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Best industrial-style ceiling fans for your summer home

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Industrial-style ceiling fans

If you have a summer home that’s warm and sunny with a large living area, you’re probably equal parts excited to spend your summer basking in the sun and curious about how you’ll keep your household cool without running up a gargantuan bill.

Enter the ceiling fan. Industrial fans circulate a large amount of air, making a room feel substantially cooler at a fraction of the cost of AC. Their large blades and high spin rate move air throughout the room quickly and effectively, outperforming traditional fans and consuming less energy.

Top industrial ceiling fan recommendations include the Westinghouse Lighting Industrial 56-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan. Read on to learn more about how to make the best selection to keep your summer home cool all season.

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Is an industrial-style ceiling fan a good choice for my summer home?

It’s vital to note that true industrial fans are not appropriate or safe for use in most residences. Their long blades and extreme spin rate are designed for spaces like factories, so they pose a safety hazard and require a clearance of at least 10 feet in order to be safe. Plus, they’re often pretty loud.

If you have a massive living space in your summer home, such as a den with towering ceilings and lots of windows, an industrial fan is a good option for you.

Otherwise, your best bet is to look for industrial-style ceiling fans designed for residential settings. Industrial-style fans have the aesthetics of an industrial fan and the functionality to work in a smaller space.

What to look for in an industrial-style ceiling fan


True industrial fans are only recommended for use in large industrial settings like factories because they have long, thin metal blades that spin very quickly, sometimes up to 500 RPM, and so they require a large clearance to be safe for use.

Fans approved for residential use are designed and regulated not to pose a safety hazard, even if they’re touched while in motion. They’re restricted to a much lower speed which varies based on the thickness and length of blades, closer to around 235 RPM.

Honeywell 50611 Phelix High Power Ceiling Fan

If you don’t have a ceiling higher than 11 feet, it’s recommended to purchase an industrial-style fan to achieve the aesthetic you want in your summer home without the industrial performance.

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Size of your space

For safety, the bottom of a residential fan (versus an industrial fan, whose RPM requires high clearance) needs to be at least 7 feet from the floor. The fan blades should hang at least 8 inches from the ceiling to allow for air to circulate.

Westinghouse Lighting 7214100 Harmony Indoor Ceiling Fan

You should consider these guidelines when selecting a fan. If your space has low ceilings, such as is typical in many bathrooms or breakfast nooks, select a low-profile or flush mount ceiling fan. Flush mounts are anchored directly to the ceiling so that the base is flush, which is essential in areas with low floor-to-ceiling space.

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Westinghouse Gun Metal Ceiling Fan

A very large bedroom, family room or great room will require a larger fan than a small room for adequate circulation. A 400 square foot room will require a fan that is around 52 inches blade span, whereas an 144 square foot room will only require a fan around 42 inches blade span. This Westinghouse Gun Metal Ceiling Fan is designed for spaces up to 80 square feet.

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You’re likely looking for an industrial ceiling fan because you love the aesthetics of old warehouse and factory equipment — exposed hardware, aged finish, sleek metal parts and rugged utilitarian design. Many residential fans are now designed to look like they belong as a factory as well as being efficient and budget-friendly.

Best industrial-style ceiling fans for summer homes

Top industrial-style ceiling fan

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 52-Inch Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan

What you need to know: An industrial-style ceiling fan with gorgeous modern aesthetics, an array of features and LED lights.

What you’ll love: Rustic Barnwood blades, caged Edison-style light bulbs and matte black finish. Uses a remote control. Can be run in reverse during winter to rotate warm air.

What you should consider: Some users found this difficult to install, while others called it a breeze. If you aren’t super DIY-savvy, be sure to have an additional set of hands to assist in installation.

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Top industrial-style ceiling fan for the money

Westinghouse Lighting Industrial 56-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

What you need to know: Meant for cooling larger work and living spaces such as workshops, lofts and high-ceilinged great rooms with ceilings higher than 11 feet.

What you’ll love: Moves a lot of air quickly. Comes in a variety of colors. Excellent price for its power. Relatively quiet performance for an industrial fan.

What you should consider: Not safe in smaller spaces. No lights included.

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Worth considering

Big Ass Fans 52-Inch Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

What you need to know: A seven-speed fan with a sleep mode, a “whoosh” mode to simulate outdoor breezes and a remote control operation. Recommended for 225 square foot spaces.

What you’ll love: Can be used inside or outside, so it makes an excellent addition to your great room or large porch. Comes in a variety of colors.

What you should consider: An expensive fan, though worth it for people who need to move a lot of air and who value smart WiFi features.

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