ceiling, this topper has a lot going for it. It's available in various designs, including snowflake, star and angel options. Measuring almost 10 inches, it's great for medium to large trees.

Sold by Amazon

YNC Retro Mario Star Tree Topper

This pixelated yellow star with eyes is based on the stars from the Super Mario games, making this a funny take on the traditional star tree topper. It is an excellent choice for gamers and nerdy households and can be used as general decoration throughout the rest of the year.

Sold by Amazon

Dazzle Bright Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper

Embedded with 15 LEDs, this clear snowflake lights up beautifully, making it an eye-catching choice for the top of a tree. It comes with a clip mount to securely attach it to your tree and measures around 9 inches tall.

Sold by Amazon

Lewondr Christmas Star Tree Topper

Thanks to its geometric design, this star tree topper looks equally great from all angles. It comes in silver, gold and champagne gold and is illuminated by battery-powered LED lights.

Sold by Amazon

Nekopa Swedish Santa Tree Topper

If you're looking for a funny and lighthearted tree topper, you might like this Swedish Santa topper, which features a take on Saint Nick that's all beard and little else. It's available in red, gold and green versions, each with a sparkly hat.

Sold by Amazon

KSA Lighted LED Color Changing Star Christmas Tree Topper 

This beautifully-shaped star topper lights up with color-changing LEDs, making it a great choice for anyone who likes colorful Christmas decorations. It is generously sized at 11 inches tall and plugs into a power outlet with a 60-inch cord.

Sold by Amazon

Luck Sea Snowman Hugger Christmas Tree Topper 

Kids will love this funny tree topper design, making it look like a snowman is hugging the top of your tree. For the best results, you need to stuff it with newspaper or something similar to give it a 3D appearance.

Sold by Amazon

Brightown Christmas Snowflake Tree Topper

Elaborately designed with 20 built-in LED bulbs, this snowflake topper looks fantastic sitting on any tree. The snowflake design comes in white or gold, plus there are other shapes within the same listing.

Sold by Amazon

Kurt Adler Illuminated Angel Tree Topper

If you've been searching for a traditional angel tree topper, you can't go wrong with this one. It's beautifully designed with careful attention to detail and illuminated to bring extra light to your tree.

Sold by Amazon

Kurt Adler Six-point Capiz Star Tree Topper

With its striking design, this star topper is an eye-catching choice for a medium to large Christmas tree. It lights up with 10 integrated bulbs and includes gorgeous scroll detailing.

Sold by Amazon

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