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Best cheap air purifiers

Which cheap air purifier is best?

In today’s tightly sealed homes, dust, allergens and other commonly occurring airborne irritants can build up quickly, resulting in chronic respiratory issues, headaches and congestion. Air purifiers are a popular way to address these concerns, improving the quality and cleanliness of the air you breathe indoors. 

A carefully selected air purifier can significantly reduce indoor pollutants without breaking your budget. By doing a bit of research, you can find quality products with the features you need at an affordable price. The VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series, for example, is an excellent option for those searching for an affordable, effective way to breathe easier indoors.

What to know before you buy a cheap air purifier

What air purifiers remove from the air

Air purifiers remove smoke, ash, odors, pet dander, dust, pollen, bacteria and other harmful pollutants from the air. Different air purifiers will excel in different areas, so consider your space carefully and check the information on each product to ensure that it will meet your specific needs.

How big of a space an air purifier can clean

Air purifiers in this price range clean the air in a single room. For best results, calculate the square footage of the area where you wish to place the air purifier by measuring the room’s length and multiplying it by the room’s width. Then, select an air purifier that has enough power to treat the size of that room effectively.

Types of air purifiers

There are three main types of air purifiers available at a lower price point, and each uses a different method to clean the air in your home.

Ozone generators: Ozone generators are for those looking specifically to remove microorganisms from their indoor space. As air moves through the unit, it uses ozone which kills germs and bacteria. However, ozone can be hazardous to your health, so it’s essential to understand how to operate this type of air purifier safely.

Ionizers: Ionizers charge particles of dust and debris with static electricity. This makes them stick to the surfaces in your home as opposed to continuing to fly freely in the air where you can more easily inhale them. Particles attach to your furniture and carpet can then be removed by a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. Keep in mind that ionizers will also create a small amount of potentially harmful ozone.

Mechanical filtration units: These air purifiers pull air through filters to physically skim out pollution. The best mechanical filtration air purifiers are those that include multiple stages of filtration, as each unit stops different-sized particles and even some gasses from passing through them. Mechanical filtration air purifiers are the safest way to clean the air in your home.

What to look for in a quality cheap air purifier

Fan speed

Different fan speeds allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your air purifier for your conditions. Look for units with at least three fan speed options. Generally, setting the unit to run at a low or medium setting consistently will improve air quality.


If you don’t want to run your air purifier at all times, a unit with a timer will give you the option to control when it turns on and off. 

Sleep mode

If you plan to run your air purifier at night, units with a dedicated sleep mode option will operate with less noise than the regular setting. 

Night light

Some air purifiers feature a night light that can be turned on for use in dark areas or during the night to prevent tripping or injury.

How much you can expect to spend on a cheap air purifier

You can find small, effective air purifiers at budget prices. However, these models don’t have some of the premium features available on more expensive units.

Cheap air purifier FAQ

What are the benefits of using an air purifier?

A. Air purifiers reduce indoor air pollution, providing relief for those who suffer from allergies associated with mold, pets and dust. With the right filtration system equipped, air purifiers can also remove germs and odors from the air, freshening up your space and improving your health at the same time.

Where is the best place to put an air purifier?

A. To operate at their best, you should place air purifiers at the source of any odor or pollution you wish to reduce. Closing doors and windows allow the appliance to cycle through all of the air in the room, resulting in a clean, purified environment. Some air purifiers do not operate well on the floor, and you should place them on a stable, flat surface.

How long should I leave an air purifier running?

A. To continually keep indoor air clean, your air purifier ideally should be running at all times. Some air purifier models have built-in sensors that shut off the unit to avoid excess power usage when the air is properly purified. While this feature is excellent for energy efficiency, it typically isn’t found in budget units.

What’s the best cheap air purifier?

Top cheap air purifier

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier

Our take: This all-purpose purifier features an Ultra Quiet running mode, operates completely ozone-free and can clean the air in spaces as large as 325 square feet.

What we like: The unit has a multi-stage filtration system making it effective for your purifying needs. It can be used as a tower or on a tabletop. It runs quietly, making it a versatile option.  The unit is lightweight and low maintenance, as its included filter can last for up to a year. 

What we dislike: Replacement filters are on the expensive side, and the fan’s operation can sometimes lead to some disruptive vibration.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cheap air purifier for the money

hOmeLabs 4-in-1 Compact Air Purifier

Our take: This air purifier is a super light, economical choice for those only looking to clean the air in a small room.

What we like: The unit includes a pre-filter, carbon filter and HEPA filter for a wide range of uses. It’s very portable and lightweight, with primary filters that can last up to five years.

What we dislike: This small unit can only clean the air in rooms up to 50 square feet. It is not possible to shut the device off when it is running and the indicator light is too bright for comfortable nighttime operation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Our take: A feature-rich unit that has a night mode, automatic timer and UV-C light for those who want to rid their space of germs as well as dust.

What we like: In addition to its multi-stage filter system, this unit’s built-in UV-C light kills microorganisms. An optional automatic timer and two fan-speed settings provide flexibility in operation.

What we dislike: The UV-C light may pose an issue when it’s time for a replacement, and the unit’s airflow is a bit weak compared to other air purifiers in its price range.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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