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Get everything you need without leaving home

There are a lot of cool subscription services out there that you may not know about. Maybe you’ve heard about wine clubs and meal deliveries, but did you know you can also get fresh dog food, coffee, and even medicine delivered to your door? Here’s a roundup of our favorite subscriptions for everything from necessities to entertainment, education, and more. 

Medicine delivery

Companies are making it easier and easier to get the medicine you need without visiting the doctor. Whether it's hair loss, migraines, birth control, acid reflux, or even ED medication, you can get your medicine delivered directly without a trip to the doctor or the pharmacy. Want to keep your immune system boosted? Get your personalized daily vitamins from Persona

Beverage delivery

If you’re tired of the offerings at your local supermarket, consider a wine subscription to expand your palate and access varietals from all over the world.  Drizly is perfect if you're thinking cocktails or beer. If you’re a coffee drinker and want to make better cups at home, Trade Coffee lets you get beans from roasters all over the world.

Fresh dog food delivery

You can cut down on grocery trips and hassle by ordering essentials for your pets online. A monthly fresh dog food subscription service makes this especially easy. We love The Farmer’s Dog, especially for pets with picky tastes or dietary restrictions.

Entertainment and educational subscriptions

If you’re looking for at-home activities, there are subscriptions for that. If you haven’t yet cut the cable, now’s the time; subscribe instead to digital streaming platforms like CBS All Access or the bundle package of Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu. For learning opportunities at home, check out LinkedIn Learning or our personal favorite, Yale’s Coursera offering The Science of Well Being.